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AVN 2015

Last weekend was AVN time. Another whirlwind of fancy dinners, heavy clubbing, and interacting with sweaty porno fanboys who have no idea who I am.


I chose not to do any shooting this year. I’ve found that my two-girl domme clips don’t sell exceptionally well and I’d rather spend that time socializing rather than burning myself out shooting. I managed to squeeze in one night of aggressive partying. After that I was spent. Drinking is tiring and I can barely do heels for an entire night (I almost never where them outside of clips.) Luckily Nate-bitch was there to rest my feet on and give massages on demand.


As thankful as I am that kinkbomb hosts on so many generous VIP club nights, I much prefer a place where I can hear the person next to me and talk to them without shouting in their ear. By the last night I wasn’t feeling well and was in full blown introversion mode.


I spent one day casually walking around the AEE convention. I’ve been many times before, but its always a fun spectacle. In less than an hours worth of time I met Ron Jeremy for the umpteenth time, played with a sex toy in the shape of a teddy bear, met a guy with a chin dick trying to peddle his xerox book, & watched Ashley Fires erotically choke a couple guys. All in all a great way to spend ones time.





The highlight of AEE by far was meeting the legendary Nina Hartley. I’ve been somewhat familiar with her work for some time. Not a die hard fan or anything, but well enough that I figured I’d take a second of her time, say hi, snag a picture with her then be on my way. To my surprise, she was one of the pleasant people I’ve met in a while. She took a genuine interest in me and asked if I was in the industry. After I explained my niche place in it, she she showered me with compliments and praise and told me how fantastic she thought it was that young women can do their own thing and work for themselves. You could tell that she makes anyone she talks to feel like the coolest person on earth. A+ human being.


On Monday we had our traditional spa day and dinner at my favorite restaurant in Vegas; Firefly. Nate-bitch bought me a proper massage and everyone finished the night off at a hookah bar.



It can be isolating at times working in such a weird little industry when you don’t live near other people who in it. I generally don’t talk about work to outsiders, unless they ask, because it’s so unrelatable. Sure, it can be fun when people are fascinated by you and your work and it certainly makes for an interesting ice breaker, but spending time with people who actually understand it, live it, profit from it, is another thing all together. To sit at a table with smart, savvy women and share tips on how to run business more efficiently and have casual conversations about the craziest thing we’ve ever put up a guys ass without batting an eye. I rarely feel more at home.

She works hard for the money

$4k got transferred into my pretty little hands by a wanna-be slave recently. Isn't that cute.

My boyfriend and I are taking a 3 week trip to Europe and he promised to pay for our tickets weeks ago before weaseling out and going on yet another hiatus.

I don't talk about him much, but we've been corresponding off and on for years. Despite the copious amounts of money he's spent on me, I can't bring myself to call him a "slave," because that would assume he was reliable and obedient. On the contrary, he's merely an addict who struggles with obsession with me because it directly conflicts with his religion and staying faithful in his marriage. Because of this, he is constantly lying, cheating, and disappearing on me, only to come crawling back begging for "drugs" (videos/pictures.) And to be honest, that's a perfectly fine arrangement to me. However, whenever he comes crawling back to me, he is adamant about not only being my slave, but being my "top" slave.

Despite what little faith I have in him as a slave, I figured he's at least earned a chance to take things to the next level. That's what my most recent clip, "Moving Forward" is all about. If you're curious at all about how I directly train and indoctrinate specific subs/addicts, this one is worth checking out;


As many of you know I recently took a trip out to Vegas to celebrate my girl Lyne's bachelorette party. Can't go wrong with an all girl trip to the city of sin; especially with a group as jaw droppingly gorgeous as us dressed to the nines every day. Anything and everything we want is practically handed to us on a silver platter by random guys spending every penny they have just to be near us for a while. Is it any wonder greedy dommes like us find ourselves there so often? It's like r/t financial domination 24/7. Doesn't hurt that my bitches online like @cearajunky are picking up every other tab that these bro-dawgs miss, vicariously jerking off alone by themselves reminiscing about the fun they'll never have.

It wasn't all leisurely fun, however. Depending on your definition of "work" I spent the first couple days there doing just that; filming clips with the best of them; Rene, Sarah Blake, Selena, and for the first time buxom blonde Sammie Spades. Check out the team tease studio for her debut clip, "Your Last Orgasm" with that oh-so viciously talented Selena, http://www.clips4sale.com/18012

Happy fucking new year

Well, 2012 happened. How about that? I had a fun new years. Took a road trip up to Seattle to attend a private loft party, which was a blast. It was the perfect size, 100 person limit; not overly crowded, not empty and boring. Just great music and a lot of friends happy to leave that miserable 2011 behind them. 

