Kickstarter target met!

In just two weeks we have met our kickstarter target of $25,000 AUS. Fuck YES!

You all should be very proud of yourself. Well, everyone who donated really. The rest of you can fuck off forever.

So, what does a girl like me do when she gets all the money she’s asked for? Yup. That’s right, she asks for MORE.

There’s still several days left to the campaign. We now have a new stretch goal of $38,000 to be met by July 1st.

So if you haven’t already, pledge now. Or if you have pledged, make it bigger.

Feed my greed. Support my fame. If this bimbo can do it, so can you.


3 thoughts on “Kickstarter target met!

  1. tiny tormented terry

    Dear Goddess Ceara, I am pledging more to this AWESOME film. I am now a loaded loser. In my mind, I have been your loser since I first contacted you. I know there have been times you have ripped into me in which I deserve. Since my job is to please you, it makes me real sad when I make you mad. I look up to you and worship you. I hope that I am a good little boy in that I have made tributes to you that total $400 of my hard earned money in the past two months.

    I am not looking for compliments though since that is what I was suppose to do. I am still willing to drink your spit and chew on your chewed up gum if you would like. It would be a honor for me even though it is gross and disgusting. The facts that it is yours though makes it good and special. We can even make it into a Skype session if you would like. I need to learn Skype first though.

    Thanks Goddess Ceara.

    Your loaded loser,

    tiny tormented terry

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