Happy birthday to… Nate?

This last weekend I celebrated my birthday by hosting a huge party at my house. 50 people showed including some familiar faces; Princess Monique, Meggerz, Astro Domina, Mistress T, MomoDomina Snow, and Nate-bitch, aka “the luckiest slave in the world.”

The party was amazing for a number of reasons, but the most blog worthy moment was when Monique pulled Nate-bitch out of my hot tub and began stepping all over him and kicking his ass. This instigated a humiliation pile-on with a few other girls as the rest of us sat back and laughed. Most of the attendees here were not in the adult industry so they couldn’t quite believe their eyes. This was pure, unscripted public humiliation. Lord knows what my neighbors were thinking (one of them have windows that look directly into my backyard. ha!)

Luckily I had my phone on me and recorded the whole thing. Here’s a little taste of how it all got started:

Seriously now, who’s birthday was this? Mine or Nate’s? This bitch has died and gone to heaven.

Naturally I’m capitalizing this as much as I can.

Buy the full length video here: http://clips4sale.com/16312/16084278 


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