Highlights of 2013

Kinkbomb Parties

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Oh Kinkbomb. You always take such good care of me: a generous video commission, a belly full of champagne, VIP tables, empty-eyed strippers dancing upon my lap at 5am. Thank you for making sure my trips to Vegas are spent doing more than holing myself in an expensive hotel room filming the deranged fantasies of men on the internet. Can’t wait to do it all over again next week. 

Yonatan’s continuous meltdown

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 12.25.40 PM


Sticking wedding rings up his ass, jerking off in the car or while his wife sleeps next to him, swearing me off again and again and again and again only to come crawling back every time. Most subs are nothing but money to me, but this one has been an endless supply of entertainment. Looking forward spending the rest of my femdom career with you, you hopeless fool. [follow: @yonatancohen7]


Mistress T worships my feet


 Gosh my feet had never been so clean! Mad props to Mistress T and her delightfully filthy mouth for creating the best foot worship clip of the year. Next time I promise I won’t eat an entire onion before spitting directly into your mouth <3

10k wallet rape with Bratty Nikki

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My first and only time double teaming with Bratty Nikki turned into the year’s biggest wallet rape. 10k in just 2 short hours. You followers should shudder to thing what kind of damage could be done if we did this more often. Still haven’t heard from that guy since. I can’t imagine why.

Onsie party at Fetishcon


At a party where everyone is dressed up in latex, spiked heels, and piercing corsets, we easily got the most attention. A new fetcon tradition I will fight for every year.


Gracing the cover of Models Mania with Mandy


It’s amazing what a little photo shoot at a nude beach can lead to. I’m not sure if anyone actually reads this magazine (or any print for that matter) but any stroke to my massive ego is a welcomed one. Plus, I mean, it’s Mandy. Duh.



My personal favorite clip of the year. At the time is was released it was my longest clip to date. I’m not sure what it says about me when I can’t seem to run out of words to describe kidnapping, cutting up and eating another human being, but I’m okay with that. 

Banging Cheyenne Jewel with Domina Snow


Can you believe I’ve yet to release this clip yet? A little ace up my sleeve. The only thing better than invading Cheyenne‘s orifices was having the he fire alarm go off 30 seconds after Alex intricately tied her up.


Reuniting with Kyaa


I mean, it was about time, right? 


Lynchaholics Anonymous


“Ceara has out-maneuvered Yonatan (and us all) by forcing any rehabilitation discussion to take place on her own website, for her own entertainment.” — Luke

Taking the initiative to start a support group for my addicts was easily the most selfless act of the year. I think I may continue similar pursuits and start a weekly AA meeting in my area. I know a bar that would be just perfect for it. 




Photo Credit: Rene

Photo Credit: Kyaa

4 dommes, 1 bitch, 100s of santas. What better way to celebrate the holiday season but with a festive pub crawl and a face full of voodoo donuts? Also, Shauna’s bra came off.  A highlight in it of itself.


Happy new year!

7 thoughts on “Highlights of 2013

  1. pindick

    As i was liying in bed, jerking at 3 am to the rythem of my wife snoores, waiting for ceara to go eat sushi with her bf so i can pay for it – ceara published this post. Im scared of 2014.

  2. hendrix

    i’m jealous of you pindick, i feel useless I have no instruction from Princess Ceara it seems she dont want to answer to my messages or maybe it’s a strategy to make me even lower, i don’t now i’m confused.

  3. Mandy Flores (Duh)

    I love your twisted mind. Reading your shit is always fun. I can only imagine how many Dommes, wanna be dommes, and just average women wish they could be what you are. You inspired me to do a lot of what I do, and I’m proud to know you and be on a (still has not arrived yet) magazine cover with you 🙂 I hope this year is your best yet!

  4. Moe "denied boy"

    Great year! full of fun, joy and femdom 🙂 well, since you mentioned that Mistress T worshipped your lovely feet. honestly I notice this phenomena about you, that you can turn boys and girls into you easily and even wrote a post on it in my blog. I still remember Miss Kelle Martina’s answer when i asked what’s your secret?. she said” she is fucking hot”.

    thank you

  5. Scroden

    Congrats on a great 2013, Princess! You’re the best at what you do, so You deserve to get everything You want. Happy New Year. I hope 2014 is even better!

  6. Luke

    Congratulations on a great 2013 Goddess. My personal favourites were the 10k wallet rape and the formation of Fuckdick -(the Rachael and Ross of CearaLynch.com.)

    I am sure as a successful and driven woman you have your own goals for 2014 if I may be so bold I would like to suggest just a few.

    1. A $50k month -that would be so hot.
    2. Fuckdick to finally swallow each other’s spooge -I think you mentioned this previously.
    3. Turn your first couple into Lynchalolics

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