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I just got back from spending 5 days in Belize. Alexandra had went home after Tulum, Shauna broke off to San Pedro, and Meggerz, Mistress T, and myself stayed in the tiny, boring little island of Caye Caulker. I wasn’t a fan.


Sure, there was some charm to it. A laid back vibe. But all in all not much to do. Despite being an island, there wasn’t a proper beach. Just smelly seaweed separating the water from the concrete. Most things were over priced because they had to be imported.


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 6.12.02 PM



We took several tours together, each of which were conflicting blend of awe and torment. There was the night snorkeling just as a thunder storm was rolling in. I saw one octopus at the cost of swallowing a whole lot of sea water. Then there was the tiny plane tour over the Blue Hole. The sight was breath taking, but it was all I could do to keep from puking as the pilot treated the plane like a roller coaster; dipping, swooping, turning 45 degree angles. Finally there was the scuba dive into the Blue Hole, which was an overrated experience that required an agonizing 2 hour boat ride in horrible weather conditions that made me want to cry and puke until I looked like a shriveled raisin. Hey, at least I can say I “did it,” right?


It wasn’t all bad of course. I had top notch company to keep me from total misery. Thank Xenu for that. Not to mention the dutiful subs who paid my way so I didn’t have to (@cearajunky sent $300, @soleshine sent $550 and Mr. F a whopping $1,200)

Anyway… I’m home now. It feels great. After a much needed mani/pedi I’ll be back terrorizing horny men out of their money for at least a couple months until my next international voyage.



I woke up this morning 6am in Caye Caulker, Belize. I spent most of the morning laying in a hammock, taking pictures of the hostel kitten and listening to my Love + Radio episode which went live today.

I’m quite happy with it. Check it out:




I spent the last several days in Tulum Mexico, a cute boho town with Mayan ruins and Cenotes. Mistress T and Meggerz arrived making it a group of 7 of us. It was a refreshing change from Cancun: touristy, but not overly commercial. Charming and laid back.




Our first night we feasted at a Mexican restaurant that treated us to free tequila shots, giant somberos and napkins folded meticulously into roses. The result: 7 women simultaneously partaking in a 20 min selfie session.



We rented bikes and rode around the town, visiting the beach and the ruins.


Alex, Shauna and I spent the next day scuba diving in the Cenotes. It was incredible. Our first two dives were in Dos Ojos where we swam through caves and resurfaced in sections where bats dwelled and were miserable over the fact that divers were constantly shining lights at them. Afterwards we dove in El Pit. Easily one of my favorite dives of all time. A 100m cavernous pit with sun rays shining through. I felt like I was floating through space in canyon from another planet.


Later that day I learned that one of Mistress T’s good friends, “Gaspman,” of Club Stelitto, had passed away. I didn’t know him, but watching T greive over him that night was one of the most tragically beautiful things I’ve wittnessed. She spoke uninhibitly through tears about how he lived, who he was, and how precious life is. I was at a loss of words (not that there was anything I could have said that would have made a difference.) So I just listened, soaking it in. She made me wish I knew him.


Death has a way of making you reflect on your own life. Am I living it the way I should? Do the things I stress over really matter? Are the people I hang out with really worth my time? If I died tomorrow, would I regret anything?


On our last day we found a small seafood food restaurant off the beaten path on the beach. They cooked freshly caught fish over an open fire. It had no sign or menu, the waiters barely spoke English. We ordered some of the best ceviche and lobster I’ve ever had. Afterward then lounged hammocks tied to trees and enjoyed each others company as the sun set.



AVN 2015

Last weekend was AVN time. Another whirlwind of fancy dinners, heavy clubbing, and interacting with sweaty porno fanboys who have no idea who I am.


I chose not to do any shooting this year. I’ve found that my two-girl domme clips don’t sell exceptionally well and I’d rather spend that time socializing rather than burning myself out shooting. I managed to squeeze in one night of aggressive partying. After that I was spent. Drinking is tiring and I can barely do heels for an entire night (I almost never where them outside of clips.) Luckily Nate-bitch was there to rest my feet on and give massages on demand.