I must say, though, as shitty as last year was for so many, for me it was one of the best. I accomplished some amazing things, met some fantastic people, and made more money than I've made in previous years. I can't wait to move forward with my new goals for my future. January started out with clip sales through the roof, nearly $700 on the 1st, and that was just clips4sale. My latest clip "Human Toilet" reached #2 in the top selling list, further reinforcing the notion that you all are a bunch of sick fucks, and I love you for it.


My business is growing bigger and badder every day, and there is still untouched territories I plan to explore. Make no mistake about it; I will be cleaning house this year.

Speaking of goals, just before leaving for Seattle I sent out a new years humiliation assignment to all my followers on niteflirt, telling them to write down all their degrading resolutions for the new year. I was quite impressed with this response from slave Lee;

"Princess Ceara, Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for this assignment and thank you for the incredibly inspirational picture.

My degrading resolutions, for you, are as follows;

1. Suck cock – obvious i know but i commit to suck at least 50 in 2012. i will of course always swallow and i will try to get really old and fat guys. i will Tribute you $50 per cock.

2. Piss myself in public – go to a bar in town and piss myself whilst standing at the bar. Then travel home on public transport.

3. Be your period slave – i.e. i will Tribute you each month for you to send me your used tampons/panty liners etc. I will then sniff, lick and suck them, live, on cam. (Via NF so you get the proceeds).

4. Be your Cuckold – i.e. i will Tribute you to send me your mans used condoms. i will wipe the contents ALL over my face, kiss, lick and swallow the contents. (All on cam).

5. Ultimate Degradation –  a. i eat my own scat on cam for you.

b. i eat your scat live on cam. ($250 Tribute for you to send it plus $50 per mouthful)

c. i eat your mans scat live on cam.

d. i eat dog shit on cam for you.

Obviously, these cam sessions will require a significant Tribute beforehand and lots of promotion for the PPV.

e. any PPV participant may send me their scat – i eat all PPV scat on cam and Tribute you  $100 per load. 

6. i will perform ANY degredation task that you demand, live on cam.

Thank you for reviewing these.

slave lee"

See? Now that's the kind of ambition I can appreciate.

Next on my agenda? AEE expo in Vegas. I've gone every year for the past 6 years but this will no doubt be my most productive trip yet. For the first time ever, quite a few dommes will be attending, so many that I'm struggling to schedule them all in without breaking my brain. I'll be working at the kinkbomb booth at the expo on thursday and attending dinners and parties for most of my evenings. It's good, though, I can only take Vegas in small doses so I'd rather be busy than not.

That said, if you have a custom clip requests involving myself with Lyne, Rene, Mistress T, Sarah Blake, or Bratty Bunny; NOW is the time to send them in. Email full descriptions to: contact@cearalynch.com

Princess Lyne in Vegas – where are all the quality film slaves??

As many of you already know, Lyne (http://www.princesslyne.com) announced recently she will be attending AVN/AEE in Vegas next month and has expressed interest in getting in on any film slaves Mistress T (http://www.mistresst.net) and I might find. In other words, if you can meet our expectations, there's a good possibility you'll be serving all three of us. And who knows? A lot of other dommes will be around as well; Rene, Sarah Blake, Kyaa, Mistress B, Selena and possibly Lexi Sindel and Mina Meow. Let me be clear; that is not guarantee you'll be passed around by all these women, but stranger things are possible. For sure though, myself, T, and now Lyne are on the hunt.

That said, so far none of you morons who've applied have sounded promising. So here's a little advice;

1. Read carefully what we are looking for in the blog entry titled "Sin city girls" just two entries below this one.

2. "YOU MUST" means non-negotiable. 

3. When you apply, know that we don't really give two shits what you're "into." This time it really isn't about you. The purpose of being a film slave is to be used as we deem most appropriate and profitable for us. In other words, tell us what you're willing to do, not what your dick wants to do.

4. Evidence that you are applying for this position with both hands on the keyboard will earn you a lot of points in the "not a total creep" department. In other words, be respectful, be articulate, be conscious of grammar/spelling, proof read, and most importantly; demonstrate that you actually read the casting call and understand what's expected of you.

5. Initiating interest via twitter or yahoo messenger will not get you very far. I cannot judge whether or not you'd be a worthy candidate in 140 characters or less, nor do I want to be forced to discuss details when I am actively working and sessioning with others. EMAIL IT.

This is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity boys. Don't fuck it up like you do with everything else in life.

Again, you can apply to me at contact@cearalynch.com