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Pussy 101

Every so often, depending on the time of the month and usually after I go for a run, I frost the inside of my panties. It’s a grotesquely fascinating and erotic sight I’ve witnessed since my early teens.


If you could be a fly in the wall of my bathroom it wouldn’t be an unusual to see me sitting on the toilet, panties wrapped around my knees, scrapping a thick layer of cream from underwear to study and play with it between my fingertips.

For whatever reason, as a teenager, I had an somewhat unusually healthy outlook on my pussy. While other girls buried themselves in self consciousness and private concerns of normality, I got great joy out of “educating” (e.g. needlessly shocking) boys I would never sleep with about what my pussy does.


There was a time I was sitting with a group of friends (boys and girls) at restaurant when I was about 15. I slipped my panties off from under the table and showed them the inside crotch to show them that girls get ‘wet’ even when they’re not aroused.

Another time during my junior year of high school I came out of the bathroom with thick fluid on my fingers so I could quiz my male friends on what it was. I then licked it off just as the look of horror and confused arousal reached their face when I told them. If they articulated any kind of disgust, I’d call them a fag.


Is it any surprise I started selling my panties online at 18? What better way to monetize my bodily functions? What better audience than panty sniffing perverts to validate the sick, eccentric thrill I got out of showing it off to men I’d never be intimate with? It’s truly the job I was meant for.


Those of you who follow me on twitter (@cearalynch) probably know I’m prone to posting images like these. The responses tend to fall on two ends of the spectrum; extreme arousal or extreme disgust. I totally understand and expect both. These responses go hand in hand with everything relating to sex and bodily fluids; some guys are going to find it insanely hot while other guys like a penis in their mouth.


Almost just as often, however, are guys who are completely confused. They have no idea what it is; confusing it for semen, suggesting I have an infection, or accusing me faking it with spit or lotion. For those men here’s a crash course on how the pussy works:

The vagina a self cleaning orifice. Discharge is a healthy sign that it’s doing job to clean and protect itself. Depending on the time of the month it will look thick and white (usually before menstruation), clear and stretchy (during ovulation), brownish/red (during menstruation) or clear and watery (anytime.)   Discharge can increase due to heavy exercise (true in my case), birth control, stress, or sexual arousal. Only if it is green, yellow, chunky and/or accompanied with an unusual odor, burning or itching should their be any concern for infection.

[For more information: http://www.healthline.com/symptom/vaginal-discharge]

I can see why a lot of men might get confused; if you don’t have a pussy or much experience with them, why wouldn’t you be? You don’t often see this in porn for the same reason you don’t see poop during anal; it all gets carefully cleaned out in advance. Certainly it does sometimes resemble hand lotion or saliva, but why would I use that if I have a well functioning vagina? Accusations like this do nothing more than showcase the accusers complete ignorance towards how pussy works.


Granted, my panties don’t always look like this, which is why I take pictures when they do. It actually varies quite a bit and is difficult to predict. As a result, the panties I auction on ebanned don’t always get this “filled” within the standard 48 hour wear. If you’re interested super wet, creamy panties frome me, your best course of action is to follow me twitter (@cearalynch) and email me (contact@cearalynch.com) as soon as you see me post a picture, be ready to pay $150-$200 for them right away and usually I can ship them to you same day.

Good luck!

$1700 panties

I was recently approached by a rather mousy grad student who's been worshiping me from afar for quite sometime. He's generally pretty good at keeping his distance, but the few times he has contacted me he spends beyond his means and is often rattled with guilt for "using me." Cute huh?

He has a weakness sexy arms; which coincides quite nicely because I just so happen to have two of them. Not only that, he loves to see beautiful and expensive jewelry, like that Marc Jacobs watch featured above, draped around them. He's expressed interest in serving me, but so far he's missed his first weekly tribute, and tried to delete his blog until I obtained the password and changed it (http://peccamus12.livejournal.com/.) That's fine, the little bitch can't run too far so long as I'm haunting his every thought.

Speaking of failures; this is the one and only legitimate submission to the contest I announced over a week ago. Can't say that Im too surprised. Rare is the sub who does something for a superior women that doesn't coincide to his own erotic interests. Sure, they claim they want to "amuse" me, but what they really want is a domme who's easily amused, or at least someone who fakes it well (Oh gee, the 10 billionth picture of a wrinkly old dick I've seen so far in my lifetime? BA HA HA HA HA, WHAT HILARITY.) Require any kind of effort or creativity and most subs fall shorter than their cocks. C'est la vie.

Not that I'm can't complaining. If all I get out of it is this one quality submission, a comment from pfffphffft, and all the money I've earned from the dozens of losers who paid to simply read the assignment, I'm more than satisfied. Congratulations, Bobbie! Email me about your free custom clip.


Speaking of satisfaction, I caught a big cock sucking fish recently who has no qualms spending money in the quadruple digits just to see me on cam. He's your typical bottom feeding degenerate; wears thongs, drinks urine, & dreams every night about giving up his warm wet tunnels for my profit. He recently took interest in buying panties, specifically my piss soaked, sperm topped, panties. Naturally I quoted him the exuberant price of $1400, which he eventually paid in full after some hemming and hawing and bullshitting. Since I don't take kindly to that, no matter how much money you have, he ended up paying that price just to have them relisted, only to then drop to his knees and beg me to send them for an additional $300. What do you think, guys? $1700 for one pair of panties? Hmmm… Either way, YOU my dear reader, are welcome to place your bids on an identical pair currently being auctioned on ebanned for a fraction of the price. HA! Bid here.

buy my panties

 Miss me? I’m still around, dipshits, you just have to know where to find me. I’ve been showing ebanned lots of love lately, you panty perverts have been having a field day. Im currently auctioning this teeny tiny satin thong:

Never under estimate the power of a Lynch auction. My last panty sold for nearly $400 – and that was with only a little twitter promotion. Not even WR took notice and that little bitch is up my ass 24/7 to promote whatever I might devour, digest and shit back out to the world.

Thats right, fuckwads, bid and bid high if you want to win this one. Or for your sissy lady-wannabe’s, here’s a little sneak peak at what I have coming up for bid. If you want to be the first to snatch this pink thong up before it gets auctioned, contact me with $250 in hand.