Cuckolding, cuckolding and more cuckolding

A sizable portion of my income comes from paid custom video requests. Those videos are then resold and make up the vast majority of the ones you see on my store (

It’s nice. I produce a lot of videos. I have made over a thousand all together and release 4 new ones every week. If I had to come up with a fresh idea for each one myself I’d go insane. Instead, my customers not only do half the work for me, but pay me handsomely to do so.

If you keep up with my content, you may have noticed I have a fair amount of cuckolding role play videos where I play some variation of the viewers slutty, cheating wife. Various titles include:

Office Slut
I Want His Baby
Post Coitus Humiliation
Cuckold’s Spoiled Wife
Cuckold’s Threesome
Cuckold’s Rules
Cuckoldress’ Rules
Cuckold’s Loan
The Cuckold’s Proposal
Boss Is better
Traveling Cuckold
Sick of Small Dick
My Sister’s Husband
Cock Curious
My Inner Slut
New Sleeping Arrangements
Anniversary Gift
The Pill
Be Nice to My Man
I Want My Bentley
USA Fuck trip
Hot Wife
Collateral Wife
Distracted Wife
Fuck This Marraige


All of these have been commissioned by one guy named Bo from Dubai. He is by far my #1 purchaser of custom clips. At first his orders would come one at a time, spread out within weeks, but this year he’s been buying them in large batches, spending upwards of $2k at a time. Since January he’s spent $4,500 on these videos. His request always start out the same,

“You as my wife.”

It never ceases to amaze me how he never gets sick of this theme, acted out by the same woman, with slight variations. He actually thinks they’re not repetitive.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.34.58 PM

His most popular request was “Phone Sex,” a video that came out last year which reached number #1 on clips4sale. Its also quite possibly my most pirated clip. I have had now 3 different male friends of mine not affiliated with the industry tell me they ran into this video while browsing tube sites. Just yesterday I saw a screen grab taken from it and used for a banner on reddit thread dedicated to porn involving women having sex in risky/public places where they have to be quiet (but generally fail.)


I suppose it’s a more risque clip considering my body of work. I’m basically talking on the phone with my “husband,” affectionately staring at a couple of used condoms, when my headless boyfriend comes into the room and bangs me from behind as I try to play off my moans as phone sex. It was pretty corny from my point of view. The sex is simulated, the orgasm is fake, no one is really on the phone and the one line required from my boyfriend at the time was poorly executed. Its 5 minutes. Never the less, people went bananas over it.


I’ve been slowly chipping away at his recent batch of customs. 4 have been shot this week, 10 more currently pending. ..Mind numbing…

[By the way, if you’re reading this and interested in a custom video simply email the full description to and I’ll quote you a price.]


@cearajunky was in town on Saturday. As our tradition, I had him take me out to nice dinner and give me a nice stack of bills. As some of you know, he’s the only sub of mine I bother to meet in person. I don’t session with him (I don’t session with anyone in person) we just hang out socially and he gives me money because he likes to. It’s a lovely arrangement.



After dinner he took me to my first Blazers game. I didn’t think I’d be into it, sports in general are painfully boring to me. I didn’t grow up with them in any way. But I felt like as a Portlander I should goto at least one game in my life. To my surprised I actually really enjoyed it. I’ll definitely go again. I made him buy me this sweet hat afterward. That, combined with dinner, game tickets, and $400 tribute added up to rather expensive night for him. I’m sure he’d repeat every day if he could.

Go Blazers!

10 thoughts on “Cuckolding, cuckolding and more cuckolding

  1. Dick

    I have to admit there is something about the cuckold fantasy thing that really turns me on. In real life I’ve always been too jealous to pursue it.
    I know what you mean about the sports thing, I also find watching it on TV painful. However, the few times friends have taken me to watch it live, I’ve enjoyed it, at least for a couple of hours. One of the things I find most tedious about sports is that the games just go on and on for long after I’ve lost any small interest I had in them.

