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 Summer has just been rushing by lately and I feel like I’ve been juggling about 20 different projects once; the new team tease website, revamping my website, scheduling models for fetishcon, filming clips, editing clips, posting auctions, house hunting, marathon training, kicking ass, taking names, etc.

Thank god school is out and I can focus on those things that matter most to me; exploiting dumb men for profit. Who knew I had some time to fill out this dumb blog? 

Speaking of auctions, I posted a new one a couple days ago selling my worn pantyhose (as seen in my clip "Nude pantyhose.") It seems I have some regular bottom dwelling perverts obsessed with winning my goods lately. My last 4-5 auctions have been won by the same two people; Amir and H.S.. I hope one of them winds up on the news some day when a woman reports her neighbor to the police for sneaking into her house and digging through her underwear drawer; they’d raid his house and find an repugnant stash of Lynch-wear followed by pungent odor that smells of death. 

But hey, why should they have all the fun? I know you have money to burn; BID HERE.

And since so many of you keep asking; no, I will NOT be at the Portland foot night this month. Personally I’d rather vomit out my ears than have anonymous internet weirdos slobbering at my feet. But hey, my girl Monique (who is generally less disgusted by you guys than I am) will be there with her 10 little piggies to gutter-fuck your wallet to the ground, along with latin-sensation Jasmin from team tease, and Im sure an abundance of tatted-up Portland locals. That said, here’s a little taste at what you wish was there: