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Happy Thanksgiving

These last few weeks since I came back from Mexico have been busy with both work and play. I leave for Thailand December 1st for 6 weeks so I’ve been filming like crazy to stock up on clips while Im away. Yesterday way my last day of shooting and it’s a relief. I trust you all will enjoy the fruits of my labor while I’m off exploring new territories. Feel free to keep my bank account satiated in other ways as well. I don’t mind.

hump hump2

I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely Ellie Idol and Mandy Flores immediately after returning from Mexico. It was a much needed transition between leaving my dream vacation in paradise to getting back to the grind. We attended HUMP!, Dan Savage’s amateur porn festival. It’s basically where you watch an hour and a half worth of 5 min homemade porn videos submitted by people representing a full spectrum of kinks, fetishes, sexuality, gender and body types. Anyone who’s never heard of it always seems a little thrown off by the notion of watching a bunch of porn in a cinema with your friends, but the videos are, more often than not, pretty campy and fun. Not to mention, Ive been a Dan Savage fangirl since I was 14 so it’s always a treat to support his projects and see him host them live.


A week or so after that, a large group of friends were visiting and I decided to take them to DomProv: an monthly improv show hosted by Mistress Ivana. It was my first time so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it sounded up my ally. The show consisted of three men performing short skits based on audience given prompts. Depending on how well they did Ivana would praise or punish them. Punishments included swapping mouth fulls of maple syrup, giving each other sloppy topless massages, and good ole fashion whipping. It was a surprisingly good show. Mistress Ivana was clearly more of an actress/comedian than a legit dominatrix, but she played the parody well.



One of my friend’s visiting was Momo; a young traditional dominatrix with a minimal online presence. I’ve shot her a few times for team tease and she always blows me away. I love everything about her. She’s coming to visit me again before I leave and I’m going to make a point to set her up with a niteflirt account because she would kill it and I want to see her bathing in money. Look out for that.


I also had a visit with CJ (aka Ceara Junky) just last weekend. He was traveling through my city so we had coffee and he gave me as much money as the ATM machine would allow him to take out at a time. It was funny to take the picture above in a fairly crowded coffee shop. Who knows what people were thinking.

IMG_0799 IMG_0812


We talked casually for about an hour about his friends and my upcoming trip. I told him I was going to get an iPad Air because it’d be lighter and easier to travel with. He looked sad when I said this. I knew why: he wanted to buy it for me like he bought my last iPad a few years back. Who am I to deny him this pleasure? So, I picked it up yesterday and he reimbursed me. What a guy. No wonder I keep him around.





It’s Thanks Giving morning. I work up at 5am today and couldn’t go back to sleep. So I read for a bit and then loaded the rest of my clips for future activation. I’ll be busy all day getting ready for my trip and then tonight I’ll goto my family’s house for dinner. I can’t wait to stuff my face with them.

Happy Thanks Giving.

Ceara Lynch; less expensive than a marriage counselor

So apparently when I'm not out destroying the lives and bank accounts of horny men around the world, I'm actually saving their relationships.

"I've read more in-depthly into your twitter and blog, which I should have done in the first place and I just wanted to quickly explain that when I thank you and say you're awesome it's not because you just have a rocking body and wicked personality, it's because as a 26 yr old who is athletic, and pretty good looking, I need your domination. As my girlfriend isn't into femdom all that much, I love her soI don't force it, but it does leave me unsatisfied in other areas. I do need someone to boss me around in the bedroom otherwise I am more apt to get my rocks off with some random chick. But thanks to your videos I can remain a loyal boyfriend to my girlfriend without the need to fool around. I know, I am pathetic in the sense that I have no control. But femdom is my release. Day to day, I am take charge and work hard. But sometimes, I need the abuse of a Goddess like you. So thank you, for being all that you are. Even if it's just contact by me buying your videos, it helps greatly. Thanks-


See guys? Not everything I do is malicious and evil. Some of it is, dare I say…. therapeutic.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've actually been mildly impressed by the overall behavior of subs online lately. Some of you have actually been reading and listening to the advice I've been giving out on my blog lately. I'm shocked. SHOCKED! To be perfectly honest my main purpose in writing those how-to tutorials wasn't to change anyone's attitude, it was to process my frustration and maybe bring some extra traffic to my blog via fellow dommes echoing my sentiments. Apparently it not only served that purpose, but I've actually been attracting more conscientious, humble, and attentive subs. Who knew?

I should probably acknowledge them here. I so rarely praise good behavior because, well, it's to rare to find. So without further adieu, here's a shout out to some good boys;

Johnny, Nick, and Bill: My most recent custom clip buyers. Nothing particularly special about these three except for the fact that they took the time to show their appreciation for my customs via twitter and the dose, which is far superior to just emailing me directly where no one else will read it.

User boy: Messaged me on YIM to send me a $200 tribute just to show his appreciation and expected nothing in return. I tried sending him my cam anyway just so he could see the smile he put on my face, unfortunately it wasnt working on his end. He took up very little of my time, barely even chatting, even though I would have been more than happy to talk to him.

Sergio: Another slave who's been popping buy lately to send me generous tributes just because I "deserve it." Expects nothing in return, just as a tribute should be.

Yonatan: Although he has his moments of bad behavior, frustration, and promises of "never again," he not only always comes crawling back, but does so with a sincere effort to improve his behavior and become more likable to me.

Cearajunky: Was, and always will be my #1. Yes he is needy and high maintenance; but he is also completely honest and never argues with me. I have a lot of subs who see all those receipts I post on twitter that I make him reimburse me for and they all want to know how they can be in that position. My answer, they probably can't. The reason CJ has that honor is because I completely trust him to follow through with what he says. It's hard to go out and blow a bunch of money on a fancy dinner with all my friends knowing that the submissive online who promised to pay for it may have only been saying that because his dick was hard at the time, only to disappear when it's time to pay up. With CJ, this is never an issue. It doesn't hurt that he also spends copious amounts of money on me beyond this.

That's all for now. If any of you boys out there care to make any future acknowledgements like this, I suggest you do your homework (reading 1, reading 2, reading 3)


Moving on, I had a fun and productive trip to LA last weekend with Monique shooting for Team Tease. We filmed a couple fetish super stars, the likes of Paris Kennedy and Mina Thorne, the Team Tease original Miss Scarlet as well as an absolutely FANTASTIC new addition to the team; Princess Momo.

Definitely check out the Team Tease studio for Momo's debut clip. I was so impressed with this girl, she was so wise beyond her years. She had been going to fetish clubs in London since she was 13 and then started pro domming when she hit 18. Now, at just 19 years old this chick was better skilled at the art of domination than most women twice her age. She also has to be the first member of the team who actually lost track of time while being filmed, especially so when we shot her with the film slave. One clip in particular went on for 35 minutes! And it certainly doesn't hurt that she's an exotic mix of Japanese, Persian, with a charming British accent to boot.

Here's some eye candy shot over the weekend;




Mina and myself

That's all for now. Now be good and thank me for these pictures by buying up some clips; http://clips4sale.com/18012