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Alright: Vegas, here we go. I suppose this is a tad over due. Last year I wrote a rather detailed day by day entry about my trip, but I don’t think that would be entirely appropriate for this year since I was shooting pretty much 75% of the time. I came home with about 50 clips, so needless to say it was highly productive.

I shared a room with Mistress T, who proved herself yet again to be a woman worth rooming with. We managed to lure a couple film slaves into being at our beck and call. One of them was a guy named Jim from Canada, a long haired sporty hippy with balls of steel. The other was the infamous Nate-bitch, a local slave who serves Monique and myself.

Besides shooting, I worked at the clips4sale booth during AEE for a few hours. I had a blast, lots of cameras flashing, autographs to be signed, not a moment to myself the whole time. I’d say the majority of guys had no idea who I was, but there were definitely some fans who approached me. One guy claimed to be a successful writer who had a lot of “advice” for me, which really just sounded like him explaining fetishes to me. He came back a second time to give me his card so I could email him if he wanted me to write it all out. Boy I love it when people try to “help.”

Another guy with a thick European accent asked me to blow up a balloon until it popped. Smeared my lipstick all over it but it was worth it to see everyone around me jump and cheer when it did.

Of course by far my all time favorite was the large jovial man who described himself in a thick german accent as “the candy man,” and then proceeded to pull out gummy bears and chocolate out of his back pack. Did I take some? Duh. Who wouldn’t?

Some pictures from AEE


Me and Domina Snow


Me, Sarah, and Meggerz


Me and Ashley Fires – love this girl.

Much like last year, kinkbomb spared no expense when it came to taking out their studio producers. I even managed to weasel Nate-bitch into most of the events so he could be on his knees rubbing the aching feet of all of us girls in heels. At one point I made him lick the bottoms of my dirty feet after walking barefoot on the Las Vegas strip for about two blocks. Can you believe this guy actually spent money to goto Vegas Foot Night while he was here? Hahaha.


Nate-bitch hard at work


“I love being the freak of the party!” — Nate


Always where your panties…

Neil from clips4sale took a few of us out to see the cirque de sole Beatles Love. It was quite a treat. It was my second time seeing it but just as enjoyable if not more. We also got treated to a lovely steak dinner followed by a white out-party at Body English. Wined, dined, and free access to the best night clubs in Vegas? Life could be worse.


Neil’s smiling face peaking out in the middle there. That’s his wife to the right of him, she was freakin adorable.


Me and Meggerz at the white out party


Ashley Fires and Me.


Me and Mistress T giving our most sultry look. As you can tell by her T-shirt, this woman is a total whore.


The final (and best!) party of the weekend was at The Bank. If you look closely between me and Rene, you’ll see the kinkbomb logo.


Kyaa, Jayne, Snow, Nyla, Rene, and myself. I wore leggings and flats that night. It was a wise move. Really, who the fuck am I trying to impress at this point?


Nate was fortunate enough to sleep on our floor while he stayed here. Normally I wouldn’t want some loser in our room, but this freak is less obnoxious than most and plus it meant getting copious amounts of foot rubs every morning. Can you spot Mistress T in this pic?

Here’s a few shots from some of the shoots:


Snow and I had an opportunity to use and abuse an up and coming pro-sub girl; Rexi West. This girl was so stinkin’ adorable it was almost hard to be mean to her (almost.) She’ll be moving to Portland soon so I can’t wait to pick up where we left off.


Ah Sammie Spades. I always love a chance to work with a real hardcore porn star. I wonder if Nate has any idea how many giant cocks have been up that sweet little ass.


Selena, always the pro. Shooting this girl is a no brainer every time I visit Vegas. Gorgeous, punctual, easy to get along with and knows her shit with it comes to crushing dudes. And how about this picture? She looks like wonder woman.


Rene and myself, using our boot slave, Jim. How excited are all of you to see this one on film?

