Demand More Sex // Now



Did you catch me on HBO last week? Sex // Now aired late night for all your perverted pleasures. As many of you keep relentlessly pointing out, yes I know they didn’t talk specifically about me or my niche line of work. The pilot episode was about regular cam girls and their lives. They used a lot of my image to sex-up the show. Hey, I’ll take it for now. Just make sure you’re all on your knees praying to the sex gods that the series gets picked up. If it does, the second episode will be about fetish and humiliation and will feature much more about yours truly.

1 thought on “Demand More Sex // Now

  1. womenrule

    If the producer would have focused on YOU more the first episode, it would have been picked up already. he really put some dull stuff in after the first 10 minutes. That said, everyone should be writing HBO demanding more episodes as the next episode would really get huge ratings if You are the feature.

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