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Big update

My my what a busy week it's been. My latest fleshlight campaign is off to a very lovely and profitable start. Im sure its only a matter of time before all you jerk-offs know the silky silicone satisfaction that comes from blowing your spooge in fake genitalia. Although I think the company is a little apprehensive about promoting the glory that is Ceara Lynch. Hey, I get it.. They've built their business on the notion that it's cool and totally masculine to fuck a rubber pussy. Amazing what the power of marketing can do. Never the less, I expect all you drones to start pounding your puds in one of these and making me $$;

I've recently acquired a new slave. As in, a legit one that's in it for the long haul (well, we'll see.) That's very rare for me these days. Over the years I've developed an extremely short tolerance for subs and I've found I prefer dabbling with a wide variety of them that I can quickly exploit and dispose of, rather than spend all my time training a select few. Never the less, this project peaked my interest, so we'll see how it goes. I recently filmed his indoctrination video, which he bought at $250, so it's now available to the general public for $10. If you're curious about the kind of expectations I have for long term servitude, I suggest you check it out. 

And speaking of long term slaves, I should take this time to acknowledge the one who's been with me longest of all, as he's been bugging me about some kind of recognition lately. For years he's been rather skittish and uncomfortable about being mentioned here publicly, but lately his tiny testes has descended a bit so I think I should give him a shout out. Some of you may know him on twitter as @cearajunky. His name truly suites him. He is easily my top caller on niteflirt, top spender on kinkbomb, and his dedication to me has far surpassed any other sub I've come into contact with. He bought me the iPad2 when no one else could get one ($700+), paid for me and my man to goto burning man (+$700), and has gone on numerous spending binges this year paying thousands. Anytime I am out with my friends, or especially my boyfriend, I can always count on him to pick up the tab, with very little given in return. A toast to you, CJ! You are truly my most favorite pet.

In other news, Gordan is back. For those of you who remember, last year he paid me to make an exposure clip in which I displayed his most humiliating photos, including his full name, and begged me to generally fucked over his life. Well, I guess it would have fucked over his life….if he had one. But scum like this lives for this shit. So much so that he bought the clip over and over again until it topped the charts on kinkbomb just to expose himself that much further. Well, he's back at it again. And considering how many more customers and studios are on kinkbomb than there was a year ago, it'll cost him that much more to put this clip at #1 and at the same time, even more people will get to see what a true shit-pig he really is.