I arrived in Dublin 4 days ago. A long time follower of mine offered to fly me out and pay for my accommodations in exchange for a little social time (dinner and drinks.) I don’t normally meet fans in person, but I made an exception in this case because the guy was vouched for by a close friend in the industry and I had never been to Dublin before. It was also an excuse to have a little weekend romp with one of my european lovers.

I arrived in Dublin sick. I spent last weekend in Vegas, giving my immune system a good beating. I spent all week trying to recover and was feeling mostly better but the plane ride out here set me back again. So I’ve mostly been taking it easy so far.

By sheer coincidence, the Irish Documentary I filmed earlier this Summer, “Kevin McGahern’s America” was aired the day after I arrived. I did a local morning radio interview with Kevin on Monday to promote it. You can listen to it here:



Later that night I was invited over to the producers house to watch it with his family.I was so touched by their hospitality. This nice wholesome Irish family taking me in, feeding me snacks and introducing me to their baby as we watched a segment about how I abuse men on the internet for a living. They were so lovely.


The segment turned out very well. Im always a bit nervous how I’ll be portrayed in these sorts of things, but I think they did a great job keeping an objective point of view. Unfortunately it’s difficult to watch if you’re not in Ireland. It aired on RTE2, but I think you can also watch it on the RTE player online if you pay for it.


I traveled to the city center one Tuesday to buy some new lingerie, then spent most of my time in the hotel room filming clips. It was a great room to film out of. Lots of natural light and modern decor. Now that the work portion of my trip is over, I’ve moved to a more central location to explore the city and bang some fat european dick.

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I love my life.

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    Nice! It’s really cool that you do so many interviews and things. I love seeing and hearing the reactions that you get from people.

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    I wonder how long it will be until a Domme becomes a popular mainstream celebrity? I like to imagine there will be multiple reality shows following the lives of women like you.

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    The funding of your movie was so successful, it seems like there’s a market for femdom porn that is more than just short clips or scenes. Either reality show sort of thing, or actual films. Kinky fantasies often involve complex plots, so that could work really well.

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