Seeking submissive participants


Currently seeking: Submissive and fetishists. Particularly those who actively buy phone sessions.

For what: A podcast project currently in the works.

The premise: I record our phone fetish session at $1/min through skype. Then afterwards I’ll record a casual conversation (free) where we get to know each other as people and talk about our normal lives.

The intent: To make a personal connection with my client, both sexual and non. Show juxtaposition between the two conversations in and out of our fetish roles.

I’m looking for candor and openness, but I would not ask anything of you that would reveal your identity. You are welcome to ask questions of me as well, I’m looking for a conversation as oppose to an interview.

Participants will receive: a massive discount in my phone rate: $1/min as oppose to $5/min. The “casual” conversation will be free. Once completed, I’ll offer a free 3 month subscription to my members website (

If interested, please email me to schedule.


4 thoughts on “Seeking submissive participants

  1. Simon

    So tempted to be involved with this. Sounds like it’ll be a really interesting insight into the whole sub/femdom dynamic. For me, the establishment of a personal connection between those involved is extremely important in making the whole thing work. Confessing your secret kinks to someone you like, admire or are simply attracted to, despite knowing they’ll then have a permanent real life hold over you from that moment on, is one of the hottest things ever.

    Whatever happens, this is one podcast I’m going to make absolutely sure I give a serious listen to … Thanks.


  2. sameerdewan

    Welcome Dear ladies
    Hi and thank you for your interest and time look at my profile .My name is sameer dewan.I m a 34 Year old (5’9”)Tall and average guy .
    I take great care of my Physique ,Presentation as well as manners. I m very sexual, sensual,but witty and playful.
    I m a companion to be truly fulfilling art from to connect with interesting people be it in a physical emotional or mental level.
    My experience as a professional male companion across all india will be directed to exploring your sexual fantasies and Role Play ,Judgement free,and with the almost discretion.

  3. pp

    Great idea and I hope it goes well. At first I thought it might relate to fieldwork for a psychology paper (it still may, I recognise). And on a trivial point, my phone wrapped your email address to produce a new adverb – cearaly.

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