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For the last several months I’ve been collaborating with Chris Moukarbel working who’s launching a modern version of the classic HBO series Real Sex, entitled “Sex // Now.” On January 2nd 11pm the pilot episode will air. It centers around cam girls and I’m all over it.

If the first episode gets enough buzz, there’s potential to see me in future episodes delving into my specific niche of femdom and humiliation.

Wanna help make that happen?

Then take the time to comment on these articles and help support it:

Vulture: HBO Is Mulling a New Series Inspired By Real Sex

Indiewire: The Scintillating Details Behind HBO’s New Docuseries ‘Sex Now,’ 

Vice: ‘SEX/NOW’ Goes Deep With Cam Girls

See the trailer:


27 thoughts on “HBO Sex // Now

    1. cearalynch Post author

      Apparently they just started airing trailers of it on TV and my image is used. But Im not aware of any online just yet. I’ll keep you posted.

  1. dickiestroker

    I’m sure we can expect this to spark an increase in Lynchaholism and a subsequent need for Lynchaholics Anonymous support groups.

  2. Anonymous Irish Guy

    Can you imagine the closeted subs out there who, even now, have never heard of Ceara Lynch but on January 2nd, while still in recovery from they New Year’s Eve and idly flicking channels they’ll stumble across Ceara’s beauty or they’ll hear the word “cam” or “domination” and get curious.
    That’s it.
    They’re hooked.
    Life on a new course.
    They’ll greedily suck in every second of the show and then, of course, search for Ceara on the internet. They’ll find the website or the blog or the Clips4Sale or the NiteFlirt and they’ll spend hours taking it all in.
    A few days later, they buy their first clip.
    The clip buying continues.
    Then it’s the first call, the first custom, the first cam show.
    Two years from now, they don’t remember how they felt about sex or women before Ceara. They know there was a time before Ceara but it’s distant, unimportant.
    Ceara is all.

    There is going to be a rake load of these guys soon.
    Congrats, Ceara. You continue to find new ways to make that money and dominate the scene. Much respect.
    We’re all going to watch this show, that’s for sure.

  3. Timbo

    Real Sex was so boring. People only watched it because the internet wasn’t as fulfilling as it is now. This trailer looks dull too. It just sucks all the excitement and danger out of sex. I’ll watch it for Princess Ceara, but I reckon it will make her look vanilla. Now, where is my elastrator?

    1. cearalynch Post author

      The pilot episode is indeed rather vanilla. It’s about everyday cam girls and doesn’t really get into what I do. If it gets approved for more episodes, however, they’re planning on doing the following episode on humiliation and femdom. Show your support. That’s an order.

      1. womenrule

        You are the only reason i will be watching and what makes it special. If Chris gets that, he will have a huge hit on his hands. A vanilla cam girl show won’t get the ratings. Controversial topics get ratings.

        1. cearalynch Post author

          Is this comment suppose to flatter me? It’s doesn’t. This is a project I’m excited to be a part of. I get that you have a bias towards me but you don’t need to shit on everything else to make me look good.

      2. Timbo

        Order received and understood. But……If anyone can suck the life out of turn humiliation/financial domination HBO can! Anything featuring a machine or imitation penis/vagina is presented as the future of sex. If its vaguely kinky they will turn the lights down and pretend its amusing. And the male presenters look like rejects from Man vs Food. I think you are best off out of it.

        1. cearalynch Post author

          You sure have a lot of opinions about an entirely new show you’ve never seen. I’m impressed.

          1. Timbo

            That’s a straw man argument. I was referring to Real Sex, not the unseen new show. My opinions will probably be valid for the new show though.

  4. Anonymous Irish Guy

    I like the trailer. I think it will have people intrigued. Regardless of Ceara, I’d probably tune in to see “the future of sex” and/or what all the “crazy” people are doing for sexy fun on the internets.

    I spot three distinct images of Ceara.
    Ceara sells.

  5. Sarah Blake

    Congrats on the series, hope it all goes great for you! I’m looking forward to seeing the documentary. 🙂

  6. Daniel

    I tuned in and it was rather entertaining. It was awesome how they opened the episode with your provocative mouth & bossy voice. If I were a teenager again, I would be tuned in each and every week like I once was for Real Sex. From there I posted my thoughts on Vulture. Please do feel free to read them if you want and/or have the time. Take care & stay real, Ceara.


  7. Fatty Virgin

    Hello Goddess Ceara. I just watched this documentary. In my opinion, the part on vanilla live sex wasn’t so interesting, but… The part about domination, with you, wow! I am sure that a lot of guys who didn’t know you are at your feet now. It reminds me the first time i saw you, when i bought my first video from you, 2 years ago, maybe 3, i don’t even remember. But i worship you since this day. You are the one who made me discover this universe, Goddess Ceara, and i could never thank you enough for that. You are the Queen, the Goddess of the Goddesses. You are so important for me… I want to stay a virgin forever for you.
    I salute you Goddess Ceara.
    Sylvain, from France.

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