So there you go. Little words and a lot of eye candy. But don’t get used to it. I have an obnoxiously convoluted entry here in the works, so enjoy this while you can. You’re welcome.

Vegas AEE/AVN 2012

Wow, what a week. As many of you have been following on twitter (@cearalynch) I just got home from spending 4 nights in Vegas for AEE/AVN. This is my 6th (7th?) year in a row now attending this event and this year is definitely one to remember. It hardly seems that long ago when I was but a wee young sadist inviting Monique and Lyne to fly out with me with the intention of bringing like-minded bitches together. I had just started my website, recently met Monique, and was about to meet Lyne for the first time. I'll never forget the drama that it caused online as one attention seeking "sub" accused the three of us of working under some production company. After all, how on earth could 3 helpless, wee-brained females be doing all this one their own? And why else would they be going to a big bad porno convention? Thanks to that guy my humiliatrix career was kicked off with some great publicity and all eyes have been on us ever since.

Four years later and the amount of dommes attending this event has exploded. I never expected to see so many attending a very vanilla/mainstream event. This is thanks mostly, of course, to kinbomb for hosting several dinners, VIP tables and solidifying their relationship with some high quality studio members. This company is awesome, and if I haven't stressed this enough, I prefer my clips bought there than anywhere else.

And now, without further adieu, my ridiculous week;

Day one: I arrived at the Hard Rock early wednesday evening. Mistress T and our film slave Jay (aka @slave2vegas) were already in the room. Mistress T was taking a relaxing bath as slave Jay rubbed her feet. What an introduction, eh? This was just the beginning of this loser's eventful weekend. He rushed to the door to help me with my bags and introduce himself. We had been corresponding up until this point via email and niteflirt, arranging plans and picking out outfits for him to buy me off my wishlist. The bitch was soft spoken, nervous, but extremely polite and eager to serve. Mistress T put on some relaxing clothes as slave Jay fixed us up an adult beverage that sported a color never before seen in nature (he had bought us a bottle of hpnotiq.) We lounged and chatted casually as slave Jay continued to rub T's petite size 4 feet, discussing what we had planned for the rest of the week. We later had dinner and drinks. I had met up with a friend and spent most of the night in heels, which, believe it or not, is not common practice for me. By the end of the night my feet were aching and I was feeling generous enough to allow slave Jay to give me a surprisingly well executed and much needed foot rub. He perved out on my high arches and long toes like the foot boy he is until I grew tire of him and he was then kicked out of the room so us ladies could get some much needed rest.

Day two: The next day slave Jay was ordered to arrive at our room at 9:30 sharp with breakfast and coffee. Rene would be coming by at 10am to shoot so we wanted to be ready and well caffeinated by the time she got there. The idiot made the terrible mistake of arriving a half hour late, even after Rene had already got there. Im also the type of person who simply can't function the rest of the day without breakfast or coffee so needless to say I was extremely anxious and irritable. Thank god Mistress T dished out the punishment because if it were me, he'd be headless. When he finally arrived, Mistress T immediately told him to put down our breakfast and take of his pants and underwear. She walked him over to the bathroom, making him to show Rene his wiener on the way. Rene glanced up from her phone and yelled "EW!" as he was brought into the bathroom and forced to sit on his bare knees on the hard tile as we ate his breakfast in the next room. We left him nothing but a tiny bite which he ate on his hands and knees like a dog. His punishment continued as he was told to remain there as Rene and I kicked off our shoot with a 6 minute make out video in the next room. Needless to say, he learned his lesson. He was allowed to come out only when we were ready to use him; busting out some clips involving knee high sock sniffing, forced bi dildo sucking, and full weight face sitting. Lucky bitch.

Afterward we headed straight to the expo, where we spent most of the day promoting kinkbomb and mingling with industry people. After several hours of that, I headed back to the room to film Selena with slave Jay for team tease. We shot clips involving foot & shoe worship, cuckolding, sph, and face sitting. After I was done with Jay  I sent him off to take T out to dinner and filmed a few more solo clips with Selena. After they left she began asking me questions about Jay, she was confused, thinking at first he was T's boyfriend after hearing her talk about him licking her pussy and having the "final say" in what he's allowed to do on film. She laughed as I told her he was the real deal and all he's done so far to live the dream.

Later that night we went out to the Sugar Factory for the first kinkbomb hosted dinner. If I didnt know any better, I'd say KB was channeling the feeder/feedee fetish as the plates just kept on coming. I got to meet for the first time Domina Snow, Mistress B, & Cam Girl Kitten, and was reunited with Sarah Blake, Miss Sweet Feet, and of course Rene.

After the food everyone was handed a pink kinkbomb riding crop and we headed straight to the Gallery nightclub where we met up with Lyne and Goddess Destruction. Our VIP table was well equipped with bottle service and debauchery. Energy was high as all the girls were liquored up and filled with adrenaline, excited to finally be in one room together. Every girl's camera was flashing with various combinations of ladies wanting their pictures taken together. Slave Jay got his public worship session on as we all took advantage of the bitch willing and ready to do as he was told for the camera. He was getting a little tipsy so we made sure he drank nothing but water for the last couple hours so he'd be in good condition to get fucked over on film the next day. The night ended rather appropriately around 2:30am when T and I grabbed out bitch and headed back to our rooms and got some much needed sleep.

Day three: The next day twitter was buzzing with all pictures taken from the night before. Some girls had a much longer night that we did and while I always have a hard time sleeping in vegas, I was thankful for the time I got. As my schedule got rearranged, it freed up my afternoon to shoot with Mistress T and slave Jay. He arrived that morning with coffee and breakfast, right on time (of course.) We shot some great clips involving the ever-popular incest theme, lift and carry, and a boot worship clip I'm particularly excited about. I brought my thigh high black latex boots which I was a little hesitant to pack at first, simply because of the space they take up, but I knew it'd be well worth it. Wearing those, red bikini bottoms, a leopard corset purchased by slave Jay and my heart shape riding crop, I created a clip that will quite simply stop hearts across the nation. Be ready for it.

Later that night slave Jay had the immense honor of taking us out to the Vegas show Absinthe. It was fantastic and I highly recommend it. Very similar to Zumanity which I've seen twice now; circus acts, raunchy comedy, music and lots of audience interaction. Afterward we headed over to the Rockhouse to check out the kinkbomb hosted beer pong tournament. I chatted briefly with a blast from my past, Kimberly Kane (porno girl turned clip store owner.) until I was called up to play on a team with Rene against a couple of guys. We thankfully lost. Beer pong isn't my cup of tea and I was happy to not continue onto the next level. 

After all that we headed to Spearmint Rhino, which is pretty much the most bangin' strip club in Vegas. The ratio of strippers to johns is unreal and make no mistake about it, these ladies WORK for their money. Kinkbomb CEO grabbed 3 babes to give 3 alternate lap dances to myself, Mistress T, and Domina Snow, creating a fun show for the other half of the party who watched across from us. The night ended soon after tipsy slave Jay's luck ran up as he spoke out of turn and was immediately and harshly dismissed early for the night. Soon after T and I headed back to our room 

Day four: First thing in the morning slave Jay arrived full of remorse. We ignored him for most of the morning as we got ready to switch rooms (I was moving to Lyne's and T was moving to Jay's) When we got to the MGM, Mistress T ordered him to strip down naked, ball gagged him, and made him wait kneeling behind the bed so I wouldn't have to see his peen. She finished getting dressed in black latex pants and red corset that was simply to die for. Her hair was done up perky with curls and her make up was perfect as always. She ordered him to lie on his stomach on the bed and spread his legs as she binded his hands behind his back. Slave Jay quietly obeyed, having no idea what was in store. I got the camera ready as we discussed camera angles and timing. She had two riding crops beside him. She picked up one and inspected it carefully and then gave me the nod to start filming.

