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Fantasy vs. reality and the ethical implications of taboo fetishes

It’s been a while since I felt inspired to write about a heated topic such as this, so here it goes.

I want to start out by saying I think it is important and healthy for humans to contemplate ethical boundaries. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t. However, I also know its a slippery slope when we start deeming content that is for adults, by adults, and only involves normal, consenting adults to be unethical. It is a domino effect that will inevitably knock down the piece that metaphorically represents all the crazy fucked up and deranged things we do as femdoms if we allow frivolous censorship to have its way.

I read some uproar recently on twitter regarding a studio that featured a girl depicting sex acts with a stuffed animals along with other clips that had varying incest themes with such charming titles as, "mating with mommy" "fuck your father" "feeding baby man" etc. Here is a screen shot of the studio in question:


Apparently a few Dommes within the scene have been rather outraged by these clips. One Domme in particular has been especially vocal about her stance, proclaiming that "any type of child molestation is offensive," and promising to boycott kinkbomb until the material was removed. hmm ok.

I find it ironic that someone coming from a rather transgressive scene be to quick the jump into the role of thought police. You don’t have to like age play or furry subcultures, but if its not negatively affecting you or anyone else…. who cares? (Please note that being offended doesn’t count are being "negatively affected" as everything will always offend someone.)

Yeah, I get it, were talking about the idea of what’s considered the most despicable and unethical acts imaginable (raping children), along with probably whats considered one of the more disgusting acts imaginable (having sex with animals.) But let’s think about this for a minute, the key concept here is the idea. This chick is using a plush toy, not a dog. She is using her words, not children.

Which brings us to an interesting question brought up on twitter:

"really its ok to ‘pretend’ to fuck animals and children?"

Well, first of all, I think it’s rather misleading to put "pretend" in quotes. This is actual pretending. To fuck an animal or a child, an actual animal or child has to be involved, otherwise its not real and therefor pretend. But thats not the question here. Is it "really ok?" Yeah, I think so. 

I know a lot of people are divided in believing whether or not pornography inspires sexual crimes or inhibits it, I personally lean toward the latter. I can’t say that I’ve ever read legitimate study on the matter (nor would I think any exist considering the ethical implications) but, really, let’s think about the nature of men; the ones we know, the ones we fuck, the ones we manipulate and use. How motivated are they to commit some aggressive, diabolical sex act immediately after they cum? How motivated are they to do anything for that matter? Not very.

My point being, clips like this serve as an outlet for men which could otherwise be replaced with something much more real. Which would you rather have; a man jerking off in his room alone to a clip involving consenting adults playing kinky-pretend? Or a man who exploits children and animals because he has nothing to jerk off to online?

It’s an unfortunate reality and true child/animal exploitation and incest do occur in this world. It’s my personal opinion that if youre going to take the time to be angry and vocal about something, why now be angry and vocal about that? Put your energy into changing the reality of this topic rather than wasting time on the fantasy. 


Anyway, that said, I’d like to shamelessly promote some clips along this same vein. Incest has been one of my favorite themes to dabble with lately and my lady Mistress T has fantastic and highly underrated furry clip that easily increased my admiration of her 10 fold. Go buy it now.

"Bad doggy"
(search keyword: doggy)

"Smothering sister"

"Sister’s date"

"Family pimping"

"Sister mommy double fuck"

"Kiss your sis

Disclaimer: this entry was not meant to be a personal attack on anyone. I actually happen to rather like and respect the person who will most likely disagree with me here, and thats totally fine. This isn’t the first time we didnt see eye to eye and probably won’t be the last. Let’s all learn to separate people from issues because if we all had the same opinions we’d be super fucking lame.