Im in Vegas right now, just wrapping up the last of the internext expo held at the Hard Rock Hotel. ¬†Internext is a convention held just before AVN for affiliates, media buyers, billing solutions, etc within the adult industry. It’s also a great place to meet mostly dudes and little old ladies with shirts that say “Pussy Cash.”

Mistress T and myself are sharing a room. We wanted to come to make connections and find new ways to drive more traffic and improve our subscription rate to our website. We were pretty unique within the event. Not a lot of website owners, producers, talent, or women for that matter.


One things for sure, I haven’t blown through so many business cards in such a short amount of time. I ordered around 750 quite sometime ago and hardly made a dent to them. During the speed networking event (shown above) I ended up completely running out of the amount I brought. What are the odds most of the guys wanted my card for reasons completely irrelevant to helping my business? Hmmm…


Not much filming happening so far. Just one shoot with Rene. Poor girl seemed pretty stressed already, anticipating the jam packed week ahead of her. As you can see I worked her pretty hard.


This afternoon I did an interview for @seksi and @kittenboheme about my business; how I got started and advice for newbies coming into the industry. You can find a version of it as it aired live here:

Here’s one of the clips recorded about how T and I met:¬†


The convention ended today. T and I are laying low until tomorrow when more girls fly in for AVN and the kinkbomb parties start. I predict I’ll be thankful I preserved my liver up until now. After all, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

[Check out Mistress T’s blog about internext here.]

5 thoughts on “Internext

  1. Anonymous Irish Guy

    I absolutely loved the seksi interview. It was strangely fun and thrilling and a pleasure to see something of the lady behind the curtain; to see you and T interacting, just being yourselves, buzzing with the people about the con.
    I don’t know if there’s ever a feeling on your side that showing too much of how the sausage gets made would dilute the magic of the clips and cam etc but, for me, it certainly doesn’t.
    The clips and everything else are there for me to indulge in the magic of femdom but something like this allows us to see you as the woman and friend and fan and entrepreneur and small business owner you are in other parts of your life.
    Love it.
    Have fun at the KB parties. Business by day. Party by night. Sounds pretty good.

  2. Anonymous Irish Guy

    The first photo of you with the little old lady is quality.
    The contrast between the light and dark, between youth and old age, between your smile and her frown, as well as your playful look and the sense that you’re about to step into something and it’s going to be weird/fun makes you linger over it and figure it out.

  3. Pervschola

    It is probably in the end healthy for jerk addicts on the internet to see a more humanized side of the Goddesses we worship from time to time. Mistress T pretty is pretty much a girl next-door, in my opinion. Ceara is the pretty girl who got elected president of student body because the stoners, jocks and art kids all rallied to vote for her.

  4. peter

    I second the anonymous comment, the lighting is superb and the skin tones remind me of old masters – but of course this is a young mistress.

  5. Henry

    Dear mistress Ceara, could you talk in this blog of any boyfriends you had at some time? maybe some sexual experiences?

    Regards from Costa Rica!

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