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All in a days work…

I returned from my trip to Australia a few days ago. Adjusting back to my “normal” life and trying to shake the post-travel blues. I decided the best way to do that would be to jump back into work and try to make up for the past several weeks of indulgence, so I spent a day taking calls and camming (skype username: ceara.lynch) Turned out to be a great 4-figure day.

I wrote down some notes about each call. Here’s what it looked like:

  1. Had breakfast this morning with Mistress T and her boyfriend, then they left for a hippie music festival. Great visiting with them. Her boyfriend is a tantric sex specialist and gives “yoni massages.” T said he made her squirt for the first time and I was very intrigued. She told me if I want him to try it on me that she’d be cool with that. Tempting… I turned my lines of after they left and got a call from blacksissy. His real name was Oscar and he wanted to talk about the fact(?) that his girlfriend, Nicky, cheated on him with a guy named Will while they were both away on vacation. He wanted me to help him “accept it” so I made say things like “Natalie fucked Walter,” “Walter has a bigger dick that me” and “I want to suck Walter’s dick.” He mostly talked in a normal, sad voice but every time I said something he really liked he’d say “oh my god” in a whispery breath. When he finally came he said, “You’re amazing” and hung up. Call lasted 15 minutes.
  1. Subpedro called me soon after. One of those obnoxious calls from a guy who says he “just wants to make me happy” and “giving me money is what’s most important,” yet I’ve never received a tribute from him ever. I told him if what he said were true, then he should just give me his money rather than taking up my time calling. He agreed (because he’s too submissive not to) but when I asked him why he doesn’t do that he just said, “I don’t know.” He then said something about buying my clips and I tried to explain to him the difference between buying things from me and giving me money because it makes me happy. He said “okay,” but did nothing to correct his actions or words.  I don’t know why this is such a big pet peeve of mine, I just wish guys would be honest when they want something in return for their money. I love my job, but I hate pretending its always some one sided relationship where their money is handed over to me for nothing, as though the time and effort I put into my videos and services is meaningless. Call lasted 6 minutes.



  1. Made a turkey sandwich with vegemite I brought over from OZ and logged onto skype. Haven’t been on in weeks. Tons of messages and add requests. Lots of customers asking about cam sessions but little follow through except for one guy who bought 5 minutes for $50. He didn’t want to talk because he was too shy. Just wanted me to show off my “dirty” feet, call him a loser and talk about eating my shit. He came in 4 min and 12 seconds.
  1. Jon paid $100 for 10 minutes of cam asking for, “Repeat after me humiliation, enslavement, paypig, manipulation and addiction.” He turned on his cam and I recognized him from a previous cam session. He must have changed his user name because our previous conversation on messenger did not appear. Im guessing he deleted it thinking he’d “never do this again.” I always find it a little awkward looking at a real person’s face when I do this and his was close up. I try to block it with the image of my cam and just focus on how I look. It’s so much harder to dehumanize someone when you see their facial expressions. This guy always looks so sad and uncomfortable and if I didn’t know any better I’d think he really didn’t like the treatment I give him. I would be terrible doing real time sessions for this reason. I tuned out his face and talked about how addicted he is to me and feigned unbreakable confidence. He came  in 6min 43 seconds.
  1. Some guy named Ron started bugging me on skype about a custom video even after I told him to email it to me. I got annoyed so he offered to pay me for wasting my time. Cool! He paid $100. He later expressed interest in watching me ignore him for 5 min on cam so I had him send $50 more. As I was ignoring him, sissychrissy called and wanted to talk about being a sissy, cuckold and his “curiosity” about blackmail. I told him I wanted to dress him up like a whore and sell his ass to the men with the biggest cocks who messaged me on craigslist, then take lots of photos and own him forever. Call lasted 13 minutes. Rana sent $100 for 10 more ignoring minutes. He sent wrote messages that said,

“I feel humiliated by being here among my friends, and secretly doing this.
Men are meant to be ignored, and destructed.
Would you destruct me, as far as you may wish.
At that day, I drunk my piss as instructed in the video.
I wish I can be your fandom puppet.”

He asked me if I had any instructions for him so I told him to send another $100. He did. He asked for further instructions so I told him to send another $100. He stopped talking after that.


  1. Dutchfoot boy contacted me for the first time since our session when I was in Australia. He wanted to get drunk and lick my sneakers again. He said he didn’t have much money but he managed to send $150. I sat on the couch with my feet propped up in my dirty runners while he waggled his tongue at the camera and took shots of gin. Easy money. I just sat back and played on my phone, pausing every once in a while to call him a loser or tell him to take another shot. He drank quite a bit in those 15 minutes. Asked if I had any converse shoes. I said I did and he paid another $100 to see them. Meanwhile a guy named Steve called my ignore line. Double pay! He listened in as dutchfootboy drank more gin, lapped and my converse  and stuck clothes pins all over his face. I took some pictures.
  1. Unfortunately my phone died in the middle of the ignore call. Lasted 7 min. Steve messaged me to ask if he could call back, I told him to call back in 5 min. He sent another email asking if he could buy pictures of my ass, so I sent him a ppv email with 5 old webcam shots of my ass and charged him $50. He bought them and thanked me.
  1. Bo paid $200 for 20 minutes of cam. He’s commissioned around 60 custom videos from me but this would be our first cam show. He wanted to tell me about his sexuality so I could give him my “honest opinion.” I’m never sure when guys ask me to be honest if they really want honesty or if they want me to say something mean in an honest sounding way. I decided to go with the former. He told me about his reoccurring fantasies involving cuckolding, black men, his sisters, etc. He talked about how the best sex he ever had was when he dressed up as a woman and got fucked by a man. He’s not really interested in fucking women, just being cuckolded by them, blah blah. I told him I didn’t have much of an opinion because I talk to guys like him all the time and I’m pretty used to it. I know it’s not normal relative to the general population, but it’s normal to me as a fetish girl. He seemed okay with my response. Then asked me more casual questions about my recent trip, how he used to write songs and his job as an investment banker.


  1. Dutchfoot boy scraped together $90 to send to me. He’s wasted at this point. Same ole routine. Lick my feet, stick clothes pins on his face, drink. He’s going to have a headache in the morning.
  1. Went into my bed to masturbate and take a nap. I feel like I’ve done nothing productive today, even though I’ve made over $1000. I still need to work out, but I feel jet lagged and out of sorts. Got a call from bballplaya23. He was the same guy who I was on the phone with in my HBO special where I was shopping at Macy’s at the same time. For some reason he’s a lot more boring of a person than I remember him when I was being recorded. Perhaps because I was better at talking to him while the cameras were on me. He said his wife was away and he had her panties and lingerie there to try on and jerk off in. He wasn’t into forced bi and it was like pulling teeth to get him to talk. He finally asked if he could cum and I told him he needed to beg me. He could only say, “please,” which, to me, is not begging, rather asking politely. I told him again to beg and he said he didn’t know how so I told him he couldn’t cum. I thought that would motivated him to try harder but he just stayed silent and eventually hung up. Call lasted 12 minutes.
  1. Woke up an hour later and turned my lines back on. Immediately received an ignore call from greatest112233. Said nothing to him, not even my usual, “Hello idiot, you know you called my ignore line, right?”  Call lasted 10 minutes.


  1. Hendrix aka my french loser called me. Normally he calls my ignore line for about an hour, which is great, but this time he wanted to talk. It’s insanely frustrating to talk to him because his english is terrible. He said he wanted to apologize for not wishing me a happy birthday. I told him he should send me $100 to make up for it. He agreed. Then he asked if I’d give him a task. I’m pretty burnt out at this point and I hate coming up with “tasks” unless they involve giving me money. So I told him to punch himself in the balls. He laughed. I guess that wasnt the task he was looking for. He kept pressing it. I told him I wasn’t his school teacher. Had to say it about 3x because because he couldn’t understand me. He asked if I’d humiliate him and I told him only if he completed his first two tasks. He said he’d call me back. Call lasted 10 min.
  1. He called back a few minutes later, he sent me the $100. So I started humiliating him, telling him he’s a loser and no woman would ever want to fuck him. My patience wore thin as I kept having to repeat myself and didn’t understand a word he was saying. He asked if he could go, I said “please do.” Call lasted 6 minutes.
  1. I should really take a break because just the phone ringing sets me off in a bad mood. Some might think that’s great for work but it’s just the opposite. Got a call from humburger, he told me he liked my homewrecking clips and last time we talked was when he was on vacation with his wife and I drained his balls so he was uninterested in sex with her anymore. It was hard to feign interest so I didn’t really try. I asked him why he called me and he said his “wifey” (ugh) was away and saw that I was on so he decided to call because I’m “like a rockstar” (ugh.) That didnt really answer my question so I asked him what he wanted to talk about. He hung up. No idea if my bad attitude put him off or if someone walked in the room. It was a relief either way. Call lasted 3 minutes. [Note: he left me a 1 star rating and said I was “lame” so there you go.]


