ISO Beta Readers

I am currently in search of beta readers for an extensive writing project I’m working on related to fetish and femdom. I am looking for people who can review my drafts and give me honest, thoughtful, constructive feedback in a timely manner on how to make it better. Discretion is important.

If you would like to be considered, please email the following information to with the subject “Beta reader application”

1. Name
2. Are you a writer? Please show me examples of your work.
3. Do you have any experience in editing other people’s writing? If so, please describe.
4. Why do you want to help?

7 thoughts on “ISO Beta Readers

  1. Marc Rosenblum

    I would be interested in trying to edit and to proofread your writing. You are an intelligent person and I think are capable of looking at yourself in a self-critical and objective manner. I like women like you who are bright and beautiful. I have a Ph.D. in English and have taught as an adjunct assistant professor in the New York City area for the last thirty years. I would be interested in learning about what you think about yourself, your life, and about the people around you. I also enjoy watching your erotic videos and I am a member of your website. However, I don’t believe that you’re a total winner or that I am a total loser because I watch your videos. You need to remember that one day you will lose your youthful beauty and will become old and shriveled yourself. You might want to be more kind to the elderly who admire your youthful, erotic beauty. I would like to read your writing and maybe be able to become your friend.

  2. Marc Rosenblum

    When I was in my late teens and during my twenties, I enjoyed writing poetry and short stories and I once wrote a one-act play. As an undergraduate student at Queens College (City University of New York) I won an award for the two hundred page manuscript of short stories and poetry that I handed in for a creative writing competition. I often fantasize about writing a large novel that would express all that I have experienced in life (e.g. life with my family, life as a teacher in academia, my relationships with women, my struggle to survive financially, etc.). I have extensive experience editing and proofreading my students writing in English Composition I and English Composition II and in my literature courses.

    1. cearalynch Post author

      I don’t care. You just demonstrated to me twice you can’t even read a simple blog post and follow instructions. Stop commenting.

      1. Marc Rosenblum

        Are you not aware that people who always seek to put other people down do so because they themselves suffer from a grave inferiority complex? I have no further comments to make. Hasta la vista, Baby!!!

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