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Come again?

When I was 15 years old I walked behind a beaded curtain to the toy section of an adult store in downtown Portland, Oregon and bought my first vibrator. I didn’t get into a lot of trouble as a kid, so this felt rather bold and risky to me at the time. I was petrified I’d suffer some kind of humiliation if the clerk asked for my ID and recognize me for the salacious minor that I was. Instead, he glanced up at me for only a moment and then back down at his book.

I masturbated a lot but I wasn’t sure if I had ever cum before. I really wanted to try a vibrator. I had done my research online and picked out a toy that was both highly reviewed and within my $20-30 dollar budget. A pink pocket rocket.


I spotted it immediately. Still scared, I took it off the shelf like some smutty porn parody version of (panty?) Raider’s of the Lost Ark; praying I could touch it and get out of there without the whole building collapsing around me.


I took it off the shelf cautiously. Then, while holding my breath, I carefully approached the cashier like walking a tight rope. I handed it to him. He fished it out of he box and put batteries inside.

“Gotta make sure this isn’t a defective one. Ever since they just started exploding inside women we’ve had to test them.”

I stood there completely still. Wide eyed. Processing. I knew these were words but the meaning escaped me. I didn’t know how to respond.

“Ah I’m just fuckin’ with ya.” he grinned.

Oh yes. A joke. “YES. HA! HA! HA!” I skillfully laughed like a grown-ass woman who does taxes and drives a car. He turned on the mini massagar and watched it dance around the counter for a moment or two before nodding in approval and selling it to me. I walked out feeling victorious. A noble young sex warrior.



A few months later I had my first unambiguous orgasm on the carpet of my bedroom floor in front of a mirror. I don’t know why, but for the first few years of my orgasmic life I masturbated in front of mirrors. It felt hot and really egotistical at the same time. I also masturbated a lot. I loved vibrators and became obsessed with buying different kinds, eventually committing to a hitachi magic wand. Ole faithful.


The boys I dated hated them. They felt threatened and wanted nothing to do with them in our sex life. One ex didn’t like that I masturbated at all, taking it as some kind of personal attack on his ability to satisfy me. After I took his virginity, he dramatically erased his entire porn stash, as he didn’t “need” it anymore. I think he always resented that I never displayed a similar testament.

I give them a pass. They were teenage boys, after all. But it did leave it’s impression on me. I never gave up vibrators, but it did take me well into my adult life to feel okay with bringing them back into coupled sex with without feeling like I was stepping into the field of land mines that was male fragility.


3 years later, I became a porn store clerk myself. I worked the morning shift of 24hr establishment, which meant it was slow as fuck. When there were no customers and nothing to do, I picked out a my favorite toy from the shelf, went to the bathroom, unwrapped and used it on myself. When I was done, I’d wash it thoroughly with toy cleaner, put it back in the box and returned it to the sales shelf.. It’d take all of 10 minutes. I contemplated buying the toy for myself at first, but soon realized it was better to have one available at work.

I remember the day a customer came in and bought it for themselves. It was a little sad. “Farewell, sweet prince.” I whispered as it walked out the greasy door.

These days since I work from home, I can masturbate whenever I want. Occasionally I try to reign it in. It makes me a little more interested in my actual sex life if I’m not constantly practicing my mini DJ set.  But when left to my own devices, I will get myself off up to 5-6x a day, and that’s not because I’m some insatiable trollop. When I really started paying attention to why I like to cum so much, I realized I often did it to help me sleep, to relieve stress, and to temporarily avoid my responsibilities. AKA:



In less than I week I will be leaving the country to travel for another couple months throughout Australia. As a result, I have been shooting videos like crazy so I’ll still have a steady stream of new content being released while I’m away. After burning through my list of customs, coming up with my own ideas has been a little mind numbing.

Earlier this month as I was walking around my neighborhood, a somewhat unique idea popped into my mind: I could shoot a video of me masturbating from the neck up.