Love + Radio

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by one of my favorite podcasts: Love + Radio. The host, Nick, is currently residing outside the states so we conducted the interview over Skype and it was recorded in my basement by a peer of his in the podcast circuit.


I’m very excited to be a part of this. Love + Radio is a story-based podcast that I have been listening to regularly for the past year. We recorded just under 3 hours of audio, which will be edited down to about 30 minutes and paired with music to tell my story about working in the fetish world.

Nick has asked me to record some of my niteflirt phone conversations to use in the final piece. If you would like to be a part of this, you can access my special listing for it here:


I have reduced my usual rate down to $1.99/min to entice more customers to call. I will ask for consent to record the conversation at the beginning. If you do not wish to be recorded, you will be asked to call one of my normal listings.

I will be recording phone calls through this line Fri-Sun Feb. 20th-22nd. This podcast will be available to the public on iTunes. So if a little public humiliation is your thing, this is a pretty fantastic opportunity for you. Let your freak flag fly.

You’re welcome.


Heres your stupid update

My my what a busy Summer it's been; I graduated college, bought a house, ran a marathon, and extracted far more money than any of you dweebs deserve to have. Is there anything I can't do? I mean, really. My members site continues to l lure in more and more cum hungry subs every day while team tease grows bigger and badder with each new smokin hot brat that joins. I am truly, the definition of unstoppable. 

I hit the phone lines today. Always nice to reconnect with you dweebs via niteflirt. Especially in pants as tight as these:

(don't wanna miss the next time my phone lines are on? Follow me on twitter @cearalynch)

Yowza! Needless to say my phone was ringing off the hook. I milked a sissy, several foot boys, and squeezed out a nice sum from the infamous @cearajunky. Not bad for a lazy day's work. Meanwhile the clip sales keep rolling in. God damn I love $.

In other news, I've been cleaning out my closet lately, which means lots of perverted treasures are up for bid for you degenerate freaks to fight over. I just put up my socks and shoes, and already the bids are rolling in. Dont act like you don't want to throw yours in too:


That's all for now, bitches. Oh yeah, and JOIN MY SITE:

My life rules

This is what you missed on cam yesterday:


Devastating, isn’t it? It’s been a rush milking you losers on niteflirt lately. Thomas of course called again. It was a much shorter call than usual for him – only 40 minutes (at $5/min.) Apparently I really squeezed him dry the day before and he only had so much in him. No matter, that loser is so addicted its not even funny.

I love it how the more active I am as a humiliatrix, the more drive-by tributes and absurd emails I receive. Here’s one of my favorites from yesterday, I think this was meant to say "dear penthouse" rather than "Dear Ceara."


Riiiight…. moving on, this crack head has been sending me random tributes accompanied by emails like this:

Hahaha I like this guy. Nothing like a complete downward spiral to get your cock off. DEEPER BITCH. DEEPER! I just might reply to your emails one of these days.

Here’s another happy driveby from yesterday. Gotta love that message;


Anyway. I posted a new panty auction on ebanned for my satin pink thong. You know you want to get your grubby little hands on it, so what are you waiting for?


Adventures on niteflirt

Gotta love a 4-figure day. I had my working socks on and they paid off as usual. If you missed me on niteflirt, prepare yourself, this picture of me today draining wallets will undoubtedly make you cry:

I had a lovely chat with "Mike," a lowly foot slave who’s been following me for a while now. We had a fascinating conversation about the wonder that is me (gotta love getting paid by the minute to listen to someone ramble on about how amazing and perfect you are.) Apparently Mike bought a pair of my used flip flops 3 years back and to this day take them with him when he travels and sleeps with them at night. Man, what a winner. And newly wed too! Such a lucky bride. What woman doesn’t dream of one day marrying a man who’d rather lick the bottom of my shoes than fuck her rotting snatch?

