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Happy fucking new year

Well, 2012 happened. How about that? I had a fun new years. Took a road trip up to Seattle to attend a private loft party, which was a blast. It was the perfect size, 100 person limit; not overly crowded, not empty and boring. Just great music and a lot of friends happy to leave that miserable 2011 behind them. 

I must say, though, as shitty as last year was for so many, for me it was one of the best. I accomplished some amazing things, met some fantastic people, and made more money than I've made in previous years. I can't wait to move forward with my new goals for my future. January started out with clip sales through the roof, nearly $700 on the 1st, and that was just clips4sale. My latest clip "Human Toilet" reached #2 in the top selling list, further reinforcing the notion that you all are a bunch of sick fucks, and I love you for it.


My business is growing bigger and badder every day, and there is still untouched territories I plan to explore. Make no mistake about it; I will be cleaning house this year.

Speaking of goals, just before leaving for Seattle I sent out a new years humiliation assignment to all my followers on niteflirt, telling them to write down all their degrading resolutions for the new year. I was quite impressed with this response from slave Lee;

"Princess Ceara, Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for this assignment and thank you for the incredibly inspirational picture.

My degrading resolutions, for you, are as follows;

1. Suck cock – obvious i know but i commit to suck at least 50 in 2012. i will of course always swallow and i will try to get really old and fat guys. i will Tribute you $50 per cock.

2. Piss myself in public – go to a bar in town and piss myself whilst standing at the bar. Then travel home on public transport.

3. Be your period slave – i.e. i will Tribute you each month for you to send me your used tampons/panty liners etc. I will then sniff, lick and suck them, live, on cam. (Via NF so you get the proceeds).

4. Be your Cuckold – i.e. i will Tribute you to send me your mans used condoms. i will wipe the contents ALL over my face, kiss, lick and swallow the contents. (All on cam).

5. Ultimate Degradation –  a. i eat my own scat on cam for you.

b. i eat your scat live on cam. ($250 Tribute for you to send it plus $50 per mouthful)

c. i eat your mans scat live on cam.

d. i eat dog shit on cam for you.

Obviously, these cam sessions will require a significant Tribute beforehand and lots of promotion for the PPV.

e. any PPV participant may send me their scat – i eat all PPV scat on cam and Tribute you  $100 per load. 

6. i will perform ANY degredation task that you demand, live on cam.

Thank you for reviewing these.

slave lee"

See? Now that's the kind of ambition I can appreciate.

Next on my agenda? AEE expo in Vegas. I've gone every year for the past 6 years but this will no doubt be my most productive trip yet. For the first time ever, quite a few dommes will be attending, so many that I'm struggling to schedule them all in without breaking my brain. I'll be working at the kinkbomb booth at the expo on thursday and attending dinners and parties for most of my evenings. It's good, though, I can only take Vegas in small doses so I'd rather be busy than not.

That said, if you have a custom clip requests involving myself with Lyne, Rene, Mistress T, Sarah Blake, or Bratty Bunny; NOW is the time to send them in. Email full descriptions to: contact@cearalynch.com