"This is your punishment for last night," she said, "No safe word." 

Mistress T told me her corporal punishment clips dont always sell the best, but she was willing to make an exception to make herself feel better. She whipped his ass with perfect timing and skill, which each slash making a distinct red line. Slave Jay squirmed and howled under his ball gag. Soon the red lines were turning purple as the pain increased exponentially. Even ass his ass began to look collaged with color, she continued to whip him calmly with just a flick of her wrist.  I turned the camera over to his face which was red, drooling, and crying. I smiled. When she was finally done we got a couple still shots of the damage and went about our day, leaving slave Jay on the bed in the same position. I had to get ready to meet with Bratty Bunny and began to collect my things. Each time I passed Jay his marks look darker, until half of his ass was literally black with bruises. I admired her work one last time before walking out the door.


I met up with Bratty Bunny in her hotel room, which was all decked out and ready with lights. It was are first time meeting so we chatted a bit over a glass of wine and then went right into shooting, starting right off with yet another make out clip. For those of you wondering, yes, she is an amazing kisser, and quite a sport agreeing to make out with me before ever meeting me or knowing about my herpes. Afterward we filmed more clips involving masturbation instruction, feet, and even my first hypnosis clip. 

Immediately afterwards I headed over to Lyne and Goddess Destructions room. It was the first time I got to hang out with Lyne this weekend outside a loud club atmosphere, so we sat for a while exchanging stories about what we've done so far. Afterward we got ready to film, starting out with our bread and butter; feet and joi. Soon after slave Jay arrived at our door ready to film. He was more quiet than usual as he was ordered to only speak when spoken to. We filmed some clips involving heel worship, foot worship and face sitting. Then Lyne got some one on one time with him where she did some bare foot trampling. Something pretty hilarious happened in this clip that got all the girls in the room laughing hysterically. I won't give it away here, you'll just have to buy it when it comes out. (http://clips4sale.com/14404)

Sarah Blake arrived to the room with her gear, the last domme I had scheduled to shoot with. We did a couple very sadistic clips involving knives that I'm quite excited about, then a couple more involving Jay, including a candid interview clip discussing what he's done so far and what he has in store the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately my time with Sarah had to be cut short as Rene arrived to shoot with Lyne. I swear, this weekend involved more girls being passed around than a european brothel. It felt good to get the final clip filmed with Sarah knowing I was finally free for the weekend and could party all night with minimal shame. That was until I got an email offering an yet another $600 if I did a make out clip with Lyne. (Oh darn….) I gave Lyne the proposition, but she declined as the thoughts of all the places this dirty pie hole has been ran through her mind. She then offered up her slutty friend Destruction who was more than happy to oblige and I had yet again another make out partner that weekend.

$1200 to make out with 4 chicks. I feel like such a whore.

At long last it was time to get ready for our final night in Vegas. I wore a dress Rene graciously let me borrow since I only brought one for the trip (what kind of princess gets caught dead wearing the same dress twice?) We went out for yet another KB hosted dinner and then out went out to club Chateau, all VIP, of course. It was a blast. The club had a handful of people decked out in crazy costumes walking around the club and at one point fairy wings were being passed around. It was the perfect night to end a crazy weekend.

Day five: The next morning the three of us girls packed out things and filmed my fourth and final make out clip with Destruction. We met up with Bratty Bunny for breakfast at a restaurant where we found Mistress T and slave Jay. We all ate and discussed how much we looked forward to finally going home. I think Jay was the only one who felt otherwise. Afterward we finished packing our things and I hopped in a cab with Lyne and Destruction, who had a flight to Chicago that departed just 20 minutes after mine. We said our goodbyes as we separated by gate number and laughed about the fact the next time we see each other will be in Vegas yet again, for Lyne's bachelorette party. I came home to a loving and horny boyfriend who cooked me a delicious dinner before fucking me silly and calling it a night. Feels good to be home.