As thankful as I am that kinkbomb hosts on so many generous VIP club nights, I much prefer a place where I can hear the person next to me and talk to them without shouting in their ear. By the last night I wasn’t feeling well and was in full blown introversion mode.


I spent one day casually walking around the AEE convention. I’ve been many times before, but its always a fun spectacle. In less than an hours worth of time I met Ron Jeremy for the umpteenth time, played with a sex toy in the shape of a teddy bear, met a guy with a chin dick trying to peddle his xerox book, & watched Ashley Fires erotically choke a couple guys. All in all a great way to spend ones time.





The highlight of AEE by far was meeting the legendary Nina Hartley. I’ve been somewhat familiar with her work for some time. Not a die hard fan or anything, but well enough that I figured I’d take a second of her time, say hi, snag a picture with her then be on my way. To my surprise, she was one of the pleasant people I’ve met in a while. She took a genuine interest in me and asked if I was in the industry. After I explained my niche place in it, she she showered me with compliments and praise and told me how fantastic she thought it was that young women can do their own thing and work for themselves. You could tell that she makes anyone she talks to feel like the coolest person on earth. A+ human being.


On Monday we had our traditional spa day and dinner at my favorite restaurant in Vegas; Firefly. Nate-bitch bought me a proper massage and everyone finished the night off at a hookah bar.



It can be isolating at times working in such a weird little industry when you don’t live near other people who in it. I generally don’t talk about work to outsiders, unless they ask, because it’s so unrelatable. Sure, it can be fun when people are fascinated by you and your work and it certainly makes for an interesting ice breaker, but spending time with people who actually understand it, live it, profit from it, is another thing all together. To sit at a table with smart, savvy women and share tips on how to run business more efficiently and have casual conversations about the craziest thing we’ve ever put up a guys ass without batting an eye. I rarely feel more at home.


After spending a few days in New Orleans, Meggerz and I took a flight down to Nuevo Vallarta to spend a week with a friend of mine, Danielle, who is going through a divorce and was in dire need of a vacation. We spent a couple days at her parents beach condo, and then decided to take a day trip to the nearby surfer town, Sayulita.


We all immediately fell in love. It was a stark contrast to the very nice, but fairly boring resort area we were staying at before where there wasn’t a whole lot to do but lay on the beach. Sayulita was colorful: full of bohemian shops with hand made clothes and jewelry, beautiful young surfers, $25 massages, friendly people and amazing food.

IMG_0073 IMG_0163

We laid on the sand and took surfing lessons during the day, had an amazing dinner right on the beach in the evening, then headed over to the plaza which had come alive with music, taco stands and skeleton face children running around and performing in Day Of the Dead festivities. It was sensory overload. It soon became apparent a day wouldn’t be enough.

IMG_9719 IMG_0064

After receiving a tip from a local bartender, we checked into a rather fancy hostel and made immediate friends with the staff, who happened to all be young travelers themselves with the vision of creating a top quality hostel for backpackers by backpackers. It was perfect, we all got along seamlessly. I don’t believe in fate, but you can’t deny the euphoric feeling you get when everything seems to fall serendipitously into place.




On halloween we had dinner at an authentic mexican restaurant and watched all the little trick or treaters run around the streets with plastic grocery bags collecting candy (in this area kids go trick or treating at businesses instead of door to door.) Afterwards we all partied on the hostel’s rooftop lounge drinking tequila and painting each others faces, then headed over to near by beach party that occurs every Friday at Cameron and danced to latin music until 3am.


The size of this town was one of the things I loved most about it, everything you need is right in walking distance; friends, food, music, & the beach. I met a lot of people but never bothered to get anyone’s contact info because I would inevetably run into them just walking around the area. Life was effortlessly pleasurable. Everyday someone would plant the seen of “you’re not going to leave” in my head and with each passing day the desire grew larger.


