6 thoughts on “If you’re into that sorta thing…

  1. Bill Miller

    You are the whole reason I spent decades on this Earth. To meet you at AVN – give you whatever money I can scrape together and attempt to be useful to you and to earn and deliver more and more. Thank You PCL You are not only the most gorgeous Young Domme on the US web and available to bust my balls and inspire me to become more and more valuable to earn more for You. But You are fully and totally aware and alert to my need for Sexual submission and fully ready to transmute and channel my misguided lust into action for Your comfort and happiness,
    Merry Ceara Mas Mistress! Happy Holidays Princess – long may You reign.

  2. Danny

    Don’t think I’ll have the funds to travel to the US and meet you this year, but I hope it would be possible to do it next year, assuming you will do 8 in a row. Have a great trip!

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