I say “somewhat” unique, because I didn’t come up with this idea myself (there’s an entire website, beautifulagony.com, dedicated to this very concept) but it’s something I haven’t done before. Perhaps a little vanilla, but also fits within the “tease and denial” category. So, I wrote it down on my “to shoot” list.

So, get this. No lie a week later I received this email from a regular (Randy):



I’ve never received this request before, nor has any femdom POV producer shot anything like this (to my knowledge) This was just pure coincidence that this idea occurred to us around the same time.

I charged him $300. He has no idea that I was planning on making this video anyway. I can only imagine the jolt that’ll run through his cock when he reads this and finds out. (I’m laughing at you, Randy ^_^)

I filmed the clip after shooting 4 others. It was late in the evening, I was tired and ready to be done. The perfect clip to “finish off” with. I started off by showing what toys and fingers I’d be using, then cut to me lying on my beige tuft couch getting myself from beginning escalation, crescendo, and descent. It was satisfying, intimate and beautiful.

Randy emailed me again a few days later to say that he couldn’t explain why, but that he no longer wanted the clip (he didn’t ask for a refund.) A week later he admitted he was worried it would tarnish some kind of “professional” relationship he was hoping to someday establish with me (haha) but that he changed his mind and wanted to clip again.

This time, however, he was concerned I’d be faking it in the video.

I do a lot of pretending in my line of work, but I don’t think faking orgasms does anyone any favors. With exception to my “Phone Sex” video, I’ve never faked an orgasm and I don’t intend to start. I told Randy he could still have the clip, but that now he’d have to wait until it was released on clips4sale and buy it all over again. He said he felt as giddy as a fan girl.

Anyway, the clip was posted today. Enjoy.


Meet Camille

Every once in a while, a sub comes along who takes his desire for public humiliation to a new level. While other “men” who share this fetish can do nothing more that share dull, faceless pictures of themselves wearing a g-string, this extreme sub relishes in an ever-increasing number of eyes running across every inch of his body. His excitement is contingent upon his identity being revealed and his secrets exposed. His thirst for shame cannot be satiated.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Camille.

This is not the first time I’ve exposed him nor am I the first woman to do it. To call Camille an “attention whore” would be an understatement. He has paid thousands of dollars to have pictures and videos of himself dressed like a fruitcake and engaging in gay sex spread across the internet time and time again. He has a history of “pretending to be straight” by dating poor unsuspecting women who have no idea that he was stuffing his mouth with cock every second their back was turned. Of course he loves playing with fire by giving me their contact info as well.


I felt it was time to give Camille exactly what he deserves: a thorough exposure video. One that includes all his pictures, a cam show where I humiliate him ruthlessly, and some footage of him doing what he does best: taking big black cock in his mouth and ass with my name written all over him.

Here’s a taste:

Pathetic isn’t he? See the full video here


Cuckolding, cuckolding and more cuckolding

A sizable portion of my income comes from paid custom video requests. Those videos are then resold and make up the vast majority of the ones you see on my store (http://www.clips4sale.com/16312)

It’s nice. I produce a lot of videos. I have made over a thousand all together and release 4 new ones every week. If I had to come up with a fresh idea for each one myself I’d go insane. Instead, my customers not only do half the work for me, but pay me handsomely to do so.

If you keep up with my content, you may have noticed I have a fair amount of cuckolding role play videos where I play some variation of the viewers slutty, cheating wife. Various titles include:

Office Slut
I Want His Baby
Post Coitus Humiliation
Cuckold’s Spoiled Wife
Cuckold’s Threesome
Cuckold’s Rules
Cuckoldress’ Rules
Cuckold’s Loan
The Cuckold’s Proposal
Boss Is better
Traveling Cuckold
Sick of Small Dick
My Sister’s Husband
Cock Curious
My Inner Slut
New Sleeping Arrangements
Anniversary Gift
The Pill
Be Nice to My Man
I Want My Bentley
USA Fuck trip
Hot Wife
Collateral Wife
Distracted Wife
Fuck This Marraige


All of these have been commissioned by one guy named Bo from Dubai. He is by far my #1 purchaser of custom clips. At first his orders would come one at a time, spread out within weeks, but this year he’s been buying them in large batches, spending upwards of $2k at a time. Since January he’s spent $4,500 on these videos. His request always start out the same,

“You as my wife.”