Wanna see even more pictures of my week in Vegas? including well over a dozen shots of me in those killer boots? Join my members area:


Clip Review – indoctrination
by slave Nimrod
"It is of course somewhat inappropriate, if not impossible, to write anything about what i am now convinced is for me a life altering video clip. i might lack the objectivity and "distance" one would expect from any reviewer. my feeling might interfere with my judgement.
However, i decided to do so because it occured to me no one seriously cares for objctivity when perfection, emotion and magic are at stake.
Every single detail in "Indoctrination clip" is absolutely mind blowing.
Firstly, Goddess Ceara Herself appears in the whole clip like the true Divinity She is. Her eyes simply penetrates your soul, effortlessly reaching your brain and reading every thought there, though She doesn't really need to for She knows exactly how the subhuman viewer feels. The perfect texture of Her long hair, from the first second of the clip, forever binds peons minds to Her footstep. Her skin is like silk,  you can tell because the clip almost allows you to feel its softness, only wishing you could smell its wonderful scent. Her voice takes possession of your soul from the first to the last second of the clip, even before Her words actually make sense to your slow, damaged subbie brain.
Secondly, Goddess Cearas outfit, from Her thigh high shiny black boots to Her sexy top and panties will leave you, as it did to me, in a state of trance, tongue out, stomach aching, heart beating ata pace you didn't know exist, dry thoat yet constantly salivating, drooling and of course fully erect, throbbing, ready to do ANYTHING She would care to ask you without the slightest hesitation, ready to sacrifice evrything for Her, your time, money, job, family, principles and any kind of self respect you might think you still have.
Thirdly and perhaps more importantly, Goddess Ceara's body language is unlike anything you've ever seen.  It's not the things She does, it's how She does them that catches you by surprise. The intensity, sensuality, charm, cruelty, intelligence. This is the first time in my life the sight of a finger stroking the leather of a boot had me almost blow up my load. The way
She toys with Her seat, spread Her legs and suggests You lick the bottom of Her boots or Her ass crack will leave You helpless, willing to just do that then die immediately because you know anything your life might offer you after this will be pointless.

i'm not sure precisely what the clip will do to me, it's too soon to tell. What i do know is that it has changed my life already. It has, in 13 minutes or so, made me a full fledge Princess Ceara's zombie, freak, doggy, pig, sissy, peon, or what ever She sees fit. Most of all it made me an addict. That clip's own brand of poison went straight to my veins and is now running in my blood. There's nothing i can do about it. There's nothing i want to do about it. Now i simply feel like a dog with collar and leash, waiting for Her to pull the leash and take me somewhere, snap Her perfect fingers, yell an order at me, have me go on paper, anything provided i can interact with Her.

Indeed that clip changed my life. It will change yours if you watch it, so perhaps you should think twice before you buy it. This is no game. This is no fantasy. This is real life. This is about giving up your life and throwing it at Goddess Cearas beautiful feet, begging Her to use and abuse you because that, from now on, is the only reason to wake up every

Big update

My my what a busy week it's been. My latest fleshlight campaign is off to a very lovely and profitable start. Im sure its only a matter of time before all you jerk-offs know the silky silicone satisfaction that comes from blowing your spooge in fake genitalia. Although I think the company is a little apprehensive about promoting the glory that is Ceara Lynch. Hey, I get it.. They've built their business on the notion that it's cool and totally masculine to fuck a rubber pussy. Amazing what the power of marketing can do. Never the less, I expect all you drones to start pounding your puds in one of these and making me $$;

I've recently acquired a new slave. As in, a legit one that's in it for the long haul (well, we'll see.) That's very rare for me these days. Over the years I've developed an extremely short tolerance for subs and I've found I prefer dabbling with a wide variety of them that I can quickly exploit and dispose of, rather than spend all my time training a select few. Never the less, this project peaked my interest, so we'll see how it goes. I recently filmed his indoctrination video, which he bought at $250, so it's now available to the general public for $10. If you're curious about the kind of expectations I have for long term servitude, I suggest you check it out. 

