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Miss Jasmine

Sexy times with Miss Jasmine (http://www.eurasionpersuasion.com.) We went out last night to Portland's most famous and trashiest strip club for some drinks and c-sections sporting strippers. Gotta love tuesday night at the titty bar! All the guys there were far more enthralled by us sultry vixens bundled in our heavy winter clothing than any of the numerous bare pussies dancing in their face. Who can blame them? Stripper johns are just financial slaves in training.

This afternoon I went by her hotel to shoot some clips, including yet another lip locking lezzie clip paid for by some sad man who was charged over 6x the normal rate for custom clips. CHA-CHING. Any other dommes out there wanna go gay for pay with me? I have minimal cold sores this time of year.

In other news, the "winner" of my fishnet bodysuit auction was so pathetic and unworthy he actually paid to have it relisted. Yes, you heard right my putrid pets, his inadequacy is your gain. Time for round two:


That said, here's a fantastic request that found its way to my inbox this morning. Why can't the rest of you half-wits be this creative?

"Princess Ceara,

Please price me the following fine dining meal request: Princess Pissghetti; A dish to rival any made by the finest chefs.

Spaghetti boiled in princess lemonade tossed in a sinus sauce and topped with grated foot dust and freshly dropped princess plug. Served with Ceara bread. Such a delicious meal should make you the next food network star.

Recipe: In a black dress disperse princess lemonade on camera into a pot under your dress then bring contents to a boil. Add spaghetti and stir until all liquid is absorbed. Perform sinus cleansing and disperse waste into the pot with pissghetti then stir. Add fresh foot dust removed with pet egg on camera. Sell how delicious my special meal will be and how much more valuable it is then any meal made by top chefs. As a final touch again place pot under dress and remove princess plug dropping it in with any extra bonus princess juices into the pissghetti. Dump entire meal into a gallon sealed bag. For Ceara bread, on camera chew the bread until liquified then let it drop on top of pissghetti, add dirty crusty princess cotton panty napkin, seal and ship with DVD to hotel address to be sent later.

Discretion will be appreciated