I’m in Amsterdam! I arrived around 8am. Waiting for me at the airport with coffee was my Dutch foot slave wearing sissy pink lipstick and a chastity belt. He dutifully carried my bags and had a tram card filled with money for me to use.

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After we arrived at my airbnb he bought me some groceries to keep in the kitchen then helped me fight my jet lag by giving me a walking tour through out the city. I ate raw herring for the first time, It was fucking delicious.

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Astro domina and Domina Snow joined me later that day. Snow lives in Paris now so it was an easy train ride for her, Astro happened to be traveling through Europe at the time. Thats great thing about having rich, beautiful, well traveled friends is that you often run into them in foreign countries, unplanned. We toured the red light district, saw a peep show then decided to wind down at a nearby coffee shop.

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I’m here until Monday, traveling for 3 weeks in total. Not entirely sure where I’ll go next. Denmark perhaps?

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6 Responses to Amsterdam

  1. raptone says:

    I hope you see the Anne Frank house. I visited Amsterdam once a few years ago, but left it to the last day because I knew it would be a heavy thing in an otherwise very fun vacation. Time slipped away and I’ve regretted that ever since. The past is more vivid when you see an actual place where something happened, and what happened there deserves to be vivid. May it not happen again.

  2. Georgie says:

    What a bull-shitter you are!!Why don’t you just tell the truth:you went to Amsterdam on your money and that guy there was just a friend of yours!
    Do you really think we are so gullible as to believe you actually have blokes paying for your vacations all over the world???
    Give us a break,won’t you?!

  3. Ronald says:

    Wow!! How can i be as lucky as dutch foot slave?

  4. Sarah Getz says:

    You’re such a shitty person. You clearly enjoy manipulating people. Some like you deserve to slap

  5. Gerard says:

    Why are (some) people so rude and nasty in their comments? I hope you had a wonderful stay and enjoyed your time in our small country! 🙂

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