Happy Accidents

I recently sent a pair of used panties and a custom clip (see: “Support Our Troops“) out to a combat zone. That was a first for me. The guy gave me specific instructions to disguise it as a generic care package so that there would be no suspicions if he ended up opening it in front of other people. I burned his custom clip (along with several others) onto a DVD and labeled it “Ceara’s Music Mix,” wrapped the vacuum sealed panties in tissue paper, and threw in a magazine I had laying around. It felt a little empty, so I searched around my house for something else to pad it out. A friend of mine from new york recently sent me a thank-you package for gift card I sent her for making a baby happen. In it she threw in two blank postcards of the new york skyline.  They looked something like this:


Hey, WTC, army soldier. That’s appropriate, right? I wrote “Stay safe! xoxo Ceara” and shipped it off. I really didn’t think much of it. Mostly just threw it in there to make it look normal.

Afterward I sent him and email and told him it was on his way. It was Nov 6th. I had just voted that morning. I was feeling very patriotic.

A few days later I received this email:

Needless to say, I am very, very proud of you. I worked for years in politics.  I truly wish everyone who can vote would vote – so again, very proud of you.
As for the countless videos you sent including the GREAT custom one, how do I thank you?  Truly too kind!  And the panties?  YES, you KNOW I will be buying more soon!  (LOL)
Oddly enough, do you know what touched me the most about your package?  That post card!  Truly, truly touching … and I am humbled.
Hopefully I will be in touch again very soon!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

How nice. Who knew sending someone my soiled undies could make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside? I wonder how touched he’d of been if I actually put some thought into it.

5 thoughts on “Happy Accidents

  1. DominaKiara

    Wow, that’s so great! Totally hilarious to think of a soldier buying that sort of thing while on duty, but that was an adorable reply he sent you.

  2. Chaz M

    What luck? A giantess of breasts, feet, ass cheeks, lips aand brains, has a free moment to write me and put me back on a diet of suffering and Princess Poop. I.am the most lucky sub in NYC.

  3. E.K.

    Suprised? That´s the only thing what the soldiers do in afghanistan. Buying used panties, jerking off in the free time if no civilian is in the killing range.
    And of course peeing on corpses.

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