Eventually the inventible happened and someone asked me what I did for a living. It’s always a bit of a thrill when people get to know me for a bit before asking. Getting caught up in the pleasure of being in an new country is an easy way to lose priority in that question. But soon after one person inquired, news of my vocation spread fast and eventually I was indulging questions and entertaining the staff and friends with stories about peddling my bodily fluids and berating men on the internet. It was fun. The hostel owner had a new found admiration for me and entertained the idea of making one of the private rooms into a dungeon for me to work out of so I’d never leave. As predicted, when my departure date grew closer, I wasn’t ready. I had just spent the best 13 pesos of my life on the most delectable carnitas taco when I knew I had absolutely had to stay and pushed back my flight another week.



The rest of the week I indulged in life’s satisfying simplicities. New interesting travelers came and went in the hostel who were full of rich, interesting things to talk about. More than ever I felt I had really caught the travel bug. I wanted to stay yet go everywhere all at the same time.


Sadly, it all had to come to an end at some point (as much as everyone tried to convince me it didn’t.) On my last day some friends and I went on a boat tour to the different islands. There was snorkeling, kayaking, & paddle boarding, but mostly everyone just swam and drank like fish. We made new friends on the boat who accompanied us afterwards to yet another beach party at Cameron. A Summer storm had just hit the area and I spent my last night dancing on the beach in the rain then stripping off my clothes and diving into the warm ocean water in my underwear.



Miraculously my hangovers were minimal at best, but coming back was still hard. The icy PNW weather didn’t make it any easier. Sayulita has been on my mind since I got home and Im already entertaining thoughts of coming back in March. But I can’t let my focus stray too far. In two weeks, I head to Thailand.


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New Orleans

Monday I returned from two weeks of traveling. I flew to New Orleans, Mexico, and then made a short stop in Seattle before coming home. Rather than write some monstrous blog entry about it all, I’m going to divide it into three parts. First, let’s talk NOLA:

I flew into New Orleans and got picked up by Mistress T and Meggerz who had already been in the area for a couple days. From the airport we decided to dash straight to the infamous House Of Shock before they closed for the night. Supposedly this would be the last year they’d be doing this haunted house. It was rather impressive; a massive maze of creepy rooms and people dressed as monsters and zombies jumping out at you.

IMG_9085 IMG_9073


New Orleans is a fun place to be near halloween since the city is already known for voodoo and ghosts. We decided to stick with that theme by taking a tour around the alleged haunted houses around the city. I don’t believe in ghosts and had a little too much to drink that night so I had a hard time paying attention. I mostly nodded along to her stories of gruesome murders and suicides, wondering if they were factual and feeling sorry for the fact that she had to deal with a group of people less discreet about their inebriation than I was.

The next day we took a boat tour in the swamp. Our tour guide was like someone’s southern uncle, chock full of corny jokes and endless facts about a few topics. We saw swampy things like turtles, birds and my least favorite animal in the world: crocodiles.

IMG_9285 IMG_9328IMG_9155


I have a special kind of disdain for crocodiles. So much so that I was very much looking forward to eating one. At one point we managed to find a hot dog spot that served crocodile sausage, which tasted suspiciously like a normal hot dog, but I’m going to go ahead and choose to believe some deprave, cold blooded reptile died for my gluttony anyway.


The tours were fun, but my favorite part was just walking around the French Quarter and soaking it all in. Listening to live music, browsing the shops and stuffing my face with the worst/best kinds of food.

IMG_9550 IMG_9555IMG_9481


At one point while walking around the Frenchmen area, we met Cameryn Moore: a play write and phone sex operator who was selling short, personalized erotica right on the street. For $20 she would ask you a series of personal questions about your sexual proclivities/interests and in less than 30 min you’d have your own typed up story customized to hit your erotic triggers. I must say, this woman has a gift. All three of us bought a story and none of us were disappointed. The best part was listening in as she read allowed Meggerz and T’s story (the interview process was private.) T’s story in particular confirmed that she truly is the most perverted woman I know (which should be of little surprise to anyone.)



