Racial Humiliation

“Most of us will get turned on at night by the very same things that we will demonstrate against during the day. The erotic mind is not very politically correct.” – Esther Perel

I received a clip request from a guy recently who wanted me to pretend he’s a little baby. After I gave him what will be his last diaper change, he wanted me to cover him in Vaseline, throw him in a back trash bag, tie it up, take it to the curb, and then laugh sadistically as the garbage man crushes his tiny body and skull in a garbage compactor.

I agreed to do the clip, took the nice mans money, filmed it and put it up for sale last week. As a result, exactly zero people accused me of infanticide.

I’ve acted out a lot of dark roles over the years. Over 1500 clips, many of which touched on topics such as rape, incest, extortion, castration, infidelity, murder and suicide. I’ve degraded men for their body, their age, their genital size, their mental illness, their religion and their sexuality. I’ve made clips that could be deemed homophobic, transphobic and pretty much all of them are sexist. I’ve told guys to murder their parents, to pimp out their wife and kids, to go bankrupt and consume shit until they die.

I’ve also shot exactly 3 clips on racial humiliation (RH). Each we’re a paid custom from a man of their respective race.

Just these 3 clips in particular, and not any others, have been caused an uproar a couple months back. It seems RH is a no go zone. The taboo of taboos. Everything else can be written off as role-play. But RH, for some reason, is the one special kink that can’t be acted out. If you do it, you are a racist. Is that fair?

Fantasies are not chosen. Our brains make them up without our permission. Sexuality is a force of Mother Nature, and Mother Nature doesn’t care who you are, what you look like, or what you find offensive.

I didn’t always do RH. But one day I received a phone call from a black guy who wanted me to. I did so, reluctantly. The words felt awkward coming from my mouth. I was wincing the entire conversation. But he encouraged me along the way and by the end of it all, he was grateful. Before he hung up, he breathed a sigh of relief and said,

“Thank you so much. It’s so hard to find someone willing to go there.”

There’s a world of difference between using words to hurt people and using words to make them cum. Intent matters. Fetishes often take our biggest insecurities, fears, and rage, recycles them in our brain and pushes them out into a big, blissful, climax. That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

If equality is the goal, we can’t say that RH is some how uniquely different from any other taboo kink involving consenting adults. It should be treated the same.

You don’t have to like it, you don’t have to participate in it. But shouting at producers who create it and trying to censor it from adults who enjoy it only creates resentment, not understanding.

I recently had a really nice conversation with Seth, aka @IngloriousBAD who is a self proclaimed feminist, social justice warrior and movie buff, who happens to have a fetish for racial humiliation (among other things.) You can listen to it here:

9 thoughts on “Racial Humiliation

  1. cearasFRbitch

    i totally agree Princess! saying that You’re racist because You do a role-play in racial abuse is exatly like saying that Leonardo Di Caprio is racist because of his character in Django Unchained!

  2. addicted2ceara

    Two unrelated thoughts.

    First, re. your podcast as a venue for revealing your customers as people. It has hit the mark. Well done. I now read Seth’s tweets in a different light … he’s a person, not some disjointed voice limited by 144 characters.

    Second, regarding racial humiliation. As I start work on my third blog entry deciphering your persona, the notion of pornography versus obscenity reared its head. This is non-trivial in that, in a very real (and legal) sense, there is a distinction. Blurred, but distinct nonetheless.

    In particular, obscene material as defined by law (which presumably reflects to a certain extent societal views), aside from appealing to the prurient interest and be “utterly without redeeming social value”, must also be “patently offensive because it affronts contemporary community standards relating to the description of sexual matters.” I think “the affront contemporary community standards relating to the description of sexual matters” is the criteria in play here.

    And so I wonder if, in the eyes of many, RH falls outside the accepted realm know as pornography and is on the obscene side of the spectrum? (OBTW, “contemporary community standards” is a moving target. Who knows? By this very discussion, you and Seth may be moving those standards to a different, more enlightened (?) place.

    As for the notion that “it’s just two consenting adults engaged in fantasy play.” That’s a pretty powerful argument. Though I think that a RH clip becomes more than “just” two consenting adults once the clip goes on sale to the public.

    Just my two sense. And thank you for letting me contribute to this interesting, and potentially important, discussion.