  2. comfortface

    After this post, I think the sales of that “Phone Sex” clip will increase. 😉

  3. pp

    After seeing your instagram pic was reminded to check here. I have caught up with the posts I missed and this puts you latest pic in context. Thanks.

  4. Hans

    Happy to hear you are back in business!
    Didn’t know you had a boyfriend, that kinda sucks for the secret admirers like me. LOL 🙂

    1. cearalynch Post author

      I never left the business. I release new content several times a week even when I travel.

      Thats an old clip. I dont have a boyfriend at the moment. But dont worry, your chances with me are exactly the same either way.

      1. Hans

        Well I didn’t mean it that literally. Like you say, more in the way after your return from your travel. 🙂

        Aah, even after a nice revelation your words cut deep as ever.
        But a man can always dream. If ones dreams are all fulfilled life would become boring as fuck. 🙂

  5. ben

    It’s impossible to get enough of looking at you Ceara! No matter how many pics or videos you have I’m always crazy to see something new even if it’s similar to what you’ve done in the past. I think guys just have an insatiable drive – I know I do – I’m always wanting more

    I’m sorry about the pirated videos. I don’t know the procedure for getting websites to take them down but on the other hand I guess they may help in advertising if people are able to track you down from them

  6. Shashank

    We decided to make the bull-hotwife-cuckold resiatonlhip a reality after a long time of playing it out in fantasy. We are an extremely happy and tight couple that protects each other’s heart. We communicate constantly. This is us together playing the fantasy out with a bull , dom , lover , alpha-male or whatever label you apply.Jack thrives off the humiliation. The key for us is he absolutely needs to be involved. If he just sits and watches, Kissy sees he is bored and thus becomes bored as well. It really takes the bull to understand the dynamics and know how to coordinate playtime, and it’s not just the playdates. It’s the orders the bull gives Jack prior to the date, like having to buy condoms and tell the clerk they are for his wife’s lover, or buying panties for himself to wear, taking pics of Kissy in lingerie so the bull can choose what outfit she will wear that night, etc.Kissy communicates with her lover on the side and she helps the bull planning so he has some ideas as well as understands limits.Jack gives up his seat at the bar when the bull arrives and kisses Jack’s hotwife in front of everyone whom just saw Jack intimately close with Kissy. Jack buys drinks. Kissy wears her garters and anklet, etc. and knows that the more she enjoys her lover, the more turned on Jack is this is very important.Jack folds her lover’s clothes when he undresses, sucks her lover’s cock to get him hard, licks her lover’s balls and shaft while he is inside of Kissy. Jack always cleans up her lover’s cum.It is NOT demeaning as it is Jack’s biggest turn on and it is he who had to convince Kissy of these desires, and had to convince her that he would not be jealous or insecure.Also know that it’s not a one night stand. This is a long term resiatonlhip. Trust is developed. There are occasional Kissy & lover meets, for quickies or blowjobs at lunch, but only when Kissy sees that her lover wants the cuckold to be involved, where 80% of the time we are all together.For us it’s not about the bull stealing the wife. There are some cucks that actually desire that, to eventually lose his wife to another man, even though he loves her. That is the most extreme. For some it is the wife playing alone all the time with the bull. For some it is the hubby just watching the whole time. Different degrees of cuckolding for sure.We found ourselves unable to swing swapping partners. Kissy does not want to see Jack with another woman. Jack only wants Kissy. It could happen with the right couple, but the chances for jealousy and insecurity increase with that dynamic for us.When we find the lover that clicks with us and understands the dynamics, it is simply the most amazing resiatonlhip.Not everyone can understand the resiatonlhip, but we respect all types of resiatonlhips and hope this article and comments can help others understand cuckolding a bit more.-Kissy and jack

  7. John Gilmore

    I Would Like A Custom Made Clip Exposing Me To The World As A Little Dick Faggot. Using My Real Name.

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