IMG_9569 IMG_9466


Check out Mistress T’s blog about New Orleans here:



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Alright: Vegas, here we go. I suppose this is a tad over due. Last year I wrote a rather detailed day by day entry about my trip, but I don’t think that would be entirely appropriate for this year since I was shooting pretty much 75% of the time. I came home with about 50 clips, so needless to say it was highly productive.

I shared a room with Mistress T, who proved herself yet again to be a woman worth rooming with. We managed to lure a couple film slaves into being at our beck and call. One of them was a guy named Jim from Canada, a long haired sporty hippy with balls of steel. The other was the infamous Nate-bitch, a local slave who serves Monique and myself.

Besides shooting, I worked at the clips4sale booth during AEE for a few hours. I had a blast, lots of cameras flashing, autographs to be signed, not a moment to myself the whole time. I’d say the majority of guys had no idea who I was, but there were definitely some fans who approached me. One guy claimed to be a successful writer who had a lot of “advice” for me, which really just sounded like him explaining fetishes to me. He came back a second time to give me his card so I could email him if he wanted me to write it all out. Boy I love it when people try to “help.”

Another guy with a thick European accent asked me to blow up a balloon until it popped. Smeared my lipstick all over it but it was worth it to see everyone around me jump and cheer when it did.

Of course by far my all time favorite was the large jovial man who described himself in a thick german accent as “the candy man,” and then proceeded to pull out gummy bears and chocolate out of his back pack. Did I take some? Duh. Who wouldn’t?

Some pictures from AEE


Me and Domina Snow


Me, Sarah, and Meggerz


Me and Ashley Fires – love this girl.

Much like last year, kinkbomb spared no expense when it came to taking out their studio producers. I even managed to weasel Nate-bitch into most of the events so he could be on his knees rubbing the aching feet of all of us girls in heels. At one point I made him lick the bottoms of my dirty feet after walking barefoot on the Las Vegas strip for about two blocks. Can you believe this guy actually spent money to goto Vegas Foot Night while he was here? Hahaha.


Nate-bitch hard at work


“I love being the freak of the party!” — Nate


Always where your panties…

Neil from clips4sale took a few of us out to see the cirque de sole Beatles Love. It was quite a treat. It was my second time seeing it but just as enjoyable if not more. We also got treated to a lovely steak dinner followed by a white out-party at Body English. Wined, dined, and free access to the best night clubs in Vegas? Life could be worse.


Neil’s smiling face peaking out in the middle there. That’s his wife to the right of him, she was freakin adorable.


Me and Meggerz at the white out party


Ashley Fires and Me.


Me and Mistress T giving our most sultry look. As you can tell by her T-shirt, this woman is a total whore.


The final (and best!) party of the weekend was at The Bank. If you look closely between me and Rene, you’ll see the kinkbomb logo.


Kyaa, Jayne, Snow, Nyla, Rene, and myself. I wore leggings and flats that night. It was a wise move. Really, who the fuck am I trying to impress at this point?


Nate was fortunate enough to sleep on our floor while he stayed here. Normally I wouldn’t want some loser in our room, but this freak is less obnoxious than most and plus it meant getting copious amounts of foot rubs every morning. Can you spot Mistress T in this pic?

Here’s a few shots from some of the shoots:


Snow and I had an opportunity to use and abuse an up and coming pro-sub girl; Rexi West. This girl was so stinkin’ adorable it was almost hard to be mean to her (almost.) She’ll be moving to Portland soon so I can’t wait to pick up where we left off.


Ah Sammie Spades. I always love a chance to work with a real hardcore porn star. I wonder if Nate has any idea how many giant cocks have been up that sweet little ass.


Selena, always the pro. Shooting this girl is a no brainer every time I visit Vegas. Gorgeous, punctual, easy to get along with and knows her shit with it comes to crushing dudes. And how about this picture? She looks like wonder woman.


Rene and myself, using our boot slave, Jim. How excited are all of you to see this one on film?

So there you go. Little words and a lot of eye candy. But don’t get used to it. I have an obnoxiously convoluted entry here in the works, so enjoy this while you can. You’re welcome.