Anyway, my sissy boy Sandra (aka Danny) also made an appearance today. A few months he would buy custom clips and send me pictures of himself getting reamed by his mistress in his frilly get-up, until the day he stopped contacting me in favor of serving another Domme "exclusively." (Let’s all take a pause for a minute to laugh hysterically at that notion.) No surprise to anyone, he came back with $300 in hand and an facebook log in to play with. The results are in:

What a shame I could only get as far as this before getting logged off. But hey, tomorrow is another day, right?

Pathetic Sissy: Next time you can fuck me over by changing my password on facebook first thing, so I can’t kick you out.

Spoken like a true slut for exposure. I can’t wait to fuck with this bitch again.

In other news, Thomas called; another sissy who’s infamous in my mind for never hanging up the fucking phone. He creams his panties 3-4 times and will stay on the phone FOREVER; wimpering to himself that he should "really go," but just can’t muster up the control to hang up the phone. We had a lengthy 45 minute phone conversation at $5/min, (which would have been longer if I hadn’t had prior commitments.) Immediately after our phone call he signed up for kinkbomb and threw down a cool $300 for my worn panties. Man I love milking that addict. A little upskirt shot and wiggle of the toes and he’s hooked like a trout.

Finally, I had a special drive by today that put a big fat smile on my face.

True words, my friend. Now go do that again.

Mail time

I had a niteflirt call recently from a guy who nearly pissed himself the moment I said "hello." He fumbled over every word and was at a bewildered loss when I asked him why he was calling me. He kept apologizing for nothing and saying he should "probably hang up." I told him to go ahead (like I care) but like so many of you love-struck air heads he couldn’t seem to do it, and begged me over and over again to end the call. Which of course I wouldnt. I mean, why not make $3/min listening to a guy hyperventilate? Somehow or another the call ended and I got this follow up email paired with a $50 tribute. "Please retire" has got to be the best request I’ve ever received. 

"Princess Ceara,


ok…i’m ok.



fuck, i’m still too scared….

It was just a moment of weakness…after so many years holding out.

That really wasn’t a good call, not that you would give a fuck, but, i’m sorry. i completely froze up.

Jesus Christ, i’m still fumbling around…pure loser sludgeville. In a world full of lame ass losers, and i cannot even complete a 5 minute phone call


You asked why i called? "i don’t know" *cringe*


So many times lurking and jerking, so many times pictures of you up on the desktop, and fleshpuppet prancing in glee…and terror. It was just a moment of weakness, i told myself if you were on…i would have to call…and there you were. Running to the vasaline, and teasing myself to the edge, over the new pictures of your feet encased in pantyhose, not fair! and then…*horror*…i would have to call. Your phone busy, whew!, escaped yet again…getting dressed for dinner, running out of time…i will try once more…and…you were on, and free. i had to call…had to give in, years of fear built up…it was about to happen…

you answered, my heart racing, and…

and i froze…terrified. how fucking sad. i suck.

i couldn’t even hang up…i hope you did. otherwise the call dropped, and that would doubly suck, if you thought i hung up. i couldnt *tears*.

you need to retire.

Sorry to waste your time Princess Ceara.

-just another lame lurker jerker half assed revenue stream.

Now, if i could just remove this wonderful picture off my desktop without creaming myself…."


