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A couple days ago I returned home from my trip to Vegas for AVN. After an easy, low key few days checking out Internext with Mistress T, I switched hotels and got ready for the endless stream of shooting and partying I had ahead of me.


I signed briefly at the clips4sale booth at AEE Friday afternoon. For those who have never been, AEE is predominantly a mainstream porn convention. Even though clips4sale always has one of the biggest booths at the forefront of it all, most fans who attend are looking to meet a porn star, not a niche fetish girl. Although I’m always surprised at the people who actually do recognize me there, they’re certainly not the majority.

Regardless, the clips4sale booth is pretty fun and very interactive. There’s always a microphone and a bunch of T-shirts fans can earn in whatever way the booth girls choose. At one point I grabbed the mic and told everyone they can earn a shirt from me in one of three ways 1. by kissing my shoe 2. by being trampled 3. by getting spit on. As much as it may blow the mind of all the sick and deprave readers of my blog, no one was exactly lining up for any of those offers.  Still, I managed to convince a guy to let me trample him since it meant getting a peak up my skirt. I’m actually pretty impressed with how well he took it, jumping and all.


Nate-bitch and Monique arrived on Thursday to help out with shooting. Nate naturally had his fill of shoes and feet in his mouth all weekend. Is this bitch lucky or what?

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.16.17 PM


Speaking of bitches, ole balls-of-Steel Jim met up with us again this year. He was lucky enough to get his groin plummeted to the size of grapefruits by several beautiful women, including, for the the first time on film, Goddess Jessica.


There happened to be a guest cinematographer on site filming for a future project as we shot our ball busting clips. Poor guy had no idea what he was about to see. He ended up leaving the room in tears — literally! Meanwhile Jim had a shit-eating grin on his face the whole time. Well, when he wasn’t making the expression above, anyway.



As always, kinkbomb did not disappoint. Incredible parties and dinners almost every night. I’m happy to say I paced myself rather well, heading back to my room no later than 1:30am with exception of the very last night where, despite my best efforts, I still somehow found myself in the party bus on the way to Crazy Horse at 3am.


I love Vegas, but there’s no place like home.


For more pictures of my week in Vegas, AVN, & the embarrassing amount of selfies I took there, join my members site: http://www.cearalynch.com

All clips that were shot last week will soon be found on the Team Tease clip store here: http://www.clips4sale.com/18012

11 thoughts on “AVN 2014

  1. Professor Wankly

    Considering the options You offered to earn a t-shirt, I can’t believe the line wasn’t around the building! What’s the world coming to? I would have kissed both of your shoes, gotten trampled, and begged You to spit in my mouth. Then, I would’ve paid You for a t-shirt.
    And I’m sure the vast majority reading this post would’ve happily done the same.
    Glad YOU had a fun & productive trip!

  2. sissy carrie

    It’s weird to think about how completely different people can be. The guys at the AEE wouldn’t kiss Your shoe, let You trample them, or let You spit on them for a t-shirt. Where as most of Your subs would gladly give You the shirt off their own back for the opportunity to kiss Your shoe, get trampled, or get spit on.

  3. Dickie Stroker

    I’d have let you spit on me but wouldn’t have accepted the tee shirt without paying for it.

  4. Scott Richmond

    Agreed with much of the comments here already say. I think I’m going to have to go next year and get myself a shirt and the flu. Thanks for the updates. Lovely stuff.

  5. GB

    Do I need to put an obligatory I want to be trampled, spit on or would have gladly kiss your shoes in my comment? Its what all the cool kids are doing.

    Seems appropriate that the dude in green who’s taking one in the babymaker has on his shirt…”Hold Steady”

    But seriously, I think the real crime was no one ponying up money for the panties you were offering early in the week.

  6. Scroden

    Princess, I saw you in Vegas coming out of the AVN awards show. You actually walked right by me! But I was with my friends and didn’t want to out myself. You were absolutely stunning. A true Goddess.

  7. Nobody

    I’ll join the chorus: Getting spit on, trampled, and kissing Your shoe — that’s not a price to pay, that’s a dream come true. *sigh*

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