Happy new year!

I trust most of you had an exhilarating NYE: pants around your ankles, tiny cock pulsating between your thumb and forefinger, sipping on a glass of sparkling tears. Cheers to you! I wish you another 365 days repeating.

For those of you not paying attention, I spent a good portion of my time yesterday doing another impromptu members cam show as I took calls, filmed clips, and interacted with my endearingly deprave fan base. Here I am looking pretty on two different cams whilst on the phone:

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 5.55.56 PM


Multi-tasking at it’s finest!

Afterwards I went out with some friends dressed as fancy as possible to the shittiest dive bar in our neighborhood. I guess that’s what the hipsters around these parts like to refer to as “ironic.” After midnight we proceeded to throw fireworks at each other in a strip mall parking lot while singing the star spangled banner. Great new year. I can’t believe people actually wait in line to goto clubs.



I’m still buzzing from my high of last month, grossing over $36k, in partial thanks to my new account over at sinfulcall which accounted for over $10k of it.

Two weeks ago niteflirt made the oh-so wise decision to suspend my listings without warning for a minor offense (linking to my members site.) Rather than wait around for them to review my revisions and reinstate them, I decided to try out some of their competitors. Turns out sinfulcall was offering two lovely promotions: $100 bonus for every new referred customer and $1500 bonus for the host who racked up the most minutes on the phone.

Being the greedy bitch that I am, I was determined to win the contest at 4x the per minute rate of my competitors. Regretfully I ended up in 2nd place. But after playing my sad violin, I realized I could be okay accepting the $1000 consolation prize. $6500 in referrals and $3,500 phone minutes doesn’t hurt either.

It was fun to take that little website by storm. When I first joined I was the only femdom on there. Within a couple days I was on the top host, racked in numerous referrals, and watched my many femdom peers sign up after me. At one point an employee of the site  called me at my $4/min rate to introduce himself and ask if there was anything I needed. I’m sure their eyes must have been bugging out of their head to see the earning power I was bringing in such a short amount of time.

Photo on 12-12-13 at 2.35 PM #2


Sinfulcall turned out to be a great platform for reaching out to my international fans (the vast majority of my callers on Niteflirt are American.) I got callers from Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, UK, Israel, Australia, etc.

By far my biggest caller was a French loser who goes by Hendrix aka @cearasFRbitch. His English is atrocious but its at least 100x better than my French so you could imagine how smoothly our conversations went. Despite this, he managed to accumulate over 2 hours of phone time with me. Clearly humiliation is the true universal language.


Alright, thats all you get for now. I look forward to ruining you all in 2014.

Oh yeah, and:

Don’t miss the HBO special “SEX // NOW” that I’m featured in airing tomorrow 11pm.

10 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. castaway

    Congrats on your December, Princess Ceara! I’m happy to have been one of the many to officially make your acquaintance on SC. You have a terrific members site. Best of luck w/ the Thursday HBO premiere.

  2. hendrix

    yeah!! for one time in my life i’m a winner!! otherwise I’m happy for you princess!
    can i cum? no just a joke…Can i?

  3. Luke

    Dammit, now I really regret going out for NYE, I knew I’d be better off at home madturbating. Looks like 2014 will be the yeah I reinstate my membership to cearalynch.com. Your latest clips on c4s look good as well

  4. tek nik

    Yeah I gave up on NF years ago as a bad joke, firstly they stopped taking international calls and wanted me to get a US number then they couldn’t process a simple payment. Your probably better off without them.

    Congrats on the flying finish to 2013 and hope 2014 is just as good for you

  5. Daniel

    Congratulations on the continual growth of your brand, and setting the stage for your becoming a true international fetish icon. Perhaps in the future you might want to consider writing a book designed at not only sharing your journey/story regarding your ascension to prominence in the Fetish industry, but also, empowering young Women around the world who either aspire to be in &/or those who are operating within the boundaries of the Adult Film/Fetish/Kink industry.

    You could title the book….. Ceara’s Way: A Kinky Guide To Being Perverted, Powerful, & Successful

    Also, kudos to earning an appearance on an HBO show. In a few years, maybe you will end up with your own pilot, or provocative mini-series. Once again, much props to being an ingenious, self-made, and savvy minded young business Woman.

    Best to you and yours in 2014,

  6. pindick

    I dont like you. But i sadly admit there isnt a day that goes by where i dont find my self masrutbating thinking of you. In bed next to my wife, in work under my desk, sometimes in dinner with my freinds and family. You are always there, seducing me to a point where nothing alse matteres.
    After more then 4 years like this, its safe to addmit 2014 will be only worse for me. Unless, you will finaly decide to retire. But it doesnt look like this will happen soon.
    Like i said in the beggining – i dont like you (but i miss you badly).

  7. lance

    I find it interesting that the producers of that HBO show were happy to use your titillating images but the only interview with you was a short clip about wish lists.
    (You’ll probably say that was your choice) Maybe it’s because they knew their audience would see and be repelled by the fact that you are a genuinely horrible person who is truly evil and exploits your loyal but seriously damaged customers with zero regard for their well being. I honestly believe you would like them to all perish. ( Now you’ll say that’s what they want)
    Let’s hope in 2014 most of your worshippers decide to “dethrone” you

  8. sillyoldman

    So glad I was able to join You for the extended cam show on NYE and got to be ignored on the phone even after it was over. Congrats on a successful 2013 and, watch out 2014, it could be the biggest year ever!

    I watched the HBO premiere and You were definitely the best part – here’s hoping there will be more episodes and more Princess Ceara.

  9. womenrule

    Princess i thought You were amazing in the HBO show and the only reason to watch. Why they didn’t focus on YOU more and not waste time on boring couples like “Eddie and Emma” and vanilla camgirls is beyond me, as the pilot is the most important episode. i do hope it is picked up so we can see more of You.

    One question i do have is why wasn’t Your name listed in the credits? The camgirls all got listed.
    It was really cool when they showed Your website but listing it in the credits would have really been amazing. They were very lucky to get You.

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