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Is femdom cheating?

I had an auction on ebanned recently to sell my old pink converse shoes. The winner promptly paid $155 followed by this email:

Hello Ceara,

I’m going to do something strange. Even to you this is probably very strange. You don’t need to send the shoes to me. Yesterday I had a weak moment but I regret it now. I sent you the money because we had a deal so I did what I promised.

I want to explain myself. This femdom and foot fetish I have is (was) a small part of life which I only use in a fantasy way. 10-15 years ago I was exploring this fetish and I saw you. For me you are the ultimate Goddess (in a fantasy way of course). You are hot cool, dominant etc. I watched some movies in the past and stuff like that but nothing more, because its just a fantasy or I was just scared.

I want to quit with this thing. (I’m not serving anyone. Never did for real. I don’t visit femdom sites and twitter anymore) But yesterday I had weak moment looked at twitter (#femdom) and saw you had an auction. Even thought I want to stop and just be normal 100% of the time, I felt in love. Like I said you are the ultimate Goddess, so I had to register and made an offer. Because it was something from you. But afterwards (not even after jerking off) it felt wrong. I’m not single at the moment. I’m living just a normal life and in some strange way it feels like cheating if i jerk off to femdom stuff with your shoe to my nose. 

Sorry if this is strange. I sent you the money. But you can still sell them to someone else.


As strange as he might think this is, its not really. Auction winners often pay me to relist items for more profit and I’ve certainly had my share of guys experience feelings of regret for transgressing.

As far as fetishes go, sniffing shoes and jerking off to femdom clips seem pretty benign to me. Do people really see it as cheating? How is it any different than jerking off to normal porn? I suppose some weirdos consider that cheating as well. Then again I don’t even practice monogamy, so I have a bias there.

But hey, by all means, I encourage all my followers to fight what can’t be fought. Keep telling yourself you’re normal (whatever that means) like it matters. It only serves to increase my profits. Thank you very much.

2nd chance to win my converse here.



Heres your stupid update

My my what a busy Summer it's been; I graduated college, bought a house, ran a marathon, and extracted far more money than any of you dweebs deserve to have. Is there anything I can't do? I mean, really. My members site continues to l lure in more and more cum hungry subs every day while team tease grows bigger and badder with each new smokin hot brat that joins. I am truly, the definition of unstoppable. 

I hit the phone lines today. Always nice to reconnect with you dweebs via niteflirt. Especially in pants as tight as these:

(don't wanna miss the next time my phone lines are on? Follow me on twitter @cearalynch)

Yowza! Needless to say my phone was ringing off the hook. I milked a sissy, several foot boys, and squeezed out a nice sum from the infamous @cearajunky. Not bad for a lazy day's work. Meanwhile the clip sales keep rolling in. God damn I love $.

In other news, I've been cleaning out my closet lately, which means lots of perverted treasures are up for bid for you degenerate freaks to fight over. I just put up my socks and shoes, and already the bids are rolling in. Dont act like you don't want to throw yours in too:


That's all for now, bitches. Oh yeah, and JOIN MY SITE: