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Earlier this week I met up with one of my most loyal boys known to many as “Ceara-Junky” aka CJ. He was coming through town and we decided to get dinner, see a comedy show and grab a donut.


As many of you know I don’t do in-person sessions (with exception of the occasional film-slave I audition for my clips, in which case they are used for the benefit of my video profits, not their personal interests.) So, unless you count the $500 wad of cash he graciously handed over to me (a belated birthday gift to pay for my burning man ticket), this meeting was void of anything overtly kink related.


Part of me is hesitant to share the fact that I met up with one of my fans. From my experience, once I do something with someone, suddenly my audience thinks I’m willing to do it with anyone. Many of my other followers grew incredibly jealous and complete strangers on twitter even started asking me if I would meet up with them as well. (No. I won’t.)

So why is CJ the exception? For one, I’ve known him for a long time. 8 years now he’s followed me like a puppy dog with nothing but adoration and respect. 99.9% of the rest of my followers can’t last a few days without swearing me off after they’ve blown a load and then whining about their “addiction” to me like it’s a problem I’m suppose to fix. CJ hasn’t done even once.

Secondly, the nature of our relationship changed sometime ago when we began having more serious, personal discussions about life, relationships, sexuality and confidence. CJ started looking to me more for advice than an orgasm and our relationship started to resemble more of a friendship than anything else (albeit an atypical one that still involves me making lots of money from him.)

Several years ago I told him I didn’t want to hear him jack off on the phone anymore. It just became too weird for me once I started to take the roll of his over-priced, amateur therapist. That would be a deal breaker for most and I wouldn’t blame him if it was for him too, but it wasn’t. He continued to pay me for my empathetic support and perspective while he jerked off to me privately like the rest of the platonic men in my life.

This isn’t to say I don’t ever play around with his kinks. I’m just able to do it in a way that feels effortless and laissez-faire. I’m not putting on a show or actively working to entertain his fetishes in a way that feels like work.

Our relationship may comes across as strange to most and perhaps especially exploitative to those who already don’t like me, but that’s okay. Were both thoughtful, consenting adults. Relationships can take many forms and this one seems to work for us just fine.


12 thoughts on “Ceara Junky

  1. Ms. Morgan Chase

    “while he jerked off to me privately like the rest of the platonic men in my life.”

    The sign of a good relationship is not being bothered with such boorish concerns.

  2. Scroden

    That’s cool that he was able to meet you and hang out for an evening, Princess. I’m definitely jealous.

  3. Brad Scriffiano

    I can see where the jealousy of others comes in, but you already know what to do with those types of people. I think any sort of relationship such as this one, built with the trust and knowing of one another over a long period of time, is the best one. Yeah, the guy may occasionally still “get his kinks” from you, but he looks at you as much more than an object….and the level of respect he has for you in a world where ladies, especially ones that work from online, have every right to feel hesitant and sometimes fearful of their own well-being, speaks volumes.

    I’d say carry on.

  4. hendrix

    Hello Princess!
    “He continued to pay me for my empathetic support and perspective while he jerked off to me privately like the rest of the platonic men in my life.” ; this sentence make me really horny!
    one of the best of your sentence because its play on many different levels of reality.. I can not explain more because of my bad English but I’m sure men ( loser) understand what I mean.

  5. Anonymous Irish Guy

    The more you write on this blog, the more I read, the more I like you.
    I get to know you ever, ever so slightly as a person and I really like the thoughtful, considerate, compassionate person I see.

    It does not take away from the kink side of things at all. I know if I click over to the tab with your clips4sale on it, I’d be turned on and excited by the girl there.
    But this tab, this blog feels different to anything else I read from any other domme. Maybe because you have nothing left to prove and you can just be yourself, I don’t know, but it feels honest and intimate and it warms my little heart to see this side of you too.

    Thank you for sharing, thank you for the glimpse of life in the Ceara-verse.

  6. Carl

    He’s a lucky guy. I’m sure being somewhat of a personal friend intensifies the eroticism when he masturbates to you privately and knowing you a little better than most would also enhance the experience. I had a platonic friend who I would masturbate to and she would occasionally throw me a bone and let me jerk off in front of her while she stripped or posed… it was few and far between but always an odd thrill because we knew it wouldn’t go any further… on a few occasions I went down on her, but I think the fact that she never let it go further than that just made the situation more erotic for me… like she was Domming me in a sense… and I was grateful for the opportunity just to have her around and occasionally more…

  7. CJ

    Oh my, this was quite a post to read. I started crying involuntarily as I read it, then spontaneously teared up again in the car today thinking about it. Princess puts into clear words many of the emotions I have felt about our strange friendship.

    I have changed a lot in the 8 years since I first talked to Princess. I was in a dark and lonely place when we first started speaking, and she was one of the few people I could discuss things with everyday. She helped me work through some very traumatic events in my life. There were many things that I have kept shielded from everybody else in my life, and I only discuss with her and nobody else. when she felt she couldn’t advise on certain aspects of the problem, she urged me to get professional help. I know I must have been a handful for her at many times, but she never cut me off. Inch by inch, I think I got better in both my work life and my personal life, and I am in a very happy place now. Princess is responsible for it more than anybody else.

    Sometimes, I think really understanding the other person’s sense of humor is a mark of how well you know a person, and this is my other favorite part of the friendship. We can sometimes say something and both of us automatically know why it’s funny. She can anticipate the punchlines in my stupid sense of humor, etc., and we also joke about my weirdo fetishes. An example: just recently, she said, “you’re paying for my Burning Man tickets, bitch.” I laughed and got a boner. This sums up our fucked up but wonderful friendship and why Princess will be my best friend for life. I will be indebted to her forever.

    Thank you, dickeater. Just kidding, Princess!

    1. Carl

      What a great relationship. Do you still masturbate to her videos and pics or does the friendship make that awkward for you? Just curious.

  8. Pindick

    CJ. I was in a very close contact with princess over the last years. I don’t remember you there. I don’t remember you on most of her cam sessions, I don’t remember you ordering many custom clips and I don’t remember you on other platforms. God knows why you ended up so close to her.

    1. James

      That’s because he probably sent money to Her in a way that was not very visible (tribute in exchange for nothing) and didn’t brag about it much (if at all).
      Just because you never “saw” him doesn’t mean he wasn’t there. This is the Online world after all.

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