And speaking of long term slaves, I should take this time to acknowledge the one who's been with me longest of all, as he's been bugging me about some kind of recognition lately. For years he's been rather skittish and uncomfortable about being mentioned here publicly, but lately his tiny testes has descended a bit so I think I should give him a shout out. Some of you may know him on twitter as @cearajunky. His name truly suites him. He is easily my top caller on niteflirt, top spender on kinkbomb, and his dedication to me has far surpassed any other sub I've come into contact with. He bought me the iPad2 when no one else could get one ($700+), paid for me and my man to goto burning man (+$700), and has gone on numerous spending binges this year paying thousands. Anytime I am out with my friends, or especially my boyfriend, I can always count on him to pick up the tab, with very little given in return. A toast to you, CJ! You are truly my most favorite pet.

In other news, Gordan is back. For those of you who remember, last year he paid me to make an exposure clip in which I displayed his most humiliating photos, including his full name, and begged me to generally fucked over his life. Well, I guess it would have fucked over his life….if he had one. But scum like this lives for this shit. So much so that he bought the clip over and over again until it topped the charts on kinkbomb just to expose himself that much further. Well, he's back at it again. And considering how many more customers and studios are on kinkbomb than there was a year ago, it'll cost him that much more to put this clip at #1 and at the same time, even more people will get to see what a true shit-pig he really is. 

Fantasy vs. reality and the ethical implications of taboo fetishes

It’s been a while since I felt inspired to write about a heated topic such as this, so here it goes.

I want to start out by saying I think it is important and healthy for humans to contemplate ethical boundaries. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t. However, I also know its a slippery slope when we start deeming content that is for adults, by adults, and only involves normal, consenting adults to be unethical. It is a domino effect that will inevitably knock down the piece that metaphorically represents all the crazy fucked up and deranged things we do as femdoms if we allow frivolous censorship to have its way.

I read some uproar recently on twitter regarding a studio that featured a girl depicting sex acts with a stuffed animals along with other clips that had varying incest themes with such charming titles as, "mating with mommy" "fuck your father" "feeding baby man" etc. Here is a screen shot of the studio in question:


Apparently a few Dommes within the scene have been rather outraged by these clips. One Domme in particular has been especially vocal about her stance, proclaiming that "any type of child molestation is offensive," and promising to boycott kinkbomb until the material was removed. hmm ok.

I find it ironic that someone coming from a rather transgressive scene be to quick the jump into the role of thought police. You don’t have to like age play or furry subcultures, but if its not negatively affecting you or anyone else…. who cares? (Please note that being offended doesn’t count are being "negatively affected" as everything will always offend someone.)

Yeah, I get it, were talking about the idea of what’s considered the most despicable and unethical acts imaginable (raping children), along with probably whats considered one of the more disgusting acts imaginable (having sex with animals.) But let’s think about this for a minute, the key concept here is the idea. This chick is using a plush toy, not a dog. She is using her words, not children.

Which brings us to an interesting question brought up on twitter:

"really its ok to ‘pretend’ to fuck animals and children?"

Well, first of all, I think it’s rather misleading to put "pretend" in quotes. This is actual pretending. To fuck an animal or a child, an actual animal or child has to be involved, otherwise its not real and therefor pretend. But thats not the question here. Is it "really ok?" Yeah, I think so. 

I know a lot of people are divided in believing whether or not pornography inspires sexual crimes or inhibits it, I personally lean toward the latter. I can’t say that I’ve ever read legitimate study on the matter (nor would I think any exist considering the ethical implications) but, really, let’s think about the nature of men; the ones we know, the ones we fuck, the ones we manipulate and use. How motivated are they to commit some aggressive, diabolical sex act immediately after they cum? How motivated are they to do anything for that matter? Not very.

