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Film slave officially booked!

I was starting to think none of you ingrates would have the mental capacity to meet my expectations when it came to finding a film slave. Which was ok. I set the bar high because at the end of the day, I don't need one. But I pleasantly surprised to receive this email from James, who I've been corresponding with for the last few days. Today he has booked his ticket to Vegas and will be filming with myself and several other smoking hot dommes. See what happens when you listen and follow orders? Magic.

"Hello Miss Ceara,

With humility please let me be the hunted, as a male film slave of Yours at the AVNs! It would absolutely be a dream to worship three of the finest Goddesses in whatever way You so desire on camera. Pleasing You foremost, and the thought of possibly serving You in another scene again in future after going well this time excites me to offer this application.  I'm not one of those self-interested slaves – I'm defined more by my experiences of serving a Goddess on Her terms, than by seeking out particular fetishes.

Being on the end of Your leash, licking and worshiping Your boots and heels, hearing Your intoxicating verbal abuse, spit on, and the ball busting would be my pleasure, knowing it's all to create the scene to Your benefit and not mine! I'm open to trying forced-bi if Mistress T chooses; I haven't done it before, so hopefully my naughty and slutty reactions from going "bi" go well for the camera!  I've followed Mistress T's work before, so I trust myself jumping into this.  I'm an open book, fully willing to push my limits, which I think are more than average but not freaky. Off camera, I'd be happy to keep useful to You; serve drinks, bring wardrobe items, clean up, run errands, etc.

I'll reiterate from Your blog, I'm willing to sign a release, pay the $300, and appear on camera unmasked (real name withheld). I'm not a creep – I have a professional career, and consider myself very respectful to Women in general.  I know my place is below the female gender.

A little about me – I'm 6', 175lbs on average, 35yrs of age, Caucasian descent, from Toronto, Canada.  I work out on a 5-day intense program for the past 4 months, called Insanity/Asylum, which has got me in pretty good/lean shape, but not my ultimate goal of building abs yet; so this year diet is key!  I'm very positive, and work hard   I've had some experience in submission, and can show pictures if desired, but in short I enjoy the humiliation and abuse and service to a Goddess for Her enjoyment, while being a man about it (as much as possible, lol).  I'll attach a face shot, so as not to offend a beautiful Goddess with any nudity up front.

I'd need to make some arrangements, but I have the vacation time available.

Thank You for Your divine attention Miss Ceara, and for the opportunity to apply!