The Past and Present

This month is swamped. But I wanted to take the time to check into my terribly neglected blog (which I hope to pay more attention to this year) and say a little something about something.

This Tuesday I leave for Vegas for AEE. It’ll be my 7th year in a row going. I can’t believe how quickly these years have added up and how much has changed since then. My first year attending was the year I worked as a sales clerk at a local porno store. Portland being the smutty and liberal city that it is, this was an especially seedy porno store equipped with back room “viewing booths” that contained the occasional voyeur window and glory holes. It was a hot spot for gay cruisers, especially the kind adorning wedding rings, and homeless street walkers looking for a dry place to do business. I made minimum wage plus commission and was selling my used panties on ebanned on the side. This was before I had a website or took calls on niteflirt.

During my time working there I developed fan girl admiration for certain porn stars and convinced my rather wild best friend at the time to fly out with me to AVN so we could meet them. Equipped with starry eyes and fake IDs, we did so, quite successfully, and even made a few friendships within the industry that eventually disintegrated over the years for one reason or another. It was an especially exciting and novel experience for me at that time and I made a point to go each year to find some kind of trouble to get into.

Here’s a little trip down memory lane from my first year:


Out on the strip at night. Cold as shit.


Getting my belly button pierced with my giiiiirlfriend. Major BFF bonding time. (They got so fucking infected.)


Meeting Ron Jeremy. This was right before he stuck his tongue down my throat and mouth raped me. No lie. Look at my face in this picture: pure innocence. I have never been the same since.

Fast forward to 2013, I’m more than just a little stressed out scheduling trade shoots with nearly a dozen dommes and paid shoots with small handful of porno girls and models. I’ve been spending my days approaching trying to write up over 50 clip descriptions. This trip has definitely turned into more work that play, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. At this point I’ve been to Vegas more times than I can count and all in all it’s not really my kind of city. But when I get a lot of work done, especially working with so many like minded people, I have a good time. VIP parties with kinkbomb don’t hurt either. Those guys really know how to take girl out.

A couple pictures from last year:



This year should be great, I’ll be rooming with Mistress T, which is always a pleasure, and at least 2 film slaves have booked their tickets and will be at our beck and call all weekend. There’s always room for more if anyone wants to reply to the casting call (below), but obviously at this point you better be pretty damn useful if you want to be considered.

I should take the time to mention, that if you want any custom clips with myself and Lyne, Rene, Bratty Bunny, Mistress TAlexandra Snow, Sarah D, Meggerz, Evilyn Milano, Cheynne Jewel, Lindsey Leigh, Kayla Danger, Sammie Spades, or Selena, now would be the time to submit your request:

(Do not request a clip involving more than just one girl, other than me, unless you have an absurd amount of money to spend.)

On another note entirely; I don’t know if I’ve been less dismissive of subs lately, or if I’ve just been lucky, but there have been a few guys that have crossed paths lately that I’ve actually enjoyed…talking….to. Weird right? Normally if I want to have an enjoyable conversation with someone the last person I want to talk to is a dude with a hard on and the deluded mind to think that I’m anything other than human. Of course I realize I bring that treatment on myself in the ways the I choose to represent myself online, and I certainly didn’t start all this as a way of making friends.

One guy is a writer. He relapsed from his 3 years of sobriety (porn addict) after finding me. He’s a little on the annoying side with his incessant emailing but I can appreciate the fact he knows how to spell and has some decent connections in the publishing world. He’s already tried to get back on the wagon since first contacting me, to which I wished him luck. It was only couple days passed before he started emailing me again. I figured that was a good a time as any to recommended my clip “Power Trip.” Here was his response to it.


Testimonials don’t get much better than that. I instructed an entirely different customer to spend all day watching that clip every hour, for a total of 12 hours, no matter where he was (he had to keep a copy on his mobile phone.) Strange, I haven’t heard from him since. I wonder if he started to smell toast near the end.

Another guy emailed me proposing a long term anal training session with photographic updates, weekly tributes and penalties. I love a sub with a straight forward proposal. Makes my life easier when I’m not expected to read anyones mind (although I’m pretty good at that too.) After sending me an initial tribute and having him purchase the anal kit, he inquired about my interest in new atheism and shared some of his thoughts. Its a branch of philosophy and skepticism that I’ve been really into lately so although it was brief discussion I found it rather engaging. It’s so rare that I like a sub on a personal level like that. I think tearing up his anus will have added sentiment.

One thing I should mention as the planet completes yet another inevitable revolution around our nearest star: 2012 was a truly great year for me. I traveled quite a bit; including Europe for the first time for a fabulous albeit stressful 3 weeks, I made far more money then I ever have in past years despite taking time off whenever I pleased, and since graduating college I had the freedom and means to take classes and choose teachers that specifically interest me (mostly in photography and philosophy.) All in all, I lived my life pretty much exactly as I wanted to.

