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Look who stopped by

I was fortunate enough yesterday to spend some time with my favorite Canuck, Mistress T (http://www.mistresst.net.) Here she is looking like a million bucks in her everyday clothes:

We had a great time catching up, filming, and showing her around the city. This woman rocks! That means a lot coming from me, I hate pretty much everyone.

Right around the time we were shopping for clothes at my local sex shop, I recieved the following email:

"Hi Ceara,

I'll pay $300 for a 6 min making out video of you and Mistress T. Please ignore this email if you're not interested.


Gay for pay with Mistress T? Count me in. I can't seem to keep my tongue out of this woman's mouth.

Wish I could say she was staying longer so I could torture you with more stories of our endearing biflexible shinnanegans – but alas, she leaves today. You blubbering babies will just have to wait for our lip locking lezzie lovers clip to be released.

In other news, I've been playing around with my SLR's self timer and took some pictures just before filming my latest clip, "inapropriate uniform." Wanna see the full set? Join my members site:  http://www.cearalynch.com

While you're at it, buy the clip here:


Inapropriate uniform

The most gorgeous student in your class has been playing with your mind. She comes to class one day in a very provocative version of the school uniform and you are forced to talk to her after class. Little do you know this young beauty knows just how to manipulate weak old men such as yourself. She teases you with her white cotton panties, full round ass and perfect tits. Before you know it your mind is spinning. You forget quickly about your wife and your career and all that matters is getting an eye-full of your gorgeous student. Looks like she has you right where she wants you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm about to go have brunch with the filthiest woman alive before bidding her adieu.