  3. Donai

    i think RH is the maximun trigger for the PC factor people usually have, but is social thing, im from venezuela, probably one of the less PC countrys in the world and my best friend is black, i am white…..and i basically everyday i see him i make a joke that in another country can put me in jail xD but he also do the same xD i mean if i make a joke about he being black he says he is okay because he have a dick twice my size or something like that…..and that has been our relationship for like 10 years, he is my best friend, probably is going to be my best frien until i die………so most of the time when i see how careful is the people in other places about this subject i can only think….dude, i dont get it

    interesting post

    1. Myra

      Donai— You can’t be put in jail for being racist in America (and other Western liberal democracies, I believe). Only ridiculed by others/the public. You can lose your job or be sued as an employer. You can say whatever you want basically. There are obscenity laws but I think the only things that are illegal are bestiality and child porn.

  4. R

    That was an excellent podcast! I agree with both of you on this subject.

    I think a big part of the ”social justice warrior” thing is that it has become very, very hipster to do sjw/feminist ”call-outs”. Also, those people live in a subculture of constant paranoia about whether or not they’re ”being a good ally”, so they often go too far, just to be sure they’re doing enough. In their subculture, if you make one wrong move-if you make a slight mistake – you’ll be ostracized, publicly shamed, hated and slandered by people who were supposedly your friends. It’s very much like a creepy cult.

    I hope you keep doing these podcasts, they’re really interesting!

  5. 검은양

    It’s funny, as a Black guy myself(well, genetically, not very black “cultured”, definitely fit the “culture rebel” tag. ( http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CulturalRebel ) ) running into these blogs more often. Both two other models almost got banned from manyvids for doing Interracial Humiliation stuff, and other stores also even made a public statement saying it’s not allowed. And if you have a kink for this it sucks when that happens ’cause it’s hard enough to find models that do it–even harder to find much of it.

    However, I often find out that the ones do do it, and the ones that even stop, are often beautiful in a quite ephemeral way They’re all open minded individuals, and when it’s to that degree it’s special. Whether or not they truly feel that way about my genetic race–I could care less. But I think we as humans–the more taboo it is, the more exhilarating it is.

    If it’s our choice, it should be no problem. If it’s their choice, it shouldn’t be a problem. If it’s true hatred, oh well. It’s quite hilarious because especially in America, North and South we hear, see, and even practice hatred everyday. Whether it’s politics, discrimination of ideologies, that guy staring at you in the store ’cause you’re Black and you’re taking a long time to decide on what to buy so they think you might steal. (especially with a backpack on, personal experience, many, many times) Or whatever. But once it reaches the erotic level it’s wrong? It sucks to live in such a narrow minded (western)world sometimes. Like seriously, how all that family taboo is so accepted, and the HIGH school age range daughter/son stuff is fine(and hella popular); but racial play isn’t is obfuscating to me!

    And you guys may not believe it; but it is a community for this(for all races into racial play), small, but fortified. We trade ideas, give different custom ideas to each other and everything. And it always sucks for us all when stuff like this happens ’cause it’s less models out there that will do it. But Ceara is a boss-ass-chick she won’t let opinion crumble her. (One model took her whole store down… RIP : ( )

    Anyways, glad you do the clips Ceara. Don’t know if you read these or if you give a shit really. Though I personally am no fan of any woman OR man that has so much money and people that give them money it’s like people are looked at as tools to them–you’re the one mainstream Humiliatrix that’s cool in my book! Maybe after University and I land my first real job I’ll be one of those crazy Black guys that order those expensive ass clips from you. Lol(who am I kidding, most likely)

  6. Amit

    I just wanted to say that the interview was very interesting and mostly it was very enjoyable to hear a highly intelligent conversation (unfortunately you were both on the same side but still gave several perspectives) on a controversial subject which is something you can’t find anymore especially on subject where self proclaimed liberals are the conservative side and they are always unwilling to acknowledge that so they ruing the debate.

  7. Suli

    Supreme Goddess Ceara Lynch, I am a paki Muslim, obviously from a very conservative country, where even the word fetish is a taboo, but me and thousand like me love all fetishes, I started with dirty school uniform boots feitsh when in school, went through many other fetishes, but now only religious and racial fetish can bring me really happiness, I believe myself inferior to you only because I am brown like shit and you are white like pearl, I m Muslim so I must be a toilet dog and you are a non Muslim female so you must be my GOD.

    Now see the point here me and millions more want this Fetish, and anybody who is against RF s against our rights and our happiness, you are a Queen and my God, please don’t bother yourself with these losers

  8. Mike

    There should be more people about and comfortable about a fetish. If it gets my dick hard when you call me nigger..during raceplay…consentual then what’s the problem? Continue and please give some references of others who Dom in that way..

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