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Heres your stupid update

My my what a busy Summer it's been; I graduated college, bought a house, ran a marathon, and extracted far more money than any of you dweebs deserve to have. Is there anything I can't do? I mean, really. My members site continues to l lure in more and more cum hungry subs every day while team tease grows bigger and badder with each new smokin hot brat that joins. I am truly, the definition of unstoppable. 

I hit the phone lines today. Always nice to reconnect with you dweebs via niteflirt. Especially in pants as tight as these:

(don't wanna miss the next time my phone lines are on? Follow me on twitter @cearalynch)

Yowza! Needless to say my phone was ringing off the hook. I milked a sissy, several foot boys, and squeezed out a nice sum from the infamous @cearajunky. Not bad for a lazy day's work. Meanwhile the clip sales keep rolling in. God damn I love $.

In other news, I've been cleaning out my closet lately, which means lots of perverted treasures are up for bid for you degenerate freaks to fight over. I just put up my socks and shoes, and already the bids are rolling in. Dont act like you don't want to throw yours in too:


That's all for now, bitches. Oh yeah, and JOIN MY SITE:

Adventures on niteflirt

Gotta love a 4-figure day. I had my working socks on and they paid off as usual. If you missed me on niteflirt, prepare yourself, this picture of me today draining wallets will undoubtedly make you cry:

I had a lovely chat with "Mike," a lowly foot slave who’s been following me for a while now. We had a fascinating conversation about the wonder that is me (gotta love getting paid by the minute to listen to someone ramble on about how amazing and perfect you are.) Apparently Mike bought a pair of my used flip flops 3 years back and to this day take them with him when he travels and sleeps with them at night. Man, what a winner. And newly wed too! Such a lucky bride. What woman doesn’t dream of one day marrying a man who’d rather lick the bottom of my shoes than fuck her rotting snatch?

Anyway, my sissy boy Sandra (aka Danny) also made an appearance today. A few months he would buy custom clips and send me pictures of himself getting reamed by his mistress in his frilly get-up, until the day he stopped contacting me in favor of serving another Domme "exclusively." (Let’s all take a pause for a minute to laugh hysterically at that notion.) No surprise to anyone, he came back with $300 in hand and an facebook log in to play with. The results are in:

What a shame I could only get as far as this before getting logged off. But hey, tomorrow is another day, right?

Pathetic Sissy: Next time you can fuck me over by changing my password on facebook first thing, so I can’t kick you out.

Spoken like a true slut for exposure. I can’t wait to fuck with this bitch again.

In other news, Thomas called; another sissy who’s infamous in my mind for never hanging up the fucking phone. He creams his panties 3-4 times and will stay on the phone FOREVER; wimpering to himself that he should "really go," but just can’t muster up the control to hang up the phone. We had a lengthy 45 minute phone conversation at $5/min, (which would have been longer if I hadn’t had prior commitments.) Immediately after our phone call he signed up for kinkbomb and threw down a cool $300 for my worn panties. Man I love milking that addict. A little upskirt shot and wiggle of the toes and he’s hooked like a trout.

Finally, I had a special drive by today that put a big fat smile on my face.

True words, my friend. Now go do that again.