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Last week I was featured on my local news cast. A news reporter emailed me after reading my article in the Portland Monthly and thought it was a great story. I’m still scratching my head wondering why they thought this was an appropriate story to air multiple times on prime time news, but I think it’s hilarious. Their facebook thread blew up with people absolutely disgusted they would run this story and I think that’s great.

Shortly after the story ran someone on twitter notified me that an article came out about me in Israel, an hour later someone told me another one came out in India, then in the UK, then Mexico, then Taiwan and France. They all look like the same article more or less, just translated into different languages. My instagram has been blowing up with 6k new followers in just 3 days.

Its been an interesting experience. With all the international traveling I’ve been doing the past couple years, several people I met only briefly around the world have been finding these articles and reaching out to me. It’s been a good week. I’m doing a radio interview with Fubar later this afternoon, a few podcasts next month and possibly some documentary filming with a TV network in Ireland. Bring it on.