Ruin Me shooting


It’s official. Were shooting this beast.

At least felt more official on Thursday, when there was a full film crew at my house; a cinematographer, sound mixer, production assistant, make up artist and stylist. Plus a table with coffee and pop tarts. This is the real deal.


Our cinematographer is a 2 time beard and mustache world champion, by the way. Isn’t it amazing? So soft and majestic. Hugging him is like diving into a pile of goose feathers.


The first two days went great, despite Julian’s prima donna attitude on set. I swear this bitch requires more hair and make up prep than I do…


5 thoughts on “Ruin Me shooting

  1. cearasFRbitch

    it’s awesome Princess! i’m so happy to gave $350 aud to this project! ( beware there is a disguised self compliment)

  2. R

    I hope that you crushed the pop tarts with your feet before anybody was allowed to eat them, ha ha.

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