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Miss Jasmine

Sexy times with Miss Jasmine (http://www.eurasionpersuasion.com.) We went out last night to Portland's most famous and trashiest strip club for some drinks and c-sections sporting strippers. Gotta love tuesday night at the titty bar! All the guys there were far more enthralled by us sultry vixens bundled in our heavy winter clothing than any of the numerous bare pussies dancing in their face. Who can blame them? Stripper johns are just financial slaves in training.

This afternoon I went by her hotel to shoot some clips, including yet another lip locking lezzie clip paid for by some sad man who was charged over 6x the normal rate for custom clips. CHA-CHING. Any other dommes out there wanna go gay for pay with me? I have minimal cold sores this time of year.

In other news, the "winner" of my fishnet bodysuit auction was so pathetic and unworthy he actually paid to have it relisted. Yes, you heard right my putrid pets, his inadequacy is your gain. Time for round two:


That said, here's a fantastic request that found its way to my inbox this morning. Why can't the rest of you half-wits be this creative?

"Princess Ceara,

Please price me the following fine dining meal request: Princess Pissghetti; A dish to rival any made by the finest chefs.

Spaghetti boiled in princess lemonade tossed in a sinus sauce and topped with grated foot dust and freshly dropped princess plug. Served with Ceara bread. Such a delicious meal should make you the next food network star.

Recipe: In a black dress disperse princess lemonade on camera into a pot under your dress then bring contents to a boil. Add spaghetti and stir until all liquid is absorbed. Perform sinus cleansing and disperse waste into the pot with pissghetti then stir. Add fresh foot dust removed with pet egg on camera. Sell how delicious my special meal will be and how much more valuable it is then any meal made by top chefs. As a final touch again place pot under dress and remove princess plug dropping it in with any extra bonus princess juices into the pissghetti. Dump entire meal into a gallon sealed bag. For Ceara bread, on camera chew the bread until liquified then let it drop on top of pissghetti, add dirty crusty princess cotton panty napkin, seal and ship with DVD to hotel address to be sent later.

Discretion will be appreciated


This is how you write a fan letter


I spent a lot of time on your site last night….I select the "show 100 clips per page option" always, so your clips ended up on five pages, at 100 per page. I scrolled through all of them. and read about 60% of the descriptions. Then I bought two. Going back for more in a short while, but first wanted to write you to say thank you for a studio – in every one of its production values and content standards – that is exactly – precisely – what I’ve sought for years w/whores, escorts, lady boys, boys, porn, peep places, strange women alone on street at night, and tens of thousands of dollars – high tens easily – on phone sex. When I find a phone girl I like, and one who can keep up with me, I remain with her.

Now I’ve found you.

Let me know if this is where I request a custom video to be made for me, by you.

thank you.

My life rules

This is what you missed on cam yesterday:


Devastating, isn’t it? It’s been a rush milking you losers on niteflirt lately. Thomas of course called again. It was a much shorter call than usual for him – only 40 minutes (at $5/min.) Apparently I really squeezed him dry the day before and he only had so much in him. No matter, that loser is so addicted its not even funny.

I love it how the more active I am as a humiliatrix, the more drive-by tributes and absurd emails I receive. Here’s one of my favorites from yesterday, I think this was meant to say "dear penthouse" rather than "Dear Ceara."


Riiiight…. moving on, this crack head has been sending me random tributes accompanied by emails like this:

Hahaha I like this guy. Nothing like a complete downward spiral to get your cock off. DEEPER BITCH. DEEPER! I just might reply to your emails one of these days.

Here’s another happy driveby from yesterday. Gotta love that message;


Anyway. I posted a new panty auction on ebanned for my satin pink thong. You know you want to get your grubby little hands on it, so what are you waiting for?


Mail time

I had a niteflirt call recently from a guy who nearly pissed himself the moment I said "hello." He fumbled over every word and was at a bewildered loss when I asked him why he was calling me. He kept apologizing for nothing and saying he should "probably hang up." I told him to go ahead (like I care) but like so many of you love-struck air heads he couldn’t seem to do it, and begged me over and over again to end the call. Which of course I wouldnt. I mean, why not make $3/min listening to a guy hyperventilate? Somehow or another the call ended and I got this follow up email paired with a $50 tribute. "Please retire" has got to be the best request I’ve ever received. 

"Princess Ceara,


ok…i’m ok.



fuck, i’m still too scared….

It was just a moment of weakness…after so many years holding out.

That really wasn’t a good call, not that you would give a fuck, but, i’m sorry. i completely froze up.

Jesus Christ, i’m still fumbling around…pure loser sludgeville. In a world full of lame ass losers, and i cannot even complete a 5 minute phone call


You asked why i called? "i don’t know" *cringe*


So many times lurking and jerking, so many times pictures of you up on the desktop, and fleshpuppet prancing in glee…and terror. It was just a moment of weakness, i told myself if you were on…i would have to call…and there you were. Running to the vasaline, and teasing myself to the edge, over the new pictures of your feet encased in pantyhose, not fair! and then…*horror*…i would have to call. Your phone busy, whew!, escaped yet again…getting dressed for dinner, running out of time…i will try once more…and…you were on, and free. i had to call…had to give in, years of fear built up…it was about to happen…

you answered, my heart racing, and…

and i froze…terrified. how fucking sad. i suck.

i couldn’t even hang up…i hope you did. otherwise the call dropped, and that would doubly suck, if you thought i hung up. i couldnt *tears*.

you need to retire.