My point being, clips like this serve as an outlet for men which could otherwise be replaced with something much more real. Which would you rather have; a man jerking off in his room alone to a clip involving consenting adults playing kinky-pretend? Or a man who exploits children and animals because he has nothing to jerk off to online?

It’s an unfortunate reality and true child/animal exploitation and incest do occur in this world. It’s my personal opinion that if youre going to take the time to be angry and vocal about something, why now be angry and vocal about that? Put your energy into changing the reality of this topic rather than wasting time on the fantasy. 


Anyway, that said, I’d like to shamelessly promote some clips along this same vein. Incest has been one of my favorite themes to dabble with lately and my lady Mistress T has fantastic and highly underrated furry clip that easily increased my admiration of her 10 fold. Go buy it now.

"Bad doggy"
(search keyword: doggy)

"Smothering sister"

"Sister’s date"

"Family pimping"

"Sister mommy double fuck"

"Kiss your sis

Disclaimer: this entry was not meant to be a personal attack on anyone. I actually happen to rather like and respect the person who will most likely disagree with me here, and thats totally fine. This isn’t the first time we didnt see eye to eye and probably won’t be the last. Let’s all learn to separate people from issues because if we all had the same opinions we’d be super fucking lame.

Faggy frat boy gets fucked over again

Obligatory shameless promotion:

A fool’s sale at kinkbomb. Spend $50 and get $15 off: http://cearalynch.kinkbomb.com


Too much of a broke ass loser to spend a measly $35? Make yourself useful and



Okay enough of that. Yesterday was a great day in terms of extracting loser bucks. But the highlight of my night was fucking over an oldie but a goodie; faggy frat boy. For those of you who have forgotten (it’s been a while) this adorable little lush has a boner for forced intox whilst being persuaded into putting himself into compromising situations which generally end up screwing over his love life. After several shots of rum, I had him write "cunt" on his forehead, a fat dick on his chest, and had his hands handcuffed under his legs. The cherry on top was that his new girlfriend was asleep in the other room, with the cuff keys.

Ceara Lynch: dating anyone?
chastitybelted2001: yeah…always on and off
chastitybelted2001: shes actually downstairs asleep
Ceara Lynch: haha
Ceara Lynch: nice
chastitybelted2001: fast asleep. and none the wiser..lol
Ceara Lynch: we’ll see
chastitybelted2001: hey!
chastitybelted2001: def hope she isn’t!


This all happened near my bedtime so I cut the session short and left him there. The next day I got my follow up report. Lordy I love my job:

chastitybelted2001: That was unpleasant
Ceara Lynch: what happened?
chastitybelted2001: Basically I woke up to her standing over me..with a WTF look.. Oddly first she asked me where the handcuffs came from.. I asked her to get the key.. Told her where it was, she came back, tossed me the key and left for work, and now she won’t answer any texts
chastitybelted2001: So who knows what the hell she’s gonna think or say..
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHAHA
Ceara Lynch: that is fantastic
Ceara Lynch: how long have you been dating?
chastitybelted2001: Just a few months of actual dating
Ceara Lynch: nice, I love sabatoshing your potential for love and happiness.
chastitybelted2001: Jesus.. Yeah, I’m pretty sure even if she doesn’t think I’m fd in the head, not sure I wanna face her again
Ceara Lynch: I hope she tells all her friends.
chastitybelted2001: Just glad she didn’t whip out her phone and take a few pics.. Least I assume she didn’t being as I woke up to her already there
chastitybelted2001: I wouldn’t doubt shell be telling everyone
chastitybelted2001: She’s just like that.. Kind of a bitch
Ceara Lynch: awesome
chastitybelted2001: This sucks.. Least she doesn’t know I’m messed up enough to actually pay to end up like that
chastitybelted2001: Sadly.. I wanna do it again tonight