Blue Balled Scott

Every members cam show I do brings in an even bigger stable of jerking, oinking piggies than the last.  I’m pleased to report that last Sunday was a record high in attendance. It included the popper-sniffing cock-sucking Patrick, the oink-n-pay Pigskin,  the whiner virgin loser, the european boot slave, my most boring niteflirt caller of all time: Ron. (Plus many more I don’t care to recall right now.)

My audience had the pleasure of listening to me talk to some poor sap on niteflirt who rambled endlessly about his date-turned-dominatrix that he found on Apparently he offered to take her shopping and in return she slapped him around and acted bossy. It was an over all boring conversation until we got on the topic of kicking him in the balls with my spiked Jeffery Campbell shoes. If only every dull conversation could transition in that way I’d be so happy all the time.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 3.58.50 PMAfter the call I spent the rest of the time teasing my audience stupid until they were all snorting and cumming in unison like some kind of barbaric jerk off ritual.

If you care to check out the next show, It’ll be on Dec. 29th 2pm PST. [Join:]

In other news, I made a new victim out of this panty-wearing cuckold on Skype today. Rather than spend the time telling you that story, I’ll let you see it for yourself [Follow him: @blueballscott]

blue balled scott by cearalynch

27 thoughts on “Blue Balled Scott

  1. emzthedon

    That cam show was amazing!! it was actuallly my second ever cam show. It was sa strange experience wanking at the same time with a bunch of other guys. you made me feel like less of a man, and I loved it.

  2. pindick

    Its good to see there is a new generation of subs here. Its about time they replace the old generation of cearas subs. I think this is the right time for me to say goodby to you all and start a new beginning.

      1. pindick

        You say it but you dont meen it. I guess you have good reasons for that. Still, good luck to all the new guys. PINDICK IS UFICIALLY RETIRED.

        1. julio sumiso

          pindick is a poor slave ! he does not deserve dismissal. you should reconsider your in your stable, Mistress.

  3. uglycagedslave

    OMG You look like a professor trying to confuse student:)
    i really like You.
    i must say one thing, on videos You look kinda bitchy, arrogant and maybe little evil. But on photos, You look like the sweetest angel.

      1. submissive5

        I saw that he gave consent at the end of the video after you had already recorded the entire session. I was just wondering if you normally do this, or what you would do with the video if he didn’t give consent.. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE fan, but it makes me thing twice about doing cam :/

          1. dudley

            good thing he just so happened to have given consent, considering that you probably would have posted it anyways (since you think you can do whatever you want). btw cuck scotter was clearly disappointed by the session and how dense you are. all of that money and for what…. lol…

  4. Pindick

    Ok. I watched blue balled Scott clip. This is Oskar metirial. Ceara lynch makes me jerk watching other men jerk watching her. There is NO escape from this beast. She is defiantly one of the worlds seven wonders, and she makes the other wonders look like my wife’s ass.
    Pindick is so back

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Husband, actually. Monique and I are sister wives, currently forming a femdom polygamous compound.

  5. guest121212

    You were masterful. This is coming from someone who does not like you. I find you kind of contrived theatrical and corny. however, here you capitalize on his semantic and logic mistakes instantaneously. this kept him constantly in a defensive and submissive role. You knew when to tease and when to listen for useable info. You are empathetic and observant and pounced on him exactly when he began to feel weak and you proceeded to deepen those feelings. you exude arrogance and power when you are posing for him and he looks and must feel ridiculous and degraded which causes him to lose more and more control. That’s when your insults get much more personal and frequent. You have some serious debate skills and he just folded when you verbally strong armed him into allowing this video. Really you were incredible

  6. Anodyne

    This video is SO annoying. Why on Earth do you make us squint to make you out in that tiny box, while confronting us with a much larger picture of some guy jerking off? What are you, some kind of sadist?

    Oh, wait …

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Like I said in response to your other proxy comment above, he’s my husband. My boyfriend is much more of a loser than Nate.

  7. Moe "denied boy"

    I watched the clip, and it was amazing. come on guys, it’s pure natural femdom session, no editing here. I really enjoyed how you took him from his “awkward” zone in the beginning to a total submission at the end. it was beautiful.

    he , on other hand, was BORING. oh my god, -sorry scott- but he must pay double. i don;t know if all subs act like this on niteflirt, personally i never tried it.
    thank you for sharing

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