In other news, my booty’s biggest fan has been sending me some priceless advice about growing up and staying in business. I can’t believe its taken this long for someone to tell me that none of you guys are actually into this humiliation shit. Apparently I should really be focusing my energies on gaping my (very) naked tight bunghole and stuffing it with big black dick. Also, apparently my videos are numbered? Who knew…

"Ceara..yes you do have a GREAT BIG ASS sexy booty…an u need to show it more ..on your vids you spend too much time talking… an not enough time showing your pervect ass.. an u should make sure yr ass is VERY naked… that means NO PANTIES!!! understand…also show us your asshole..just bend over an spread yr cheeks..dont be scared to show it all..we deserve it.. stop with all the teasing. damn it.fuck…it’s gettin old. show it NOW!!!…

ps. id love my BIG Black dick deeep inside u….mmmmmm



"NO!!..why u say no..damn it Ceara..u should know that most guys who watch yr vids wanna see yr Phat sexy ass..now you are cute too..but the main thing is yr plumb booty..nobody cars about that crazy shit you say in yr vids ,it’s the ass baby..must be part Black too have a booty like that.mmm yummy..i want your ass naked an as close to the screen as u can get..fuck yr ass is soo HOT!!….so do it an stop bullshitin.

mm fuckin yr ass..heaven
luv ya, Big Dick Johnny
ps.remember EVERYBODY wants to see you nude, naked ASS!!!


"Damn it..grow up..shit , fuck..u gotta do new stuff..that stupid teenage stuff u say is old news..no body does that dumb shit anyway.. an u aint fucken in control.."everybody just wants to fuck you!!now i love u..but get real..it’s all about the ass..who writes that shit for u..?? its stupid..i bet u aint getting fucked right..u need yr pussy, ass n mouth fucked hard n deeep by my BIG BLACK HARD dick..n im gonna cum in yr ass ..u should be my bitch..u talk that shit. but u cant take it…stop bein a teasin little bitch.."GROW UP""..an also wats with the feet??? no body gives a shit about yr fucken feet..damn ,u cant fuck feet..so stupid..i dont get it..get rid of all that weird shit..it’s fucking lame…..FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!"


"Ceara bitch…fuckKK!!…there u go with that NO shit again..look ,dont be stupid..im trying to help you.i want u to stay in business.so i can keep lookin at yr pervect fuckin ass..your video #16 was terrible an dumb..wat the hell were u doin in that box?? wat the fuck was that ?? so stupid an silly.like i said..nobody give a shit about that weird shit? all guys just wanna see yr naked round ass..WE JUST WANNA LICK N FUCK YOUUUU!!DAMN IT..that stupid talk dont get no sonofabitch hard..FUCK!! pls improve..u cant be that fuckin stupid..Damn..u need my BIG 10" Black throbing cock shoved deeeep in yr asshole then take it out n make u suck it, dn yr throat..i wanna choke u with my HUGE fuckin dick..just fuck yr mouth..n u better suck my balls BITCH!!..remember no more lame sorry ass vids..at least get some pants with the ass OUT..n stop warein those fuckin grandmother panties..remember ITS ALL ABOUT THE ASS!!!!!…wake up bitch..

ps.also dont put that stupid lookin dude in yr vids,nobody wants to see his ugly face.



"damn it Ceara..FUCKKK!!..i wanna strip u naked right in yr fuckin class room..n let everybody see u get fucked by my HUGE stiff Black cock..throw u on all 4s n spread yr naked ass cheeks n kiss n lick all over yr asshole squezzing yr ass cheeks n tongue fuckin yr asshole,lickin n fingerin yr wet pussy..mmmmmm..your vids have gotten better. the 1st ones where u sit in the chair n say stupid shit were so boring. now u just need to be NAKED!!!the only thing that saves you is your BIG ASS!! n cute fuckin face…im on my way to the Gym…u need a BIG sweaty Black Man (me)pumpin u hard makin u scream 4 more..U need to suck n SUCKKKK MY BIG FUCKIN DICK!!..u know yd love it…..DAMN IT!! MORE BIG JUICY ASS!!! N UP CLOSE!!"


"OMG!!! that vid #18 was terrible…so fuckin boringgggggg!!!damn it i said..NO body likes that stupid shit…FUCKKK!!!..say i love yr ass..fuck # 10 was the the best one..ID LOVE TO GRAB YR FUCKIN ASS CHEEKS N FUCK U SOO FUCKIN HARDDDDDD…MY BLACK HARD DICK SURROUNDED BY YR ASSHOLE…AHHHHHH…shit next time bitch…TAKE THOSE FUCKIN PANTIES OFFFFF!!!.I NEED U NAKED…..GROW UP N STOP BEING STUPID!!!!!"