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Be a cock star!

Ever since I first started identifying myself as female on the internet, men across the globe have been sending me unsolicited pictures of their penises. Despite the copious amounts of dick my eyes have had to endure, guys still seem to think exposing themselves to me is somehow novel or amusing. Guess what? It's not and never was. Time to rub those two brain cells together and get a little more creative.

I'm holding a contest to see why can send me the most presentable penis. And for once in your life; size doesn't matter!

I'll be personally selecting three of the best submissions and then conducting a poll to the masses.

Winner receives a free custom clip.

Only $3 to enter. Choose one of the options below to enter and receive contest details (kinkbomb preferred):


– OR –

– OR –

Email me to arrange another method: contact@cearalynch.com