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Bikini feet oiled up in your face
Hanging out in my bikini teasing you with my sexy feet. I know how weak you get for them, just wrinkle my soles and spread my toes and youre like puddy in my hands! I take your silly little fetish to the next level when I pour baby oil all over them and make your head spin. You live for my feet.

Forced bi custom video
This video is a warning to closet sissy Nate! Watch out. At some point, when you least expect it, I will kidnap you during the night when your stupid girlfriend is away. You will be hand cuffed and thrown into my trunk to be taken back to my place. There, I will tie you up and tickle you into submission as you struggle and cry for help. I wont be long until you come to the realization that there no escape, I will dress you up like a girl and totally feminize your girlie ass. Once you look pretty enough, its time to learn to suck cock using my 10″ thick black dildo. Think you can handle it? Doesnt matter, I will make it happen. After intense deep throat training, Im going to work on opening up that tiny white ass until it gapes like a true slut! Youre going to scream and cry while I pound your butt until it opens on command! Hahaha. Now its time for Pimptress Ceara to finish her sissy project.. Time to get introduced to craigslist natey-poo…

Shredding any sign of affection you could ever hope for!
I thought I’d express my affection to you since I forgot to send you an Easter greeting. I picked up this sweet hallmark card that really expressed my appreciation for our friendship… I want to make a video of me writing in it to make it extra special, so here it goes; DEAR FUCKHEAD, YOU SUCK! Hahaha!! I cant believe you fell for this again! Dipshit..

You little locked up chastity freaks have been begging me to post your 2nd assignment — so here it is! It would have been posted sooner but I just have way to much fun knowing that little useless stick of yours is suffering in its wee little prison. Search my clips for assignment one if you havnt already.