It never ceases to amaze me how he never gets sick of this theme, acted out by the same woman, with slight variations. He actually thinks they’re not repetitive.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.34.58 PM

His most popular request was “Phone Sex,” a video that came out last year which reached number #1 on clips4sale. Its also quite possibly my most pirated clip. I have had now 3 different male friends of mine not affiliated with the industry tell me they ran into this video while browsing tube sites. Just yesterday I saw a screen grab taken from it and used for a banner on reddit thread dedicated to porn involving women having sex in risky/public places where they have to be quiet (but generally fail.)


I suppose it’s a more risque clip considering my body of work. I’m basically talking on the phone with my “husband,” affectionately staring at a couple of used condoms, when my headless boyfriend comes into the room and bangs me from behind as I try to play off my moans as phone sex. It was pretty corny from my point of view. The sex is simulated, the orgasm is fake, no one is really on the phone and the one line required from my boyfriend at the time was poorly executed. Its 5 minutes. Never the less, people went bananas over it.


I’ve been slowly chipping away at his recent batch of customs. 4 have been shot this week, 10 more currently pending. ..Mind numbing…

[By the way, if you’re reading this and interested in a custom video simply email the full description to contact@cearalynch.com and I’ll quote you a price.]


@cearajunky was in town on Saturday. As our tradition, I had him take me out to nice dinner and give me a nice stack of bills. As some of you know, he’s the only sub of mine I bother to meet in person. I don’t session with him (I don’t session with anyone in person) we just hang out socially and he gives me money because he likes to. It’s a lovely arrangement.



After dinner he took me to my first Blazers game. I didn’t think I’d be into it, sports in general are painfully boring to me. I didn’t grow up with them in any way. But I felt like as a Portlander I should goto at least one game in my life. To my surprised I actually really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely go again. I made him buy me this sweet hat afterward. That, combined with dinner, game tickets, and $400 tribute added up to rather expensive night for him. I’m sure he’d repeat every day if he could.

Go Blazers!


Alright: Vegas, here we go. I suppose this is a tad over due. Last year I wrote a rather detailed day by day entry about my trip, but I don’t think that would be entirely appropriate for this year since I was shooting pretty much 75% of the time. I came home with about 50 clips, so needless to say it was highly productive.

I shared a room with Mistress T, who proved herself yet again to be a woman worth rooming with. We managed to lure a couple film slaves into being at our beck and call. One of them was a guy named Jim from Canada, a long haired sporty hippy with balls of steel. The other was the infamous Nate-bitch, a local slave who serves Monique and myself.

Besides shooting, I worked at the clips4sale booth during AEE for a few hours. I had a blast, lots of cameras flashing, autographs to be signed, not a moment to myself the whole time. I’d say the majority of guys had no idea who I was, but there were definitely some fans who approached me. One guy claimed to be a successful writer who had a lot of “advice” for me, which really just sounded like him explaining fetishes to me. He came back a second time to give me his card so I could email him if he wanted me to write it all out. Boy I love it when people try to “help.”

Another guy with a thick European accent asked me to blow up a balloon until it popped. Smeared my lipstick all over it but it was worth it to see everyone around me jump and cheer when it did.

Of course by far my all time favorite was the large jovial man who described himself in a thick german accent as “the candy man,” and then proceeded to pull out gummy bears and chocolate out of his back pack. Did I take some? Duh. Who wouldn’t?

Some pictures from AEE


Me and Domina Snow


Me, Sarah, and Meggerz


Me and Ashley Fires – love this girl.

