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Clip Review – indoctrination
by slave Nimrod
"It is of course somewhat inappropriate, if not impossible, to write anything about what i am now convinced is for me a life altering video clip. i might lack the objectivity and "distance" one would expect from any reviewer. my feeling might interfere with my judgement.
However, i decided to do so because it occured to me no one seriously cares for objctivity when perfection, emotion and magic are at stake.
Every single detail in "Indoctrination clip" is absolutely mind blowing.
Firstly, Goddess Ceara Herself appears in the whole clip like the true Divinity She is. Her eyes simply penetrates your soul, effortlessly reaching your brain and reading every thought there, though She doesn't really need to for She knows exactly how the subhuman viewer feels. The perfect texture of Her long hair, from the first second of the clip, forever binds peons minds to Her footstep. Her skin is like silk,  you can tell because the clip almost allows you to feel its softness, only wishing you could smell its wonderful scent. Her voice takes possession of your soul from the first to the last second of the clip, even before Her words actually make sense to your slow, damaged subbie brain.
Secondly, Goddess Cearas outfit, from Her thigh high shiny black boots to Her sexy top and panties will leave you, as it did to me, in a state of trance, tongue out, stomach aching, heart beating ata pace you didn't know exist, dry thoat yet constantly salivating, drooling and of course fully erect, throbbing, ready to do ANYTHING She would care to ask you without the slightest hesitation, ready to sacrifice evrything for Her, your time, money, job, family, principles and any kind of self respect you might think you still have.
Thirdly and perhaps more importantly, Goddess Ceara's body language is unlike anything you've ever seen.  It's not the things She does, it's how She does them that catches you by surprise. The intensity, sensuality, charm, cruelty, intelligence. This is the first time in my life the sight of a finger stroking the leather of a boot had me almost blow up my load. The way
She toys with Her seat, spread Her legs and suggests You lick the bottom of Her boots or Her ass crack will leave You helpless, willing to just do that then die immediately because you know anything your life might offer you after this will be pointless.

i'm not sure precisely what the clip will do to me, it's too soon to tell. What i do know is that it has changed my life already. It has, in 13 minutes or so, made me a full fledge Princess Ceara's zombie, freak, doggy, pig, sissy, peon, or what ever She sees fit. Most of all it made me an addict. That clip's own brand of poison went straight to my veins and is now running in my blood. There's nothing i can do about it. There's nothing i want to do about it. Now i simply feel like a dog with collar and leash, waiting for Her to pull the leash and take me somewhere, snap Her perfect fingers, yell an order at me, have me go on paper, anything provided i can interact with Her.

Indeed that clip changed my life. It will change yours if you watch it, so perhaps you should think twice before you buy it. This is no game. This is no fantasy. This is real life. This is about giving up your life and throwing it at Goddess Cearas beautiful feet, begging Her to use and abuse you because that, from now on, is the only reason to wake up every