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Delayed rate

I swear some of you guys come up with the best spending games. Like my latest catch; a foot fetishist with a hard on for a little financial fuckery. He first contacted me a few days ago. He was a fan of my blog. In fact, one of the few subs to compliment my entry about service vs consumption without soon afterward demonstrating he learned nothing from it (ahem.) He purchased some overpriced webcam pictures of my feet at first, then today I let him see them live on cam. That's he proposed it; the greatest game since raise-the-rate; he buys cam, then afterward I tell him the rate he just paid. Maybe his $50 will give him 5 minutes, or maybe 2 and a half. Either way, I'm getting paid the same.

Is it any wonder Im such a spoiled, impatient, money grubbing whore when guys like exists?