Ruin Me Kickstarter

I haven’t spoken much about this publicly yet, I suppose now is the time to let you all in.

For the past 3 years I’ve been working closely with Australian film maker Julian Shaw on a film about my life and work. It’s been an exciting project that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching come to fruition. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. A mind fuck of a thriller that defies any genre. Just like me.

Much of is has been shot and much of it has been privately funded (including a sponsorship from clips4sale) But there’s still some funds left that needs to be raised. That’s where you come in: I’m calling upon all you slaves, worshippers, wankers, lurkers, admirers, haters, pay pigs, and plain ole degenerates fucks to gather what money you have and pledge to our kickstarter. Lets make this possible.

I know nothing gives you a greater satisfaction then to use your hard earned dollars to watch me rise to the top. So, you’re welcome.


7 thoughts on “Ruin Me Kickstarter

  1. X marks the spot

    Hmm … interesting.

    Who is this a vehicle for ?

    I’ve done a fair bit of gritty documentary work before, so I’m naturally cynical.
    And this, looks a bit like the ‘Julian Shaw’ show to me. Would I want to watch one and
    a half hours of him basically promoting himself, on the expectation that seeing you, and
    maybe a few other femdom stars, will draw me in and keep me viewing. No, not really.

    The cynic in me is saying ‘who’s using who’ when I watch this trailer.
    The ultra cynic in me, is wondering if the kicker at the end of the film, is that
    the supposed player, is the one who ends up being played.

    But, like I said, I’m pretty damn cynical. I’m sure it’ll be great …


    1. cearalynch Post author

      Good. You’re asking questions and have no idea what’s really going on. Mission accomplished.

  2. tiny tormented terry

    Best of success. I feel like I am ruined ever since I sent you my very first message.

  3. CearaWins

    Is this kinda like blair witch? Where he thinks he’s just interviewing you on your life and then gets sucked up into a paypig like some horror film? If so I’m soo in!!

  4. tiny tormented terry

    In a way, I feel like this movie is totally about me. All I wanted to do is to compliment you on your power just being a innocent outsider. The next thing I know is that I am $300 in the hole and now get to drink your saliva and eat your chewed up bubble gum in front of a camera that you get to see first hand as long as you know this won’t damage me physically and it has your endorsement or blessings. I know it will ruin me mentally. I forgot to add that you know most all my critical information now as well. Just like that you could say I am ruined. I am so stupid and vulnerable. You hold all the power. I didn’t plan this. It just happened in the blink of an eye or the click of two buttons, one into your website and another “send message” button. Now I feel like I have been flushed down your toilet.

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