Sorry to waste your time Princess Ceara.

-just another lame lurker jerker half assed revenue stream.

Now, if i could just remove this wonderful picture off my desktop without creaming myself…."


In other news, my booty’s biggest fan has been sending me some priceless advice about growing up and staying in business. I can’t believe its taken this long for someone to tell me that none of you guys are actually into this humiliation shit. Apparently I should really be focusing my energies on gaping my (very) naked tight bunghole and stuffing it with big black dick. Also, apparently my videos are numbered? Who knew…

"Ceara..yes you do have a GREAT BIG ASS sexy booty…an u need to show it more ..on your vids you spend too much time talking… an not enough time showing your pervect ass.. an u should make sure yr ass is VERY naked… that means NO PANTIES!!! understand…also show us your asshole..just bend over an spread yr cheeks..dont be scared to show it all..we deserve it.. stop with all the teasing. damn it.fuck…it’s gettin old. show it NOW!!!…

ps. id love my BIG Black dick deeep inside u….mmmmmm



"NO!!..why u say no..damn it Ceara..u should know that most guys who watch yr vids wanna see yr Phat sexy ass..now you are cute too..but the main thing is yr plumb booty..nobody cars about that crazy shit you say in yr vids ,it’s the ass baby..must be part Black too have a booty like that.mmm yummy..i want your ass naked an as close to the screen as u can get..fuck yr ass is soo HOT!!….so do it an stop bullshitin.

mm fuckin yr ass..heaven
luv ya, Big Dick Johnny
ps.remember EVERYBODY wants to see you nude, naked ASS!!!


"Damn it..grow up..shit , fuck..u gotta do new stuff..that stupid teenage stuff u say is old news..no body does that dumb shit anyway.. an u aint fucken in control.."everybody just wants to fuck you!!now i love u..but get real..it’s all about the ass..who writes that shit for u..?? its stupid..i bet u aint getting fucked right..u need yr pussy, ass n mouth fucked hard n deeep by my BIG BLACK HARD dick..n im gonna cum in yr ass ..u should be my bitch..u talk that shit. but u cant take it…stop bein a teasin little bitch.."GROW UP""..an also wats with the feet??? no body gives a shit about yr fucken feet..damn ,u cant fuck feet..so stupid..i dont get it..get rid of all that weird shit..it’s fucking lame…..FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!"


"Ceara bitch…fuckKK!!…there u go with that NO shit again..look ,dont be stupid..im trying to help you.i want u to stay in business.so i can keep lookin at yr pervect fuckin ass..your video #16 was terrible an dumb..wat the hell were u doin in that box?? wat the fuck was that ?? so stupid an silly.like i said..nobody give a shit about that weird shit? all guys just wanna see yr naked round ass..WE JUST WANNA LICK N FUCK YOUUUU!!DAMN IT..that stupid talk dont get no sonofabitch hard..FUCK!! pls improve..u cant be that fuckin stupid..Damn..u need my BIG 10" Black throbing cock shoved deeeep in yr asshole then take it out n make u suck it, dn yr throat..i wanna choke u with my HUGE fuckin dick..just fuck yr mouth..n u better suck my balls BITCH!!..remember no more lame sorry ass vids..at least get some pants with the ass OUT..n stop warein those fuckin grandmother panties..remember ITS ALL ABOUT THE ASS!!!!!…wake up bitch..

ps.also dont put that stupid lookin dude in yr vids,nobody wants to see his ugly face.



"damn it Ceara..FUCKKK!!..i wanna strip u naked right in yr fuckin class room..n let everybody see u get fucked by my HUGE stiff Black cock..throw u on all 4s n spread yr naked ass cheeks n kiss n lick all over yr asshole squezzing yr ass cheeks n tongue fuckin yr asshole,lickin n fingerin yr wet pussy..mmmmmm..your vids have gotten better. the 1st ones where u sit in the chair n say stupid shit were so boring. now u just need to be NAKED!!!the only thing that saves you is your BIG ASS!! n cute fuckin face…im on my way to the Gym…u need a BIG sweaty Black Man (me)pumpin u hard makin u scream 4 more..U need to suck n SUCKKKK MY BIG FUCKIN DICK!!..u know yd love it…..DAMN IT!! MORE BIG JUICY ASS!!! N UP CLOSE!!"


"OMG!!! that vid #18 was terrible…so fuckin boringgggggg!!!damn it i said..NO body likes that stupid shit…FUCKKK!!!..say i love yr ass..fuck # 10 was the the best one..ID LOVE TO GRAB YR FUCKIN ASS CHEEKS N FUCK U SOO FUCKIN HARDDDDDD…MY BLACK HARD DICK SURROUNDED BY YR ASSHOLE…AHHHHHH…shit next time bitch…TAKE THOSE FUCKIN PANTIES OFFFFF!!!.I NEED U NAKED…..GROW UP N STOP BEING STUPID!!!!!"