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Faggy frat boy gets fucked over again

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Okay enough of that. Yesterday was a great day in terms of extracting loser bucks. But the highlight of my night was fucking over an oldie but a goodie; faggy frat boy. For those of you who have forgotten (it’s been a while) this adorable little lush has a boner for forced intox whilst being persuaded into putting himself into compromising situations which generally end up screwing over his love life. After several shots of rum, I had him write "cunt" on his forehead, a fat dick on his chest, and had his hands handcuffed under his legs. The cherry on top was that his new girlfriend was asleep in the other room, with the cuff keys.

Ceara Lynch: dating anyone?
chastitybelted2001: yeah…always on and off
chastitybelted2001: shes actually downstairs asleep
Ceara Lynch: haha
Ceara Lynch: nice
chastitybelted2001: fast asleep. and none the wiser..lol
Ceara Lynch: we’ll see
chastitybelted2001: hey!
chastitybelted2001: def hope she isn’t!


This all happened near my bedtime so I cut the session short and left him there. The next day I got my follow up report. Lordy I love my job:

chastitybelted2001: That was unpleasant
Ceara Lynch: what happened?
chastitybelted2001: Basically I woke up to her standing over me..with a WTF look.. Oddly first she asked me where the handcuffs came from.. I asked her to get the key.. Told her where it was, she came back, tossed me the key and left for work, and now she won’t answer any texts
chastitybelted2001: So who knows what the hell she’s gonna think or say..
Ceara Lynch: HAHAHAHA
Ceara Lynch: that is fantastic
Ceara Lynch: how long have you been dating?
chastitybelted2001: Just a few months of actual dating
Ceara Lynch: nice, I love sabatoshing your potential for love and happiness.
chastitybelted2001: Jesus.. Yeah, I’m pretty sure even if she doesn’t think I’m fd in the head, not sure I wanna face her again
Ceara Lynch: I hope she tells all her friends.
chastitybelted2001: Just glad she didn’t whip out her phone and take a few pics.. Least I assume she didn’t being as I woke up to her already there
chastitybelted2001: I wouldn’t doubt shell be telling everyone
chastitybelted2001: She’s just like that.. Kind of a bitch
Ceara Lynch: awesome
chastitybelted2001: This sucks.. Least she doesn’t know I’m messed up enough to actually pay to end up like that
chastitybelted2001: Sadly.. I wanna do it again tonight