Much like last year, kinkbomb spared no expense when it came to taking out their studio producers. I even managed to weasel Nate-bitch into most of the events so he could be on his knees rubbing the aching feet of all of us girls in heels. At one point I made him lick the bottoms of my dirty feet after walking barefoot on the Las Vegas strip for about two blocks. Can you believe this guy actually spent money to goto Vegas Foot Night while he was here? Hahaha.


Nate-bitch hard at work


“I love being the freak of the party!” — Nate


Always where your panties…

Neil from clips4sale took a few of us out to see the cirque de sole Beatles Love. It was quite a treat. It was my second time seeing it but just as enjoyable if not more. We also got treated to a lovely steak dinner followed by a white out-party at Body English. Wined, dined, and free access to the best night clubs in Vegas? Life could be worse.


Neil’s smiling face peaking out in the middle there. That’s his wife to the right of him, she was freakin adorable.


Me and Meggerz at the white out party


Ashley Fires and Me.


Me and Mistress T giving our most sultry look. As you can tell by her T-shirt, this woman is a total whore.


The final (and best!) party of the weekend was at The Bank. If you look closely between me and Rene, you’ll see the kinkbomb logo.


Kyaa, Jayne, Snow, Nyla, Rene, and myself. I wore leggings and flats that night. It was a wise move. Really, who the fuck am I trying to impress at this point?


Nate was fortunate enough to sleep on our floor while he stayed here. Normally I wouldn’t want some loser in our room, but this freak is less obnoxious than most and plus it meant getting copious amounts of foot rubs every morning. Can you spot Mistress T in this pic?

Here’s a few shots from some of the shoots:


Snow and I had an opportunity to use and abuse an up and coming pro-sub girl; Rexi West. This girl was so stinkin’ adorable it was almost hard to be mean to her (almost.) She’ll be moving to Portland soon so I can’t wait to pick up where we left off.


Ah Sammie Spades. I always love a chance to work with a real hardcore porn star. I wonder if Nate has any idea how many giant cocks have been up that sweet little ass.


Selena, always the pro. Shooting this girl is a no brainer every time I visit Vegas. Gorgeous, punctual, easy to get along with and knows her shit with it comes to crushing dudes. And how about this picture? She looks like wonder woman.


Rene and myself, using our boot slave, Jim. How excited are all of you to see this one on film?

So there you go. Little words and a lot of eye candy. But don’t get used to it. I have an obnoxiously convoluted entry here in the works, so enjoy this while you can. You’re welcome.

She works hard for the money

$4k got transferred into my pretty little hands by a wanna-be slave recently. Isn't that cute.

My boyfriend and I are taking a 3 week trip to Europe and he promised to pay for our tickets weeks ago before weaseling out and going on yet another hiatus.

I don't talk about him much, but we've been corresponding off and on for years. Despite the copious amounts of money he's spent on me, I can't bring myself to call him a "slave," because that would assume he was reliable and obedient. On the contrary, he's merely an addict who struggles with obsession with me because it directly conflicts with his religion and staying faithful in his marriage. Because of this, he is constantly lying, cheating, and disappearing on me, only to come crawling back begging for "drugs" (videos/pictures.) And to be honest, that's a perfectly fine arrangement to me. However, whenever he comes crawling back to me, he is adamant about not only being my slave, but being my "top" slave.

Despite what little faith I have in him as a slave, I figured he's at least earned a chance to take things to the next level. That's what my most recent clip, "Moving Forward" is all about. If you're curious at all about how I directly train and indoctrinate specific subs/addicts, this one is worth checking out;


As many of you know I recently took a trip out to Vegas to celebrate my girl Lyne's bachelorette party. Can't go wrong with an all girl trip to the city of sin; especially with a group as jaw droppingly gorgeous as us dressed to the nines every day. Anything and everything we want is practically handed to us on a silver platter by random guys spending every penny they have just to be near us for a while. Is it any wonder greedy dommes like us find ourselves there so often? It's like r/t financial domination 24/7. Doesn't hurt that my bitches online like @cearajunky are picking up every other tab that these bro-dawgs miss, vicariously jerking off alone by themselves reminiscing about the fun they'll never have.

