$1500 day

Oh how I love big $$ days. I caught two meaty fish today. One mind fuck junkie who paid a lovely amount for continuous cam. I put on my sexiest pair of boots, got him drunk as a skunk and he was like a fat open wallet in my hand in no time. Wouldnt even let him touch his dick the whole time, just tortured him with my hot self until he was ready to pay a giant cum tax. By that time rolled around I made him call my NF lines at $10/min just to fuck him over more! The stupid lush spend around $700 just to blow his stupid stick and he STILL wanted to talk longer!! Next step, chastity!!

Then came extreme humiliation junkie ttloser. Oh my god what this guy wont do on cam. Naked jumping jacks, dressed up like a slut, q-tips up his pee hole, punches to his own nuts, slamming his dick in the door, drank his own piss twice, and to top in all off I made him go into his nasty unflushed toilet, scoop out some shit and lick it off his fingers. Got it all recorded too, HAHA!! This guy loves blackmail but is scared to death of it. HMMM! I’m still debating whether or not to just post those videos up here, or make all you envious fuckers pay for it on c4s. Oh yeah and he forked over $650, $300 of which I helped myself to after I got his log in info out of him. HA! Would have gladly squeezed more out of this freak-show if he didnt have a spending limit on niteflirt. Once that was up, I was done with him.

Oh yes, and a couple honorary mention to saint003 aka john p for popping up with an 8″ dildo up his butt whenever he could to call my ignore line during April’s wallet rape fest 2009. Played a little bit of raise-the-rate and made sure he was up to date on all my new clips. This jerk off junkie came three separate times and just kept coming back for more. He was lucky enough to catch me at a 10 minute lull so I could go into his computer via mypc.com and delete all the videos I made him buy. HAHA! 2nd honorary mention to diaper boy who paid $50 just so I’d talk to him and still got ignored. You know who you are. And you’re just going to sit there and take it… What other choice do you have??

On another note, my boyfriend is getting too keen on my game lately. He said he’s going to start charging me a cum tax too. Fuck!! I guess I owe him big time for this morning.