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Is femdom cheating?

I had an auction on ebanned recently to sell my old pink converse shoes. The winner promptly paid $155 followed by this email:

Hello Ceara,

I’m going to do something strange. Even to you this is probably very strange. You don’t need to send the shoes to me. Yesterday I had a weak moment but I regret it now. I sent you the money because we had a deal so I did what I promised.

I want to explain myself. This femdom and foot fetish I have is (was) a small part of life which I only use in a fantasy way. 10-15 years ago I was exploring this fetish and I saw you. For me you are the ultimate Goddess (in a fantasy way of course). You are hot cool, dominant etc. I watched some movies in the past and stuff like that but nothing more, because its just a fantasy or I was just scared.

I want to quit with this thing. (I’m not serving anyone. Never did for real. I don’t visit femdom sites and twitter anymore) But yesterday I had weak moment looked at twitter (#femdom) and saw you had an auction. Even thought I want to stop and just be normal 100% of the time, I felt in love. Like I said you are the ultimate Goddess, so I had to register and made an offer. Because it was something from you. But afterwards (not even after jerking off) it felt wrong. I’m not single at the moment. I’m living just a normal life and in some strange way it feels like cheating if i jerk off to femdom stuff with your shoe to my nose. 

Sorry if this is strange. I sent you the money. But you can still sell them to someone else.


As strange as he might think this is, its not really. Auction winners often pay me to relist items for more profit and I’ve certainly had my share of guys experience feelings of regret for transgressing.

As far as fetishes go, sniffing shoes and jerking off to femdom clips seem pretty benign to me. Do people really see it as cheating? How is it any different than jerking off to normal porn? I suppose some weirdos consider that cheating as well. Then again I don’t even practice monogamy, so I have a bias there.

But hey, by all means, I encourage all my followers to fight what can’t be fought. Keep telling yourself you’re normal (whatever that means) like it matters. It only serves to increase my profits. Thank you very much.

2nd chance to win my converse here.



Delayed rate

I swear some of you guys come up with the best spending games. Like my latest catch; a foot fetishist with a hard on for a little financial fuckery. He first contacted me a few days ago. He was a fan of my blog. In fact, one of the few subs to compliment my entry about service vs consumption without soon afterward demonstrating he learned nothing from it (ahem.) He purchased some overpriced webcam pictures of my feet at first, then today I let him see them live on cam. That's he proposed it; the greatest game since raise-the-rate; he buys cam, then afterward I tell him the rate he just paid. Maybe his $50 will give him 5 minutes, or maybe 2 and a half. Either way, I'm getting paid the same.

Is it any wonder Im such a spoiled, impatient, money grubbing whore when guys like exists?

Adventures on niteflirt

Gotta love a 4-figure day. I had my working socks on and they paid off as usual. If you missed me on niteflirt, prepare yourself, this picture of me today draining wallets will undoubtedly make you cry:

I had a lovely chat with "Mike," a lowly foot slave who’s been following me for a while now. We had a fascinating conversation about the wonder that is me (gotta love getting paid by the minute to listen to someone ramble on about how amazing and perfect you are.) Apparently Mike bought a pair of my used flip flops 3 years back and to this day take them with him when he travels and sleeps with them at night. Man, what a winner. And newly wed too! Such a lucky bride. What woman doesn’t dream of one day marrying a man who’d rather lick the bottom of my shoes than fuck her rotting snatch?

Anyway, my sissy boy Sandra (aka Danny) also made an appearance today. A few months he would buy custom clips and send me pictures of himself getting reamed by his mistress in his frilly get-up, until the day he stopped contacting me in favor of serving another Domme "exclusively." (Let’s all take a pause for a minute to laugh hysterically at that notion.) No surprise to anyone, he came back with $300 in hand and an facebook log in to play with. The results are in:

What a shame I could only get as far as this before getting logged off. But hey, tomorrow is another day, right?

Pathetic Sissy: Next time you can fuck me over by changing my password on facebook first thing, so I can’t kick you out.

Spoken like a true slut for exposure. I can’t wait to fuck with this bitch again.

In other news, Thomas called; another sissy who’s infamous in my mind for never hanging up the fucking phone. He creams his panties 3-4 times and will stay on the phone FOREVER; wimpering to himself that he should "really go," but just can’t muster up the control to hang up the phone. We had a lengthy 45 minute phone conversation at $5/min, (which would have been longer if I hadn’t had prior commitments.) Immediately after our phone call he signed up for kinkbomb and threw down a cool $300 for my worn panties. Man I love milking that addict. A little upskirt shot and wiggle of the toes and he’s hooked like a trout.

Finally, I had a special drive by today that put a big fat smile on my face.

True words, my friend. Now go do that again.


 Summer has just been rushing by lately and I feel like I’ve been juggling about 20 different projects once; the new team tease website, revamping my website, scheduling models for fetishcon, filming clips, editing clips, posting auctions, house hunting, marathon training, kicking ass, taking names, etc.

Thank god school is out and I can focus on those things that matter most to me; exploiting dumb men for profit. Who knew I had some time to fill out this dumb blog? 

Speaking of auctions, I posted a new one a couple days ago selling my worn pantyhose (as seen in my clip "Nude pantyhose.") It seems I have some regular bottom dwelling perverts obsessed with winning my goods lately. My last 4-5 auctions have been won by the same two people; Amir and H.S.. I hope one of them winds up on the news some day when a woman reports her neighbor to the police for sneaking into her house and digging through her underwear drawer; they’d raid his house and find an repugnant stash of Lynch-wear followed by pungent odor that smells of death. 

But hey, why should they have all the fun? I know you have money to burn; BID HERE.

And since so many of you keep asking; no, I will NOT be at the Portland foot night this month. Personally I’d rather vomit out my ears than have anonymous internet weirdos slobbering at my feet. But hey, my girl Monique (who is generally less disgusted by you guys than I am) will be there with her 10 little piggies to gutter-fuck your wallet to the ground, along with latin-sensation Jasmin from team tease, and Im sure an abundance of tatted-up Portland locals. That said, here’s a little taste at what you wish was there: