After Care

In the BDSM world, people often engage in what is known as “aftercare” as a way to recover after a heavy D/s scene. BDSM can be an intense psychological experience and people often have certain needs to acclimate back into the real world comfortably and process the entire experience in a positive way. It could be as simple as a glass of water, a little cuddling, or a deep and reassuring conversation.

The practice is practically absent in the online world, especially in regards to fetish clips. For example, a customer will buy a video of mine, watch me ruthlessly humiliate him, tear down his ego and treat him like shit. Then he’ll cum and it’s done. He cleans up and goes about his day. He doesn’t know me beyond erotically cruel persona I’ve presented to facilitate his orgasm, and I don’t know them beyond an invoice number that appears in my inbox. I’m not saying any of this is good or bad. It’s just one of many ways the adult online marketplace works.

I recently had a customer submit a custom clip request where he wanted me to simply sit relaxed and casual talking directly to the camera giving “meta blessings” which he described as a “kind of prayer for your love to be spread all over the world to every living being.” He gave me some examples of what he meant (“Stay loving. Stay positive. Especially about yourself.” “Everyone has something to offer to the world. Especially you.”) and in the end asked me to be honest and sincere in what I said.

Well, honestly, that hippie shit doesn’t resonate with me. So I took his request and did in my way. It’s essentially the clip version of “aftercare.” A way of stepping outside my role and offering up a little perspective. It’s meant to be watched after any of my other clips. Especially for those who feel a bit weird or uncomfortable about you fetish.

Its all off the cuff (like all my videos) I didn’t rehearse this or write a script. That probably shows. It’s not perfect. I repeat myself here and there and I’m sniffling some from a cold. I realize it’s still a little impersonal and one video won’t be relevant to every person. But it’s real and sincere and I offer it to you all for free. Hopefully some of you find some value in it.

aftercare by princessceara

20 thoughts on “After Care

  1. Aman

    wow!! thanks Princess for such a sweet and meaningful video. Yes. it’s quite motivating as well.

  2. bjoy

    I really enjoyed watching that clip, having a glimps behind the person we fantasise about is always a priviledge, though not always a joy! Behind my fantacy about you there is clearly a very decent person and I am very pleased to see/hear that.
    Keep up the great work

  3. borg10

    Oh my God(dess)! You are stunning and it’s nice to see you talking to us like this ,i
    mean like to a normal person 🙂 . Effect on me is that i’m now even more crazy about you. After “After Care” clip i had to watch some “normal” clip like for example “Boot Bottom Bitch”. Wish you all the best and stay just the way you are.

  4. marty greco

    not used to seeing that sid eof you; I was expecting some about-face, where you tore the viewer a new one. nice to know you can be human

  5. Yahya

    Thank you for being thoughtful and for your candour in this “After-care” video :] It’s really sweet. I think I found almost everything you said agreeable and I’ve actually been thinking most of it to myself for a few years.

    I’ve been going through some of the difficulties you described to do with fetishes and fantasies since I became aware of my own libido. Obviously the challenge really started when I discovered porn at around age 12-13. In the culture I was brought up in, it’s especially taboo. Along with masturbation, talking about regular sex, wanting a girlfriend etc.. Suppression of the most basic urges and instincts. That’s one of the underlying factors contributing to a lot of wars and violence in the middle east; lots of angry men with pent up frustration and anger, feeling ashamed and guilty of masturbating (repenting then masturbating again..), let alone their fantasies. Sometimes all the repressed sexual energy, thoughts and emotions get twisted and explode out in harmful ways. And I’m sure this happens in other parts of the world just as much but there’s just a too high concentration of it in the middle east from what I’m seeing – because of the culture mainly.

    I explored a lot of my fantasies online and some in real life. Particularity ass worship. I think I found that once I got it out of my system (at least for a week or a month) I just wanted a normal sexual relationship with a girl, someone I like and care for obviously; lust and its fulfilment in orgasms doesn’t mean much otherwise – just becomes a bodily function.
    “Sex is all about losing yourself in the other person” or something to that effect – from Don Jon, great movie on porn addiction.

    And the best way to connect and lose yourself in the other person and feel intimacy is just regular good old sex. When you’re not getting it, for whatever reason, your sexual energy is diverted into the alternatives of masturbation and fantasies. At least that’s my theory. I’m not sure because I have not had sex yet (I’m 27 now). Again, because the culture I’m a part of demands marriage – which is good for society and potential offspring – but at the same time make it very, very difficult to do so. Meeting someone in serious dating is hard enough let alone meeting someone to marry.

    Thanks again for your honesty and thoughtfulness. I hope some of what I wrote made sense.

    Kindest Regards

    PS If you noticed I’m the same guy who already emailed twice today don’t think I’m sucking up to you :p I went ahead and masturbated to some excellent twerking videos on youtube. But if you can help when you’re not too busy I would be thankful. If not, thank you anyway.

  6. Jay

    Very cool and candid video! I watched out of curiosity, wondering about this after-care thing. Then I starting thinking, I feel like you’ve reached a new place where you are so comfortable and secure with yourself that you can open up entirely and try new things that others wouldn’t consider. Like this giveaway to somehow help the clients/people you cater to. Maybe this is somehow related to all the travel and time off I’ve noticed on twitter, I know traveling to new places is great at giving perspective in life. Or maybe you really are just that secure, and occupy that ‘cool’ image naturally. Thanks for sharing the vid!

  7. Scott

    Thank you very much for taking your time to do this video even though you are sick and don’t get paid for it. I really appreciate it. Although, I have to say a lot of it is just validating what I already know on my own. People need to realize just how important it is to have the ability to determine the difference between down to earth reality and fake or delusional shit both inside and outside of porn. I must admit I never really pay attention to the dom or humiliation aspect of your videos but I do really enjoy watching them. I’ve always known you were a real person behind all your dom persona. I already knew you’re a legitimately good, kind, and down to earth person at heart and I can I see it shining through in this video. I really hope you are already getting better and getting enough rest. Have a very nice day Ceara!

  8. Parker

    The first time I watched this clip it brought tears to my eyes. It’s just perfect. So glad you released it like this. It’s beautiful. And I’m glad your fans get to see this side of you.

  9. Randy

    Such a nice message. I have a couple thoughts.

    First, I do know a good number of women (attractive and usually young) who have notable fetishes. One likes to peg guys until they cry, several fantasize about men having gay encounters (rather vanilla, really), one who gets off thinking about being repeatedly gangraped by pirates until she’s eventually thrown overboard, several toilet fetishists, etc. Overall, you’re probably right that it’s more common with men. Part nature, part nurture I would guess. Behaviorally speaking, the comparatively limited access to sex that men have leaves them with more time to follow the dark alleyways of fantasy, ever-looking to up the thrill.

    (There’s also a bit of a selection bias with my kinky female comrades. I tend to seek out pretty freaks.)

    Also, ironically, one of the reasons I haven’t gotten too deep into the clip scene is the same thing you say reassuringly in the video: “it’s not personal”. Personal turns me on. The fantasy is about me, after all, even when it’s about you.

    Thanks for the kind message, and do stick around. You’re fun.

  10. blueballedscott

    Amazing! Thanks for being so real to us. I appreciate what you have said and I’m in a much better place for it. Thanks!!

  11. Chet

    Goddess, that was so sincere and heartfelt, that I am floored! I have always respected you as a Domme, but now, I admire you as a person – a beautiful person! Best wishes in your awesome life. But give me a yell should you ever have any real hardship(s).


  12. footsniffer paolo

    Princess once I got past the thought that I wish I were kissing and sniffing your beautiful sweet little pussy through your yoga pants I really enjoyed what you had to say!I have to say you really are the most AMAZING combination of beauty and brilliance!I could listen and watch you speak all day about anything because quite frankly you are so fucking mesmerizing!Keep doing what you do Bella,you are GOLD!

  13. Bill

    You know Ceara that was so refreshing to hear that. That was really cool! I never thought I would ever ever hear you say anything like that, Wow! Attestment to Your Great Job of Acting! I am so happy that a Domina like You shows appreciation to the pervs that help make You money. Compassion to us so-called Losers, I wonder how many other wallet raping princesses on NF and Twitter think the way You do? Thank You for sharing.

    Kisses at YOUR HEELS


  14. Henry

    Wow! Thanks for this video, it really made me feel peaceful for some reason. I don’t know, maybe seeing you in a normal way. Anyway, I appreciate it.
    I loved the part where you say you hope we can get our partners to understand our fetish, for me thats feet… And if someone is reading this, I do advise to make them know in time, its so much fun to act those fetishes with someone you love other than just jerking off to it.

  15. jmanbastardo

    It saddens me to think that all these femdom videos have been just a persona. This video is crushing. You have always been a being if Divine retribution. I will continue to think of You in that light.

  16. Vish

    This video has been removed from daily motion…..@ ceara could you kindly re upload or direct me to a working link of this video please 🙂 I would be grateful.
    Any help would be appreciated from any fans of ceara ma’am too (and this isn’t me acting as a slave but a younger fan of ceara Lynch addressing an elder woman properly 🙂
    Fan from India

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