Kickstarter Update


We are 1/4 of the into our campaign and well over half way towards our goal of $25,000 AUS. As I write this, 111 backers have pledged $15,454 AUS. Keep this up, and we’ll easily double our goal.

Some noteworthy pledgers include:

@cearasFRbitch – $100
@cearajunky – $250
@soleshine13 – $450
@praystoceara Р$500
@fluffurnut – $500
@yourmandygirl $750
@hypnofairy Р$3000

Have you pledged yet? Why the fuck not?

You can pledge as low as $15 and keep it anonymous. No excuse.


6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Update

  1. soleshine, moondog, fuckface

    i’ve never been involved in anything this worthwhile. i’ve been praying that i can see this at the theater on the big screen. Break a slave’s leg Princess!

  2. @cearasFRbitch

    i’m happy for You Princess!
    and the fact You mentioned me make me really happy, i feel in live now!
    i’m really grateful, i love You Princess!

  3. tiny tormented terry

    I am very sorry I haven’t pledged yet. I am so terrified of you Goddess Ceara. I definitely WANT to pledge for this worthy cause.

  4. tiny tormented terry

    I pledged Goddess Ceara. You own me. I hope you will forgive my earlier comment.

  5. tiny tormented terry

    It is only appropriate that I back this movie so I did. I am one of your many toys that you can have fun with and ruin very easily.

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