I admit I’m new to niteflirt but I seem to be quite the natural at this phone abuse thing.  I’ve talked to so many characters already all pathetic and worthless in their own special ways. Teachers, police officers, accountants and married closet-fags; all paying Me obscene per minute rates to tell Me their most shameful and darkest secrets. Take this asshole for instance:

Most people assume i am some macho tough guy because i am a cop, but if they only knew the real me. i am a divorced wimp (wife left me for another guy) and i hide behind my badge while working. If you are the type that does not like authority figures or would like to take it out on a cop talk to me.

I’d post his picture to humiliate him but I don’t think he deserves quite that much attention. Plus I don’t need him uglying up this place (is that a word? Cause now it is). I’ve hated cops ever since I got pulled over for the first time and got an MIP for drinking one stupid vodka tonic. Actually, to be honest I’ve had more positive encounters with the police then bad,  but I don’t let that cloud my judgement. Stupid cops! I called him Officer Dumbfuck and he oinked for Me. It was hilarious. he’ll be calling again soon, I’m sure.

As for the rest of you retards, why havnt you called? I’m a fucking sweetheart, I promise….