It wasn't all leisurely fun, however. Depending on your definition of "work" I spent the first couple days there doing just that; filming clips with the best of them; Rene, Sarah Blake, Selena, and for the first time buxom blonde Sammie Spades. Check out the team tease studio for her debut clip, "Your Last Orgasm" with that oh-so viciously talented Selena, http://www.clips4sale.com/18012


In case you were wondering, yes, everything I touch turns to gold. My clips4sale studio is doing very well; with numerous clips topping the charts within their category.

I have the top selling "Bra Fetish" clip (Also #5)

The top selling "Pantyhose Domination" clip

The top selling "Sock Smelling" clip

And TWO of the top selling "Kissing" clips

I have a new giantess clip I just put out. Mark my words, it'll be topping the charts in the "Vore" category very soon.


EDIT: Oh would you look at this… 24 hours later and;

BOO ya!

And speaking of giantess, one of my tiny fans recently created this collage;


Oh you know, just kickin back… Oops, there goes Tokyo.

Heres your stupid update

My my what a busy Summer it's been; I graduated college, bought a house, ran a marathon, and extracted far more money than any of you dweebs deserve to have. Is there anything I can't do? I mean, really. My members site continues to l lure in more and more cum hungry subs every day while team tease grows bigger and badder with each new smokin hot brat that joins. I am truly, the definition of unstoppable. 

I hit the phone lines today. Always nice to reconnect with you dweebs via niteflirt. Especially in pants as tight as these:

(don't wanna miss the next time my phone lines are on? Follow me on twitter @cearalynch)

Yowza! Needless to say my phone was ringing off the hook. I milked a sissy, several foot boys, and squeezed out a nice sum from the infamous @cearajunky. Not bad for a lazy day's work. Meanwhile the clip sales keep rolling in. God damn I love $.

In other news, I've been cleaning out my closet lately, which means lots of perverted treasures are up for bid for you degenerate freaks to fight over. I just put up my socks and shoes, and already the bids are rolling in. Dont act like you don't want to throw yours in too:


That's all for now, bitches. Oh yeah, and JOIN MY SITE:

Look who stopped by

I was fortunate enough yesterday to spend some time with my favorite Canuck, Mistress T (http://www.mistresst.net.) Here she is looking like a million bucks in her everyday clothes:

We had a great time catching up, filming, and showing her around the city. This woman rocks! That means a lot coming from me, I hate pretty much everyone.

Right around the time we were shopping for clothes at my local sex shop, I recieved the following email:

"Hi Ceara,

I'll pay $300 for a 6 min making out video of you and Mistress T. Please ignore this email if you're not interested.


Gay for pay with Mistress T? Count me in. I can't seem to keep my tongue out of this woman's mouth.

Wish I could say she was staying longer so I could torture you with more stories of our endearing biflexible shinnanegans – but alas, she leaves today. You blubbering babies will just have to wait for our lip locking lezzie lovers clip to be released.

In other news, I've been playing around with my SLR's self timer and took some pictures just before filming my latest clip, "inapropriate uniform." Wanna see the full set? Join my members site:  http://www.cearalynch.com

While you're at it, buy the clip here:


Inapropriate uniform

The most gorgeous student in your class has been playing with your mind. She comes to class one day in a very provocative version of the school uniform and you are forced to talk to her after class. Little do you know this young beauty knows just how to manipulate weak old men such as yourself. She teases you with her white cotton panties, full round ass and perfect tits. Before you know it your mind is spinning. You forget quickly about your wife and your career and all that matters is getting an eye-full of your gorgeous student. Looks like she has you right where she wants you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go have brunch with the filthiest woman alive before bidding her adieu.