I’m finding my job as a professional bitch has become increasingly gratifying. I really have nothing to complain about. All phony arrogance and sense of entitlement aside; I feel incredibly lucky and somewhat undeserving of the life I have. So much so that I often find myself censoring my good fortune around friends and family. No one makes the kind of money I do. No one has the freedom that I do. These are rough times and it seems everyone is suffering in one way or another to some degree. Sure, I work hard at what I do, but a lot of it is luck; luck that I’m white, luck that I live in a 1st world country, luck that I was born in an age of reproductive freedom, luck that I fell into this niche, luck that I’m beautiful. Life is about making the most of the cards that were dealt with. It would be nothing short of obvious to recognize that I was handed a pretty nice set.


25 thoughts on “The Past and Present

  1. Tommy68

    Fantastic post, real enjoyable read, Im Happy that you are really enjoying your life and getting what you deserve from it. Have a great time in Vegas, the slaves there are lucky!. Great to hear stories about other men who have bowled over by your beauty and bitchy ways, i totally understand how they feel.
    P.S great pictures, beautiful.

  2. alex

    Really nice personal blog…I have admired your work for quite some time, and consider you at the top of the domme kingdom (queendom?)…intelligent, talented, great in the role plays…although a professional, highly educated wm, I have always felt that I didnt have the financial resources, given a family to support, to engage with you and become your slave…I do buy some videos and will continue to do so. I wish you all the best in 2013-a real pro…..cdickens on twitter….

  3. alex

    okay, I just reread and even more impressed…the lack of entitlement, the sense of realizing it is not JUST talent that has you where you are…maybe I might be able to have an IM session at some point with you to see how I fare…even 30 minutes..I could manage would be hot..and sweet…thanks for disclosing your thoughts in this is clear that you have grown quite a bit…and in my eyes, made yourself even hotter (if that is possible)

  4. bart

    i dont think you will keep this comment anyway, but I just wanted to say what I feel .. its a thing for you to think deeply. do not take this personally, i just expressed my sincere feelings (and they are all right)

    first of all, I am a submissive .. and i love being humiliated ..

    that aside, lets get to your post

    1. isnt your “”business”” about pleasing guys?
    2. You say, i do what I like, isnt doing custom clips doing what guys want you to do?
    3. you say that you prepare hard for filming clips, now, come on, get over it .. theres no need for any preparation, if you just show your ass and boobs, thats a clip (and BTW, thats pretty much the content of every clip of you and other dommes) .. dont try to make your self look professional by “writing down” the content of the clips, its common sense .. it doesnt make you any “professional”
    4. allowing men to curse you for money is worse than prostitution, ofcourse, you wont allow anyone to say that, because u “control” things here, but again, think about it
    5. i do not question the morality of your work, everyone has their own profession, but just dont get carried away by the fact that your beautiful, and allow critisicm, learn from it .. it helps you a lot ..

    well, feel happy that i wasted so much time to teach you to get a life ..

    feel free to get back to me for some more free adivce (and please dont block me on twitter, again!!) ..

    1. cearalynch

      1. Yes. Every business can essentially be boiled down to that; giving people what they want.
      2. Sure that’s true to an extent. When I say I “do what I want,” (and I don’t recall saying that at all in this entry, but ok) I mean that nothing about my work steps outside my personal limits. When a guy sends me a custom clip request asking me to do something that I’m perfectly happy to do for good money, that’s “doing what I want.”
      3. Have you ever noticed those clip descriptions that go along with every clip? I write all those. Normally I write them out after the clip has been edited, exported, and uploaded (additional work that I do) but this time around I wanted to write them out ahead of time so that I would have a clear agenda when I shoot with all the different women I’ll be working with next week. That means writing over 50 paragraphs. So…. yeah. It is something to prepare for.
      4. I find nothing wrong with prostitution, so telling me I’m doing something “worse” than that is meaningless to me. I also have no problem with anything you’ve said here. I don’t have to “allow” anything. Obviously you’re free to say whatever you want.
      5. What am I suppose to learn here?

      I think you’re taking this concept of “control” a little too seriously. It’s just a fetishy word that gets guys excited and sells my products and services. I don’t really think I have control over what anyone else does.

      Don’t block you on twitter? I have no idea who you are.

      1. alex

        touche’…and I should have mentioned not just talent is needed, but intelligent AND hotness…the trifecta!

    2. alex

      Frankly, I think Bart is way off base…there are several dommes who are very talented and do wonderfully hot and erotic role play videos-Ceara and Princess Rene are two that come to is NOT just about showing boobs and ass for most of us-although it helps when those like Ceara and Rene keep themselves in such terrific shape (another part of their work). Nothing wrong with prostitution in my mind, but what Ceara does takes much talent-and much more than what is needed for prostitution in most cases. So, back off, Bart!

