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Happy Thanksgiving

These last few weeks since I came back from Mexico have been busy with both work and play. I leave for Thailand December 1st for 6 weeks so I’ve been filming like crazy to stock up on clips while Im away. Yesterday way my last day of shooting and it’s a relief. I trust you all will enjoy the fruits of my labor while I’m off exploring new territories. Feel free to keep my bank account satiated in other ways as well. I don’t mind.

hump hump2

I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely Ellie Idol and Mandy Flores immediately after returning from Mexico. It was a much needed transition between leaving my dream vacation in paradise to getting back to the grind. We attended HUMP!, Dan Savage’s amateur porn festival. It’s basically where you watch an hour and a half worth of 5 min homemade porn videos submitted by people representing a full spectrum of kinks, fetishes, sexuality, gender and body types. Anyone who’s never heard of it always seems a little thrown off by the notion of watching a bunch of porn in a cinema with your friends, but the videos are, more often than not, pretty campy and fun. Not to mention, Ive been a Dan Savage fangirl since I was 14 so it’s always a treat to support his projects and see him host them live.


A week or so after that, a large group of friends were visiting and I decided to take them to DomProv: an monthly improv show hosted by Mistress Ivana. It was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it sounded up my ally. The show consisted of three men performing short skits based on audience given prompts. Depending on how well they did Ivana would praise or punish them. Punishments included swapping mouth fulls of maple syrup, giving each other sloppy topless massages, and good ole fashion whipping. It was a surprisingly good show. Mistress Ivana was clearly more of an actress/comedian than a legit dominatrix, but she played the parody well.



One of my friend’s visiting was Momo; a young traditional dominatrix with a minimal online presence. I’ve shot her a few times for team tease and she always blows me away. I love everything about her. She’s coming to visit me again before I leave and I’m going to make a point to set her up with a niteflirt account because she would kill it and I want to see her bathing in money. Look out for that.


I also had a visit with CJ (aka Ceara Junky) just last weekend. He was traveling through my city so we had coffee and he gave me as much money as the ATM machine would allow him to take out at a time. It was funny to take the picture above in a fairly crowded coffee shop. Who knows what people were thinking.

IMG_0799 IMG_0812


We talked casually for about an hour about his friends and my upcoming trip. I told him I was going to get an iPad Air because it’d be lighter and easier to travel with. He looked sad when I said this. I knew why: he wanted to buy it for me like he bought my last iPad a few years back. Who am I to deny him this pleasure? So, I picked it up yesterday and he reimbursed me. What a guy. No wonder I keep him around.





It’s Thanks Giving morning. I work up at 5am today and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I read for a bit and then loaded the rest of my clips for future activation. I’ll be busy all day getting ready for my trip and then tonight I’ll goto my family’s house for dinner. I can’t wait to stuff my face with them.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Ceara Junky

Earlier this week I met up with one of my most loyal boys known to many as “Ceara-Junky” aka CJ. He was coming through town and we decided to get dinner, see a comedy show and grab a donut.


As many of you know I don’t do in-person sessions (with exception of the occasional film-slave I audition for my clips, in which case they are used for the benefit of my video profits, not their personal interests.) So, unless you count the $500 wad of cash he graciously handed over to me (a belated birthday gift to pay for my burning man ticket), this meeting was void of anything overtly kink related.


Part of me is hesitant to share the fact that I met up with one of my fans. From my experience, once I do something with someone, suddenly my audience thinks I’m willing to do it with anyone. Many of my other followers grew incredibly jealous and complete strangers on twitter even started asking me if I would meet up with them as well. (No. I won’t.)

So why is CJ the exception? For one, I’ve known him for a long time. 8 years now he’s followed me like a puppy dog with nothing but adoration and respect. 99.9% of the rest of my followers can’t last a few days without swearing me off after they’ve blown a load and then whining about their “addiction” to me like it’s a problem I’m suppose to fix. CJ hasn’t done even once.

Secondly, the nature of our relationship changed sometime ago when we began having more serious, personal discussions about life, relationships, sexuality and confidence. CJ started looking to me more for advice than an orgasm and our relationship started to resemble more of a friendship than anything else (albeit an atypical one that still involves me making lots of money from him.)

Several years ago I told him I didn’t want to hear him jack off on the phone anymore. It just became too weird for me once I started to take the roll of his over-priced, amateur therapist. That would be a deal breaker for most and I wouldn’t blame him if it was for him too, but it wasn’t. He continued to pay me for my empathetic support and perspective while he jerked off to me privately like the rest of the platonic men in my life.

This isn’t to say I don’t ever play around with his kinks. I’m just able to do it in a way that feels effortless and laissez-faire. I’m not putting on a show or actively working to entertain his fetishes in a way that feels like work.

Our relationship may comes across as strange to most and perhaps especially exploitative to those who already don’t like me, but that’s okay. Were both thoughtful, consenting adults. Relationships can take many forms and this one seems to work for us just fine.