  5. Luke

    Great post Ceara; I never stop being surprised/ refreshed by how at the centre of this online world inhabited by unscrupulous porno companies, failed models and twitter-fakers there are honest and independent women (dommes) that are leading the pack.

    Have fun in Vegas, another cam show soon?

  6. Dean

    I was preparing to spin an acidic reply to Bart’s insulting email, when I happened upon your reply Ceara.Clearly you do not need me to come to your defense.

    What is so impressive about your exchange with this little man, is that you are an easy target for someone like him who can hide behind the anonymity of his keyboard and attack you while you are visible. Even with that unfair advantage, you made him look silly.

    You are impressive on many levels.

    Where art thou now Bart? Silly boy, do yourself a favor and stay anonymous.

  7. Anodyne

    Pfft, I was a new atheist back when it was still old. 😉

    The last pic in this entry is killer, btw. Those lips, those eyes!

  8. tommy

    Marvelously beautiful pics of Princess Ceara. Very beautiful even in the oldest pic here. The new big pic definitely makes it clear that you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Incredibly Goddess perfection. As I didn´t already know since years ago.
    I´ve been looking at your pics, website, livejournal for a few years now and had my opinion clear You are number one without any competition. I can´t stop looking and my addiction grows stronger.
    I haven´t dared make contact with Princess Ceara as its so obvious You are not only the most beautiful but also obviously smarter and more intelligent than anyone in the same business. I´m living with a partner and been a bit afraid to be the slave I fantasised about for quite a time. But now me and my woman has decided to go separate ways and when that´s done I know i Ca´n´t resist the temptatin to be drawn into Princess Ceara´s queendom and really start to worship her. It would make my life a whole lot better and more complete and of course be a great honur for me if I could contribute to Priness Cearas awesome life in luxury.

  9. josh

    For some reason the fact that princess is interested in schools of thought to which i’am more or less totally opposed, is a real turn on. Like Larry David wanting the Palestinien woman in Curb your Enthusiasm

  10. Jon Morris

    Hi Ceara; re new atheism, I wondered if you’d read, or were familiar with a book called ‘On Being’ by Peter Atkins. If not, I’d recommend it – it’s only about 100 pages or so and is really fascinating.

    1. Josh

      You should check out ‘Reason Faith and Revolution’ by Terry Eagleton. Granted, it is not at a high philosophical pitch, but the new Atheists don’t really require a high philosophical pitch to be combated. Even an old fashioned Marxist literary critic is capable of debunking their arguments.

  11. bart

    @all losers trying to kiss her ass by commenting against me, get a life, she doesnt give a damn. so quit such stupid actions!

    @ceara, dont try to fool yourself with some stupid arguments that dont make sense, get real. Just fucking tell me the difference between you and a prostitute, atleast in the context of making “custom videos” (leave apart other shit aside, i know that its all bs). And ofcourse, dont try to act like a smart guy by answering something like, yes i am a prostitute or something like that, youve said the opposite soo many times.

    @all others, again, if you have some shame, stop kissing her ass and dont spam me.

    @ceara, again,answer straight to the point, like me.

    1. cearalynch

      What about my arguments don’t make sense to you? Be specific.

      To answer your question: the main difference between me and a prostitute is that a prostitute has sex with people for money, where as I don’t.

      But as I said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a prostitute, so comparing me to one really doesn’t bother me. Morally speaking I don’t think what I do is any better or worse.

      I’m really not sure what you’re getting at when you bring up custom clips. A business can only be successful when it meets people’s needs. Why do you think that concept is unique to prostitution? It is in fact necessary to every profession.

    2. alex

      Bart-quite frankly, you are being a flaming asshole. Ceara does what she does, is comfortable with it, excels at it, is hot, talented, and intelligent. Period. Get a hobby and leave her alone…

      1. Chaz M

        The truth is we are all here because a young woman has told us the truth and unfortunately for us she is highly desirable.
        A fish needs a bicycle much more than Ceara needs us. It is a very cruel twist of fate for me and a very lucky one for her. She has thousands of old fools following her and.foolishly hoping she’ll select

  12. Jimmy

    You’re a fine writer, Ceara. I stumbled upon you years ago and initially spent much time doing the obvious; masturbating and fantasizing over your images and clips. Eventually, as I started to read your posts, my interest morphed from knee jerk fetish indulgence into an actual appreciation of your writing and your thinking.

    As a closet sub, if my secret sexuality were a canvas covered in grey, oblivious, gratification, you would be the single splash of color that stands out and says stop – think. It’s okay to be you, dude.

    Kudos to you and to your continued success. I find you to be so impressive, and even inspirational.

    You’re like the Gary Vaynerchuk of kink.

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